(Apr 2) Various Updates

06 Apr
I have been pretty busy here the last few days getting things in order for various projects and plans that I have in store, so the blog has been neglected. In addition to that, I really do not think I care for my blog as it is right now as it is rather boring and much more lightly detailed than I want it to be, so I have been pondering changes and how to best address those changes.
So I have a big design change planned for how I handle blogging here, I also have a plan to either switch hosts or possibly go ahead and just build my own site since I did have to pay for this education. I know the blog right now is a bit boring, lacking in detail and anything else besides words, etc, etc, and so forth. So, I have some plans to change things up and will get around to doing that as soon as I have everything lined up for it.
While I continue to work on this, I wanted to go ahead and send out a few updates on what has been going on lately.
Psynister (Undead Mage 80)
Herbalism 450 and Inscription 450
As you will know if you have kept up with the blog at all up to this point, when Psynister hit level 80 I had him drop his 450 Herbalism to pick up Tailoring instead, which I leveled to 404 right after I got it, and then on to 450 not too long after that. I then found over the next few weeks that Tailoring at level 80 really kind of sucks because you have no use for almost everything that it has to offer. I got a couple of flying carpet mounts and a few spell threads out of the deal, but otherwise it was worthless save for making bags and a burst of gold that did not last very long.
This past Monday night (3 days ago) I decided I have had enough with Tailoring doing nothing for me except sinking money into Infinite Dust, so I dropped it and went back to Herbalism. All together it took me approximately 5 hours to farm all of the herbs I needed to go from 1 to 450, which I hit last night.
The decision to go back to Herbalism was two-fold. First, I needed to restock herbs for my Inscription because I enjoy using it even though it has made me very little gold lately. Second, I have grown tired of people giving me gold to mill 7 trade screens worth of herbs into inks and then turn those into cards followed by a sale of the Nobles deck which currently sales for 14,000-19,000 gold on my server. So somebody pays me between 15 and 150 gold for about 20 minutes worth of my time and then makes 14,000 gold off of it. Well sir, that is one market that I am perfectly capable of getting into myself, and I plan to do so now. I still owe my wife 3,000g for her contribution to my epic flying mount, and I would like to help her obtain her vendor-seating mammoth in return.
A good byproduct of having Psynister farm for the last few days is that Palasyn has actually been able to build up some Rested experience bonus which I plan to burn through as quickly as possible either tonight or tomorrow.
Palasyn (Blood Elf Paladin 45)
Mining 245 and Enchanting 296
Palasyn has been chugging right along at a nice pace. When I last mentioned him in my From Whence We Came post, he was level 36, and the last dedicated post on him showed the details of getting him up to level 30. One of the new posts for the near future will be his trip from 30 to 45, or more likely 30 to 50 as that will probably be where he is once I have time to get that one written. If you would like to take a look at Palasyn’s Armory, then there you have it. One notable piece of gear that I have not yet pointed out to you is his Truesilver Breastplate, which gives him a chance to be healed while you are hitting him. Some of the mats I did have to buy from the auction house, but most of them he either had through his own finding, or Psynister was able to obtain through a bit of farming.
To give you a quick sampling of what he has done, let’s just say he tag teams instances with his druid friend both at minimum entry level to get into the instance with no problems at all. SM: Cathedral? Razorfen Kraul? Uldamon? Zul’farak? Yes, they were all cake. Nom nom nom nom nom. All your drops are belong to me!
We did try to tag team Mauradon, but we did not get very far into it. Not because we could not handle it, but because each fight took such a long time due to how many hit points the mobs have in there compared to everywhere else we have been. Fights took a long time even though there was no challenge in them at all. We have every intention of going back to it though, we just want some DPS to tag along to take things out a little quicker.
Since Psynister is not doing a whole lot with his Inscription right now, I went ahead and sent over a bundle of Weapon and Armor Vellums for Palasyn to enchant to try to make a little gold off of the deal, but I have not tried to actively use them just yet. I am just now getting to the stage where enchanting becomes a huge hassle and money sink. We will have to see whether I hold out, or simply drop Enchanting for something else. If I do switch, it will most likely be to jewelcrafting, but that’s not actually in my plans right now.

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2 responses to “(Apr 2) Various Updates

  1. Kimberly

    April 6, 2009 at 9:05 PM

    Congratulations on the new site! I’m glad I don’t have to remember my Windows Live ID to comment now.

    And I can’t stop mentally pronouncing your name P-Synister.

  2. Psynister

    April 7, 2009 at 7:43 AM

    I didn’t notice I had comments await my approval, so you prompted me to go hunt it down.

    How do you pronounce Psychology? ;)


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