(Mar 23) Palasyn the Paladin – From 13 to 30

06 Apr

Palasyn (Blood Elf Paladin 30)
Mining 135 and Engineering 190

This weekend I focused almost entirely on Palasyn. I had intended to run with Kraal instead, but I logged into Palasyn to gather his mail and level his Engineering a bit and got an invite to tank RFC. I knew that I wanted to level the paladin anyway, so I said “what the heck, send me an invite”. And the rest is history…
Ragefire Chasm: 13 – 15
After that first run through RFC the group did surprisingly well and we decided to run it again. Two members had to bail before we were even half way through the second time though, so one of Palasyn’s guild mates (also in the party) decided to call his brother’s 67 Rogue over to run us through. With a high level character in the group RFC is, of course, a breeze. So after being run through twice by the rogue we managed to find enough other people in the guild with low level characters that we were able to form another group. All together, it took us about 7 runs through RFC, combined with the quests we had that sent us inside, to gain those four levels.

We also found in running it that our group meshed quite well and we all had some time to spare, so we agreed to pull a harder challenge and hit Wailing Caverns (WC) instead.

Power Leveling: 15-18
We got to WC and again found that we were able to just plow right on through whatever was in our path. The group makeup at this point was Paladin x2, Druid, Shaman, and a Hunter/Rogue (the fifth slot went between a couple different players). We only ran this one twice before the group again had to bail on us, but we quickly found replacements that were not satisfied by WC and so it was time to step it up a notch. Quests from WC gave me the boost I needed to hit 18.

Razorfen Kraul: 18-20
When we got to RFK the group changed up somewhat to Paladin x2, Druid, Shaman, Mage. The Druid is one of my primary guildmates and plays as Sogra (BElf Hunter 80) in our guild. He was Balance spec at this point, but he’s an incredible healer even at this level so we had no problems. Both of the Paladins were Retribution spec, but since the prot spec is nearly worthless at this level it wasn’t a big deal. I used the abilities I needed to generate threat and used a mace/shield combo and the other just focused on dps. The other paladin was level 22, so while I kept agro and threw what damage I could at them, he kept Consecration up and laid down the DPS. The Shaman and Mage also contributed quite a bit to the dps, though the Mage was rather annoying in that he thought it his job to pull every mob he saw, even when the rest of us had no mana.

We  finally had a wipe here during our first run when the mage fell off one of the bridges and proceeded to agro most of the instance so that they all came charging in on us at once. After the first run the Shaman had to leave and in came another Paladin.

Once the third paladin was introduced, it was game over for anything that got in our way. None of the mobs of our level, elite or not, could handle three Consecrations with three dps Paladins attacking them. The other dps class didn’t even matter and we even cleared RFK with just four of us, highest level being a 31 Paladin.

Scarlet Monastery (all): 20-30
{20-23} At level 20 we took our four man group to SM: Graveyard and ran through there twice with absolute ease. Level 20 is the earliest you can get into SM, but the suggested level is typically 28. Since I knew from leveling Psynister that SM was a great place for power leveling, we went ahead and called on one of our guildmates (BElf Mage 80) to come and run us through a few times. We went back and forth between the various instances and let the mage do the killing. I did die a few times due to random mobs coming at me in Cathedral, but otherwise it was smooth sailing as usual when getting a run through an instance. The mage didn’t have a whole lot of time because it was already about 4 a.m. so we we called it quits after three or four levels. All of this happened on Friday night and Saturday morning before going to sleep.

{23-26} On Saturday the druid and I went back to the field of battle for some regular runs through SM. He had been higher level than me from the beginning and was also wearing some BoA shoulders that were giving him an extra 10% experience from all of the mobs that we killed, and we found him at level 28 when I was still only 22. We found then that he was able to join the Looking For Group queue for SM: Graveyard at level 28, so he decided he would get his Hunter to run me through to that point so we could go back to groups. With the Frost Mage running us, we were able to clear all of SM, three runs through Cath and one through the others, in about an hour total. I was a bit skeptical with the Hunter running me through as to how quickly a “single-target” class could run me. It didn’t take too long to figure out the Survival Hunter out-performs the Frost Mage.

The first few times were a bit long because he was testing things out, but we found an interesting quirk with is pet. He uses one of the “mage killer” dogs from Dragonblight that shares the AP Buff ability with other canines. When the pet used his buff (which he does constantly), he drew agro off of the Hunter if the only agro he had on them was running into their view to pull them. This proved to be a huge boon as it allowed him to focus his own attacks on AoE attacks and traps. After running all four parts of SM we found that regardless of what level I was the best exp was always the Cathedral, so that’s where we stayed. After finding the trick with the pet taking agro for him and my suggestion that he rush to Mograine and agro the whole instance, it wasn’t very long before we were clearing Cath in 8 minutes. After reaching level 28 we knew that I could join the queue for getting a group, so that’s what we did. That was the end of Saturday night for me, but the druid continued on to level 30

{26-29} At this point I decided it was time to have Kraal mail his BoA shoulders to Palasyn so that I was no longer missing out on all of that experience, so that was the first thing I did. Following that, we managed with little trouble to find a group willing to run SM: GY. Our group was Me (tank), Druid (heals), Paladin (dps) x2, and Shaman (dps). Even though I was the lowest level and drew agro from 30 yards away, the entire graveyard was a cakewalk. We pulled everything in the area to a central location near the healer and then triple-Concecrationed along with the Shaman’s AoE fire totem. Nothing stood a chance, nobody died, and we pulled bigger groups with our low level party than Psynister did with higher level groups. It was epic on a number of levels and we all had a blast.One of the paladins had to pull out after the second run, but we decided with how well we were doing that we could 4-man it. Sure enough, lather/rinse/repeat and welcome to 4-man GY with a tank that should have been too low level to do much of anything.

After the three runs through the graveyard we decided to take on Library instead still with just a 4-man group, and once again we found two runs with epic pulls, no deaths, and a thrilled group that worked together perfectly. The problem with Library at my level, was that even after two runs through there with a group, I had only gained three “bars” worth of experience, so it wasn’t worth it. We lost one of our paladins when I asked to go back to GY, but we found another one of our guild members that wanted to bring in his Warrior 31 and we went right back to it. The Shaman stayed with us almost the whole night with no complaints and all, and we eventually had another guildmate bring in his Warrior 38. Bringing in the higher Warrior actually proved to kill my experience gain from all of the instances, so it was time for a change.

{29-30} Our Warrior 31 rarely plays that alt because his gear was crap and he really did not have much knowledge of how to play the class. So to help him out a bit, the Druid logged back onto his Hunter and ran the Warrior through Cath/Lib/Arm to get him some better gear and some more experience. While they did that, the Warrior 38 jumped back onto his main, Arcane Mage 80, and ran me through the Cathedral, Library, and then Cathedral again to get me the experience I needed for level 30.

Other Details
Somewhere during the 20’s I went ahead and “wasted” a little time clearing up quests that I had had for the past 15 levels or so, including both my level 10 and level 20 paladin quests, but none of the quests gave me anything of particular note save for some experience. I also took the time to solo Luzran and Knucklerot while I was level 24, without any trouble at all. In fact, though it may seem a bit boastful, I honestly think I could have taken both of them at once with how strong the paladin is after level 20. I will drop the rest of my quests today and not bother with any of them as almost every one is grey to me now and unnecessary.

With all the running through instances that I was doing, I made over 100g from selling trash to vendors and putting green drops on the AH. I also go an insane amount of cloth which I sent over to Psynister for his Tailoring as I prepare to drop it for Enchanting. So far I have sold every item I put on the AH except for three. I have been able to purchase Engineering mats from the AH that I stand no chance of farming at my low level right now, and all with just the money that he has made himself from running those instances.

One disappointment I found through this experience was that the level 30 Paladin quest has been removed. I knew you could now train for your mount instead of doing the quest, but I had assumed that they still left the quest open to you as they did with the Warlock. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It felt like I was cheating there, especially since my wife was sitting right next to me with her level 80 Paladin just shaking her head. But, I can’t say it bothers me too much as I’m thrilled to have a mount at last. Playing a mage for so long with not only both epic mount types, but also the ability to teleport wherever I want has really made transitioning to lower level classes again a bit harder. It’s a bit of an adjustment to say the least.

So, all in all there really wasn’t all that much actual “Power Leveling” going on in the teens as I was primarily running with groups my own level. There was some power leveling going on in the twenties and then on up through 30, but had we been able to find enough members I think I could have easily done it just as fast  had I been grouped instead of run through by the high levels. I think the extra time taken would have probably evened it out a bit as far as experience gained per hour spent playing, but I don’t know that I could have gotten the same number of levels in the same amount of time by strictly questing.

I do have to confirm though, that the paladin definitely gets more enjoyable to play after you hit level 20 and obtain Consecration. You start to get a lot more abilities that you can use in combat, and you really start to see just how strong the class can be. The paladin is a bit strange in their primary offense is actually defense, and their strong defense is actually an offensive weapon, with a little healing thrown in just to be sure you truly fit the mold of “tank”. And I am going to go out on a bit of a limb here and say that I’m beginning to believe that the melee AoE grinding of the paladin actually seems like it might be more effective and more enjoyable than Psynister’s was.

That’s one thing worthy of note when it comes to Leveling Guilds. If the guild sticks to what it does and focuses on helping its members, then it’s not hard to get where you’re going. As I’ve said before, I’m not all that into power leveling characters once we get at or around level 40, and I actually prefer to grind my levels rather than quest for them. Quests are always the same old thing with a different monster to kill or a different item to gather. But every fight is a little bit different and I can change the circumstances on it whenever I want to by going in with less mana, less health, larger pulls, or whatever to make it more challenging.

I know I will be running more SM with the paladin, but I do not currently plan on being run through. If I can, I would rather go ahead and run with a group that’s the right level, but if the opportunity arises I will not likely turn down runs through SM up to level 40-42.

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