(Mar 24) Paladin AoE Grinding – Part 1 (Pre-Lv 30)

06 Apr

Palasyn (Blood Elf Paladin 32)
Mining 149 and  Engineering 190

Since I have been having so much fun AoE grinding with my Paladin, I thought I would share some information on the subject with you in case you have an urge to join in as well. In my teen levels I stayed around Silvermoon and Ghostlands for the areas I did my grinding in. Fighting the undead there gives you an advantage with other spells you have that deal damage to undead, make them flee, and allow you to track them down. Most of my grinding in the twenties was done in the southern half of the Ghostlands and in instances that I ran with my guildmates.

Muddler: Engineering (Muddler)
I first started AoE grinding with Palasyn when he was level 8. He did not have any fancy spells that could bring the mobs down faster, but what he did have was a solid defense and a bag full of recently crafted explosives from his engineering profession which were backed up by some solid healing spells when things got rough. The grind at that level though generally consisted of 2-4 mobs of my level or 1-2 levels lower than me, and all in all it was probably worth less than the time and money I put into it. But, it did give me a better understanding of how AoE grinding would work from a melee perspective rather than the ranged perspective I have had for so long with my mage.

While explosives are your first method of dishing out some higher damage to a group of mobs early in levels, they continue to be useful at higher levels as well. The main drawback to using explosives is that you have a one minute cooldown to wait before you can use another one. So you can only rely on them so much. They are great for squishy mobs when starting out, and then as you build the profession you can use them more and more as they provide a 2-3 second stun when they go off as well so they remain useful throughout your character’s career. When I do not have a healer with me, the stunning explosives from engineering can be a life saver if Lay On Hands happens to be on cooldown. Generally I do not need to resort to that, but it is an option if I need it.

Mortar and Pestle: Retribution Aura (Mortar and Pestle)
Somewhere in your teens or twenties, I do not remember exactly right off hand, you pick up Retribution Aura, which dishes out 10 damage to a mob when they hit you. Over a period of time, or against lower level mobs, this is a decent way of getting in some extra damage. I used it all the way up to level 30 and I did notice an impact when using it as opposed to another aura. When you are doing low level grinding, this is just another method of keeping up a slow, but steady grind on your mobs. In most cases I still use it right now at level 32, and will probably continue to do so as well. If I have a healer running with me and we are a little low, then I will switch auras to increase my armor and improve healing on the group.

Millstone: Consecration (Millstone)
Once I hit level 20, I started doing some serious AoE grinding both inside and outside of instances. This was where the paladin really took off for me as an enjoyable class to play. I now come on the verge of having more fun with my low level paladin than I do with Psynister…almost. Consecration allows you to do a burst AoE that works similar to a DoT, save that it affects creatures inside its burst zone rather than the creatures themselves. So if a mob runs outside of the area they do not take damage any more, but if they come back into it they take damage again. One of the nice features with Consecration is that it bursts in all directions around you, so when you are surrounded by mobs you still have it covered.

One thing that you can do if you want to play it a little bit safe is to use Consecration right before you pull a mob and then back up to the far side of the zone so that they take damage a couple of times before they even reach you. I rarely use this particular tactic myself now that I have hit 30, but it helped a time or two in my twenties. Consecration is your biggest damage dealer in the bunch. The only thing I have had deal more damage than Consecration so far has been one case of the Retribution Aura where I ran out of mana because I was not paying attention and the Yeti I was fighting went into berzerker mode and hit me several times in quick succession before I could build up the mana to start throwing down Consecration again. I did have mana pots at the time, but I have grown comfortable with the paladin and know what kind of a beating he can take, so I knew I would be alright.

Until Next Time
I will continue to expand on the paladin’s AoE grinding techniques and such as I continue to level with Palasyn, and I do already have some more to offer for the level 30 bracket, but that will have to wait for later as I am short on time. Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns.

[EDIT: Made some changes for spelling and grammar as well as replaced a few D&D terms with WoW terms. Armor Class = Defense and such.]


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