(Mar 25) Paladin Tools for AoE Grinding: Deadman’s Hand

06 Apr
One thing I wanted to go ahead and share with you before I forget it, is a tool I found to be very useful in my AoE grinding with Palasyn. It would help any class, honestly, but this is the first time I have ever found the ring even though I farmed the instance countless times with Psynister.
The item is called [Deadman’s Hand] dropped by Arcanist Doan (SM: Library Boss, 2% drop rate) which is a ring that provides its wearer with +10 Stamina, and requires level 29 to equip it. That’s 100 HP in a ring, which is pretty good in and of itself for a tank like Palasyn. The jewel in this ring though, is its proc ability: “When struck in combat, has a chance of freezing the attacker in place for 3 sec.” According to a little research on WoWHead the proc rate appears to be 5%, and from my experience it seems that when I have a group beating on me that it procs on more than one at a time.
The most beneficial aspect of the ring comes when fighting groups of humanoids that like to flee when they are low on hit points, particularly those in instances like Scarlet Monastery who like to go and agro another group of elite mobs for you, just to show you how much they love you. Generally, the first mob that takes off running is the one that you have been using your judgement ability on, so they have been taking weapon damage in addition to everything else. One of your biggest frustrations is when your judged target either runs away, or dies right after you judge them, causing the effect to be wasted. While the ring does not proc constantly or consistently, it does proc often enough to be a very useful item.
Another benefit I have found to it is in pulling the mobs. One of the first places I went to grind when I hit level 30 was in the cave west of Tarren Mill where the yetis are. Since many of them are spread out pretty far in there I have a number of different tactics I use for pulling. The one I use most often is to start off with Hammer of Wrath to stun the one closest to me while I run on to the next one and hit them with a judgement. I then continue running on until I can at least use Hand of Reckoning another one or two, and hopefully pull 6 or more of them to me at once. While I do this, the first two targets inevitably catch up to be and start attacking me from behind and often daze me when they do it, effectively ruining my large pull. Having them frozen in place when they come up to hit me actually gives me time for an even larger pull.
But wait! That’s not all – As I mentioned above, I have often found that when it procs in the midst of a group I often have several of them get hit by it at once. I know it is not an AoE ability itself since I have seen it hit a single mob in a group just as often, but for some reason it often works out to freeze multiple targets at once. What this gives  you is a bit of a break to use as you wish. Typically when this happens I will take a moment to back up and cast a quick heal on myself if I need it. If not, then I simply stand where I am and lay down another Consecrate simply admiring the fact that my proc went off. When fighting the yetis in the cave though (Level 30-33), they do hit pretty hard when you go in at level 30 as I did and damage comes quick when you are fighting six of them with four of them enraged at the same time.  This is when I throw down another Consecrate while I move backward, and then use a timed healing spell to boost me back up to where I need to be while they are still frozen in place. Even if it only procs on one mob, that’s still one less mob pounding on you when you need a break if you move back a couple of steps.
Going back to the bit of research I did on the item, apparently if you are a Hunter this ring also has a chance to proc when something attacks your pet, and this has been confirmed by multiple users. The question was asked whether or not it will proc for warlock pets as well, but I did not find confirmation on that. Also, the proc rate does diminish as you increase in level, though it does still have a chance to proc even at level 80. If you happen to be a mage, the proc also triggers Shatter as you might guess.
That’s all I have for you right now, but I will continue posting about useful items that I find as I come across them.
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