(Mar 26) From Whence We Came

06 Apr
A fellow blogger of mine asked that we share how we came up with the names of our characters. Sometimes I get creative, and sometimes I don’t. If I plan on playing the character a lot, then I will typically give them an honest shot at a name, otherwise I use whatever comes up.
Since I most likely fit into the description of an “alt-aholoic” I decided to leave out all of the servers that I play on except for my main server, Blackwing Lair.
BigTexan, Tauren Druid 25
I don’t think I need to tell you how to pronounce that one. This guy was my first honest shot at a tauren and as such I decided to name him after my homeland, which also just happens to be the name of a tourist restaurant not too far from my house known for serving 72 oz. steaks that you don’t have to pay for if you can down it and all the sides within an hour. Since I don’t mind being associated with Texas I had no problem having him be one of my main characters. Unfortunately, he’s a little too weak for my personal tastes and I haven’t played him in forever. /beef
Psynister, Undead Mage 80
Psynister is usually my main character’s name in any game I play, save for D&D. I really don’t remember how I came up with him exactly, except that I’m a big fan of Necromancers and I needed to come up with something besides Arklon (ARK-lawn) which was my primary character for several years. Psynister is always reserved for a character that is either evil in intention, looks, or general attitude. Typically he’s a necromancer, but since WoW does not offer that class I simply used it for an undead character that used magic. For those of the horde, he probably does not live up to the name very well since he is always willing to help people out. But to the alliance, he lives up to the name fairly well since we just happen to be on a PvP server, and I just happen to keep coming across these alliance noobs when I use him. He doesn’t know why there always seem to be so many alliance characters near that Stormwind place, but they always make nice, squishy sounds when he comes around. /cheer
Darklon, Orc Death Knight 62
When the death knight class was opened to us I finally found my necromancer (of sorts), but Psynister was already taken and so was Arklon. So, I had to come up with something similarly evil and dark and – wait a minute. Dark, and Arklon. Hey, those fit together! And the rest was history. I hate the death knight class and it certainly doesn’t live up to the title of necromancer no matter what kind of pet it has, so he’s now nothing more than an herb/mining gatherer with is +20% speed mount. /cry
Palasyn, Blood Elf Paladin 36
Palasyn was originally going to just be a level 19 Retadin Twink, thus a simple name with a simple twist to it. Most of my off-characters, the ones that do not quite deserve to be called an “Alt” have some form of “Psyn” in their name to fit along with my overall schema. Since “Palapsyn” looked a little too craptacular, I decided to drop the ‘p’ in front but still use the rest so that it could be recognized as one of my own. The bad thing is, I actually fell in love with the paladin after I got him above level 20 and now feel that he will quickly take Psynister’s spot as my main character. Had I known that before hand, I certainly would have given him a different name as people are constantly calling me “Pala” which gets a little confusing when other paladins are in the group because they are not always talking to me. /cheer
Psynbank, Blood Elf Warlock 2
As you might guess, this is simply my bank alt. Nothing too special here, I kept the “psyn” thing going and named her Bank. She is also the guild master of “Bank of Psyn”. I only list this one here to show you how much I really do use “Psyn” in my names. /gold
Kraal, Orc Shaman 15
Kraal’s spelling came from my love of Dungeons & Dragons, particularly in the setting of Eberron. In that setting goblinoids used to rule the world and they used naming conventions that liked to make use of the double-a and various other things that look rather cool when you put them into names. He doesn’t really do anything that looks like “crawling”, so I am not entirely sure why I went with this specific name for him, but it just kind of fit him so I left it. Kraal is intended to be a 49 Twink for a time before I move him up to level 80 to become a raid healer. /pwn
Naarg, Tauren Shaman 1
Naarg is a hat tip back to one of my favorite fantasy book series of all time The Wheel of Time written by the late Robert Jordan. Narg is a trolloc, which is an interesting race of half-human/half-animal creatures that vary in their looks quite a bit. Their heads can be that of rams, eagles, wolves, or whatever. There are thousands of these creatures in the books and they are the minions of the Big Bad Evil Dude in the books, essentially all of your trash mobs. Out of all the ones in the book though, only one of them ever talks and that is in the first book by one named Narg. As he tries to kill the boy who becomes the main character in the story he says something to the effect of “Narg smart. Others go, but Narg stay.” The whole “Narg smart” line has made him a favorite character in the books even though he is killed shortly after the scene. I made him because I thought I might prefer doing a tauren twink and having the orc rush straight to raid heals, but I decided not to bother. But, I just can’t bring myself to delete the little guy. /hug
There you have it. Those are the names of all of my characters on Blackwing Lair that have some form of interesting name. Some are a bit more creative than others, but there they are.
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