A Challenge From My Wife

13 Apr

My wife recently decided that she has had enough of getting ganked on our main PvP server and has dropped the server as of last Thursday in favor of a Normal one instead. Since I play the game to have fun and really could not care less if my character is level 8 or level 80, I decided to go ahead and join her on Friday night.

She started Deydraeda, a Blood Elf Paladin, on Thursday night and has pretty well stayed focused on her the entire time since then. Her usual partner in gaming, her best friend besides myself, refused to change servers because she has a very completionist personality and hates starting over until everything is fully complete on one character. My wife usually plays a Holy Paladin and is definitely a healer above all else. Knowing that she would be going in solo though, and knowing how well I have done so far with Palasyn, she decided to roll this paladin as Protection spec instead.

While I have not pointed her to the blog yet for reference, she does have her computer set up right next to mine, so she has all of the information I do at her disposal; at least while I’m home. She has all day while I am at work to play solo, so she has easily surpassed me in leveling speed and while I struggle through my twenties all alone, she’s now in her prime thirties and able to move at a blazing speed that I cannot yet match and will be hard pressed to follow since she has no more intention of slowing down than I do.

She also knows that I am a focused solo leveler while she is not, so she has laid down the challenge and refused to help me level my character. We will have to see whether or not I can catch up and surpass her, or if she manages to find a solid group and outlast me. We will see whether focused AoE Grinding rolled into questing (me) can overtake a focused questing combined with AoE grinding approach (her).

She does plan to switch over to a healing spec once she reaches the Outlands though, which will very likely give me more than enough time to catch up to her as some of my favorite AoE locations in the game are found in the Outlands.

Update: Apparently I saved this one as a draft instead of just publishing it almost a week ago as I had intended.

She is currently leading the race at level 45 compared to my 30, and after being contacted by some of my old guildmates asking for my assistance back on the old server, she is likely to win unless I can get her caught up in playing the warlock alt that she rolled this weekend.

Since she decided not to transfer her existing level 80 Paladin from our old server she decided to pay to have her new paladin renamed to her favorite, Fynralyl.


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