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26 Apr

As those of you who follow me on twitter already know, I have been out of town on business for the last five days, and will continue to be possibly through Wednesday of this coming week.

During this time I do get a few hours each night for WoW when I manage to sneak onto my wife’s laptop and she moves to watching movies or reading books, I stay pretty focused on specific things that I want to get done.

Since we never know with the poor internet connection in this little town how long it will be up at any point, I have decided not to bother running any instances and instead have focused primarily on my professions, followed by questing, and then today I added the holiday events to the mix.

With limited time on the computer, I have spent most of my time there playing the game rather than blogging. I do have my work laptop, but the battery on it is broken and I have only the 4 ft. charging cable to keep it alive with, I have decided not to tempt fate on it for blogging either.

I have had plenty of time to think about topics I want to put up here, so there will be plenty of information coming as soon as I do manage to get back into the swing of things, but for now merely a place holder to let you know I haven’t given up on it.

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