Lexington the Noble

29 Apr

Last night I finally had an opportunity to play for more than an hour since I have been away on business. We arrived back home last night without any trouble at all, and my wife and I spent most of the drive home talking about plans for our paladins as well as our next characters we plan to level.

While I was playing on Saturday night, which led into Sunday morning, the Noblegarden holiday event started up in WoW, so I made a quick hearth to Shat followed by a portal to Silvermoon, and prepared to hunt down some eggs.

I was already tired and I knew that my wife was not, so I collected my first 25 eggs so that I could get the achievement for eating them, and then I logged off and did not get back on until last night when we got home.

As we talked about the plans for our paladins, the first priority I listed for mine was that I wanted to get “the Noble” as my title because it just suits a paladin perfectly. I’m a bit of a simple, classic kind of guy, so this title fits me better than something like “Jenkins” does; at least for this character.

Gathering Eggs
When I got back on last night I went ahead and returned to Falconwing Square and started farming the eggs. I had about nine other players to contend with, and all of them were spawn farmers. I think out of all the things that I’ve seen with this event, the spawn farmers bother me the most.

Regardless of their camping, I went on a nice run that I found to be very effective and easily out-gathered every camper there by collecting another 252 eggs in a very short period of time. All together it took me 277 eggs to find all of the items except for the Elegant Dress, which I then bought with the chocolates I had left over after eating the other 75 I needed for the Chocoholic achievement for eating 100 of them.

I did the vast majority of my egg gathering in Falconwing and fell very easily into a run pattern there that has me gathering 2-5 eggs before my speed boost ran out from the egg basket even with all the egg campers there. There were a couple of times that I stumbled onto a stash of three eggs where the first two respawned before I had finished picking up the third.

The Sunday’s Finest achievement came along quite naturally during the egg collecting, and so far I have found 5 shirts, 4 pants, 2 robes, and 1 pair of the bunny ears that apparently serve no actual purpose as far as I can tell.

Blushing Bride
The only thing hard about this achievement was finding someone who actually had the dress. I did not find anyone who had it in the blood elf area, so I decided to hearth to Shat, and then take a portal from there to Org since that is typically where you will find the most horde players gathered around at any one time. There I found three people wearing the dress, all of them males. I took a look at the achievement, and it didn’t say anything about it having gender requirements, so I went ahead and put on my suit and pants and kissed the undead rogue that was dancing to get my achievement.

It certainly would not have been an enjoyable experience, but since it is just a game, and I am not on a role playing server, I can’t say that I really cared too much.

Spring Fling
The next step in the achievement for me was to go around having my pet rabbit, which I got on about my 40th egg or so, perform his little love fest in each of the secondary towns. Not all of the towns I went to had other people with the pet in them already, so I gathered more eggs for the sake of doing it while I wanted and advertised in Local Chat that I was looking for someone to help me with the achievement.

I think my longest wait for the Spring Fling was in Falconwing Square, and probably took me about 20 minutes to find somebody else who had the pet. The achievement was not hard to get, it just took time to find the people that had the pet as well.

I split this one in two, doing Razor Hill and Bloodhoof village, and then coming back after Desert Rose and Hard Boiled to get Brill and Falconwing Square.

Hard Boiled, Noble Garden, and Desert Rose
All of these are fairly easy achievement to get once you find the Spring Robes and a Blossoming Branch. Since I was already in Org, I jumped on the flight path to Thousand Needles and planted a flower right where I stood when I landed. I found then that it didn’t matter where you planted the flowers, just as long as you were in the right zone. So from there I jumped back on and went to Gadgetzan. Again I dropped the flower right where I landed and then jumped right back on for Silithis, only to find that I did not have the flight path there. So I went to Un’Goro Crater instead and asked my wife to fly over to give me a hand since I no longer had the buff that turns you into a rabbit, which is required for Hard Boiled.

I went ahead and hung out around the hot springs doing a little grinding while I waited for her to arrive, and then we both used our Blossoming Branch to turn eachother into rabbits. About thirty seconds worth of sitting there doing nothing gave us both the achievement, and then I ran into Silithus.

Once in Silithus I planted my flowers as soon as I arrived just to be sure I did not forget, and then I rant to the flight master and flew back up to Desolace which I had forgotten to get earlier. The flight path back there was pretty long, but again it was just a simple matter of hitting the ground, dropping the flowers, and then moving on to the next area.

In this case, I had four of the five deserts covered, and the last one was back over on the other continent, so I hearthed from there and went to Silvermoon. From there I went to Falconwing to knock out another step of Spring Fling, and then went back to Silvermoon to teleport over to Undercity. While in Silvermoon I went ahead and planted the egg that I purchased from the festival vendor for 5 chocolate eggs for the Noble Garden achievement, and then left for Undercity. Undercity led to Brill which finished off Spring Fling for me, and then I returned to UC to take the flight path down to Badlands.

Shake Your Bunny-Maker
This particular event did not sit well with some people, and I can’t say that I blame them for it. Personally, I am a pretty easy going guy, and I don’t bother trying to read much into things. I certainly saw

I can’t say that I had any particular difficulty with any of the alliance characters, despite being a Bloodelf, with the slight exception of the Gnome. In all honesty, all alliance jokes aside, I walked right passed that female gnome seven times before I realized she was there.

The hardest one to find in the whole deal happened to be the Orc female. I found 5 of them all together while I was looking, and every single time it was while I was waiting on the cooldown. One of them had logged onto the character strictly for the sake of helping people getting the achievement because nobody could find one. The one I got it from I found originally in Dalaran, and then twice in Org before I finally managed to use the item on her, and even then only because I let her know where my cooldown was and asked her to stay.

The biggest problem I had with this one was the cool down. I had several opportunities to get every race needed, but not being able to use it caused me to miss at least 8 or 9 opportunities. Getting a portal to Dalaran was definitely the key to accomplishing this one, and luckily there were a lot of helpful Alliance characters that intentionally parked their female characters on the bank steps in Dalaran for people to get.

Because of the cool down, I did this one in sections, just picking them up as I came across them.

The Noble
Badlands was the final desert that I needed to plant flowers in with the Spring Robes, and was also the final step in getting my achievement. I went ahead and took a screen shot so that you could get a look at Lexington in all his Nobleness. The paladin standing next to me there is my wife who I was helping to get all of the achievements on as well. She may have 20+ levels on me, but at least I got the title first!


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