Children’s Week

01 May

Today marks the beginning of the Children’s Week event. While I do have a level 80 sitting on my original server, I have little desire to play him right now. But, my new main just reached level 56 last night, so he is not high enough to get more than a handful of the achievements completed himself.

So, since I cannot give you any great degree of advice on how to go about getting the achievements done, I will instead leave that part up to the experts. What I can tell you about the achievements, is that you have no chance at getting them all done unless you are at least level 75 because that is the minimum level requirement for some of the food you have to eat. Not to mention you also have to run an instance in Northrend.

The Real Children’s Week
The first link I want to give you comes from Brigwyn‘s blog. I point you here first because it is likely the most important link you may find in relation to Children’s Week, and help you grasp the true meaning. You can look at the most up to date information about the event here.

If you take the time to read through Brigwyn’s post (Twitter Brigwyn) you will find the real significance of this event, and I urge you all to participate.

Other Sources
Now, for three strong sources of information on the actual achievements in game, I point you first towards:

My searches online for blogs relating to this achievement have surprisingly come up with next to nothing. The best I have found, as far as blogs are concerned, is an entry from the event for last year, and I am not sure how true the information will hold to this year’s event. So for now I would say the three links right above here are likely to be your best sources of information for the time being.

Help Me Help You
If anyone happens to find good links in relation to the holiday event, please post them here. If you blog about it yourself, feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments here so that I can redirect people to your site.

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