Cruel Intentions

05 May

Everyone knows about the wonderful group quest called Cruel’s Intentions, found in Hellfire Peninsula, right? You know, the one that my mage wiped on 7 times at level 68, even with a group? Yeah, that’s the one.

Well, I remembered how hard that quest was on my mage, so I went ahead and advertised in local chat as well as LFG to try to find someone to help me with it. Nobody replied, which I wasn’t all that surprised about since there were relatively few horde characters in the area.

I know my paladin is strong, and I know that the class is pretty well over powered in many situations, and I know that Lexington can solo a lot of things that other people say he can’t. But, I was not fully convinced just yet. So I sent the question out into guild chat, “Anybody think I can solo Cruel’s Intentions at level 64?” And immediately came my response, “No way, get a full group. Preferably level 70’ish.” A few others piped in with doubts as well. My wife mentioned I could probably do it with a 2 man tank/heal combo, but I know I can solo instance bosses 5 levels higher than me with that setup.

In case you haven’t already seen where this is headed, I don’t take too kindly to people telling me I can’t do something. That’s probably the strongest form of a challenge you can issue to me, and it’s one I usually take up pretty fast. “No way,” you say? Bite me!

Lex_Solo_CruelCruel’s Intention, Soloed at level 64

My Reward: A New Trinket

The Fight
I did, technically, pop a bubble while I was fighting him, but since I have both of them right next to eachother I actually hit the wrong one, protecting myself from all physical attacks. In case you aren’t familiar with this guy, he doesn’t do physical attacks, he just Pyroblasts you in the face in between Shadow Bolts. So while I did bubble, it did me no good.

The fight was fairly easy, and if I had used the correct bubble during the fight I have no doubt it would have been a joke of a fight all together. He does hit hard, and I did have a couple of close moments as you may have guessed from my Lay on Hands being on cool down there in the screen shot. I used a mana potion, and I used a leftover Health Stone from a warlock I ran through ramps with just before as well.

One of the saving factors in the fight was when he summoned a couple of guards to help him in the fight. At the time my mana was running low from trying to throw as much DPS at him early on as I could, and I did not want to use a mana potion early on in case I needed a health potion later. Having his guards there to attack me gave me a chance to replenish my mana with Blessing of Sanctuary though, so it paid off nicely for me.

At the end of the fight, having already used all of my Oh Crap! buttons (bubble, LoH, potion, healthstone, etc) I had to cast Holy Light three times in a row to ensure I had enough HP to continue on, but he died about 2 seconds after the third one went off.

Looking back on the mistakes I made in using certain abilities at certain times, I can say that I honestly think I could have soloed him at level 62, or possibly sooner than that if I had done enough quests to open him up at that level.

Unexpected Response
As I sat down after the fight to take a drink and grab a bite to eat, I noticed some emotes pop up in my chat log from a Dwarf Hunter 80, who saluted, congratulated, cheered, and bowed as he sat upon his flying mount having watched the whole fight. I accepted the praise and gave him my thanks before going back to questing for a short while and then calling it a night.

[EDIT]: I removed the Shaman and Druid tags from the post. They were originally there because I was going to include the poll results here as well, but I forgot to remove them after I split the post into two.


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5 responses to “Cruel Intentions

  1. Cassini

    May 6, 2009 at 9:46 AM

    This is something I’ve also noticed on my paladin. Soloing elites as a mage is only remotely possible if they aren’t immune to snares. Soloing ellites on paladins is infinitley more possible.

    I’ve been soloing elites I had no right to for quite some time now, and the last hard one I took on a Horde Shaman stood watching me, presumably ready to point and laugh when I got squished, but after a while he realised I was going to win and gave some nice emotes before flying away. :)

  2. Psynister

    May 6, 2009 at 10:00 AM

    Yeah, there were quite a few elites that I had a very hard time on with my mage. There were a number that I did manage to take out, but they had a tendency to be kiteable (either through snares, or slow movement speeds), which makes it rather enjoyable but also less challenging.

    After I took down the big guy there I went ahead and took a look at and looked at other people’s comments on him. Apparently he’s been soloed as early as 61, so I wish now that I had taken the time to give him a shot earlier in my leveling. Oh well, maybe next time.

    • lordkaladar

      July 16, 2009 at 3:49 PM

      Do I smell a lvl 60 Cruel’s? :D

      • Psynister

        July 16, 2009 at 4:14 PM

        We’ll see if you can pull it off. I wish I had taken the time to look at it earlier so that I could have tried at lower levels.

        If you’re doing it with a pally then I also suggest you use Fire Resistance Aura against this goon instead of Ret Aura since he doesn’t attack you very often and most of his spells are Fire based.

        If you’re doing it with a DK, then…well, /yawn. Let me know how it goes. ;)

  3. Aus

    November 24, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    I rocked Cruel’s face off as a 60-something Enh Shaman, glyph of Stoneclaw for bubble, wolves, racials. Didnt even think about a fire resistance totem, that mightve made it more fun. No appreciation from nearby alliance, which is just as well since I’ll only play PvP servers.


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