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06 May

I wanted to take the time today to share with you some of the blogs that I follow. I certainly will not attempt to link every one of them as that would be far too large a list.

These blogs all have something to do with World of Warcraft. Some of them are focused on specific classes, some on specific roles with in the game, some on leading or participating in guilds, or on various other topics as well.

While I focus my blog primarily on leveling new characters, most of my personal blog reading has little to do with leveling and more to do with…well, everything else.

Since each site can explain itself far better than I can, I will leave only a quick little blurb by each one indicating why I, personally, visit the site.

My name is Jason Griffith, and I approve these messages:

Ithato – I primarily visit this site for information on addons and new game content.

No Stock UI – I come here for all things User Interface’ish. Addons and macros are two things that I love about World of Warcraft, and both can be found here.

Mattycus, World of Matticus – Has a team of bloggers that focus frequently on healing end game content as well as guild leadership and interaction. I keep an eye on healing because my wife is primarily a healer, so I like to keep her in the loop on things. I keep an eye on the guild leadership side of things because I would really like to have my own guild but yet…I don’t think I’m up to the task. Never hurts to dream though.

Veneretio, Tanking Tips – Veneretio is the man with the plan when it comes to warrior tanking. I first found the blog while looking for tips for my wife’s leveling partner who happens to be a warrior tank. I can’t stand the warrior class myself, but tanking tips can still be applied to other classes, such as my paladin.

Tharion Greyseer, Netherbane – When it comes to amazing lore and roleplay in relation to World of Warcraft, Tharion Greyseer knows his stuff. I stumbled onto this blog via twitter and really started paying attention to it when Tharion asked for help proof-reading a story he was going to submit. I must admit, I got caught up in other things and did not get a review to him in time for the submission, but once I did read it I didn’t want it to end. Easily the best lore-related site I have found so far for me, personally.

Arrens – This sneaky little sucker makes no attempt to hide the fact that he’s willing to stab you in the face, or to cut off your arm if you complain about cutting your little finger. Another roleplaying blog here that’s always interesting to read from an RP perspective, and he also shares many of my views on gameplay, including end game raiding.

Kestrel, Kestrel’s Aerie – Another blog I visit primarily for healing information, but that also covers other topics that are enjoyable to read. I’m not sure why my wife can spend hours reading fashion blogs, but she can’t stand reading WoW blogs for her healing – and she’s the raider!?

Just Anna, Too Many Annas – This is one of those “All-Around” blogs that covers many different aspects of the game. I come here because I never know what the topic might be next, but I know it’s going to be a good read.

Rhidach – This is one of my more recent finds as I looked for other sources of paladin tanking. Since I need to know what I’m getting into as I level higher and higher with Lexington, I need to know where to look for that information. Rhidach knows.

Llanion, Mad Cow Chronicles – Another recent find as I prepare to roll a new druid. Llanion likes to keep things a bit more on the interesting side, and that’s more of what I’m in the mood to read. I don’t generally care for straight, boring information and Llanion helps it to remain enjoyable.

Adgamorix, Divine Plea – Yet another recent discovery, Adgamorix provides another source of end game paladin tanking for me. The site also covers interesting builds that I may be temped to try out.

Karthis, Teeth and Claws – Another source for my incoming Druid toon, this blog covers what I need for tanking and DPS’ing with my druid. When I am trying to figure out how to do something new via researching blogs, I like to find ones that take the time to go over some of the details instead of just throwing a half-useless description of doing something using nothing but acronyms and expecting me to know all of the details in between.

Kadomi, Tank Like A Girl – I found this blog while looking for information on end game tanking as well. I still can’t stand playing a warrior, so some of the information here is lost on me, but tanking is still the same at its core, regardless of your class, so it never hurts to have information about events I will experience in the future, even if it’s not entirely in line with what I’m doing.

Kagrra, The Druid Team – This is my source for all things Druidic. A team of druid bloggers that cover the various roles of the druid. The site itself happens to be visually appealing in that my favorite color is green, and it’s another blog that remains entertaining while also being informational.

Blog Roll
I do plan on including a blog roll to the site in the near future once I get all of my feed links together and have them organized into one place. Until then, hopefully this thread will point some of you to places that I like to visit.

Help Me!
I like to read blogs about World of Warcraft, from all different perspectives. Whether it’s a raiding blog, a roleplaying blog, class specific, role specific, or anything in between. If you have a WoW Blog of your own, or have suggestions for others, please leave a link for me and the other readers in your comments below.

EDIT: My apologies for misspelling Ithato’s name up there. Apparently that was one that I didn’t bother copy/pasting over.

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