Grand Opening: Suggestion Box

01 Jun

In order to try stirring up a bit more reader interaction, I want to point you towards a new page I have added to the blog here called the Suggestion Box. You will find the link there near the top of the page, and you can leave any comments you like in relation to my blog.

The purpose of it is to give you an opportunity to tell me what you would like to read about. What I am looking for is specific topics for the most part, however, I will take any suggestions you might have regarding the blog. You can give me a topic, you can request more specific details on a topic I have already covered, you can suggest that I learn how to post in fewer than 10 paragraphs, ask me to change my color scheme, or anything else you’d like.

It is there for you to leave whatever suggestions you have to help either improve my blog or to improve your experience while you are here. If you have any suggestions at all, feel free to leave me a comment on that page and I will give each comment an honest consideration at the very least.

Each person whose suggestion is accepted and acted upon will be referenced in the respective post, and if you have a blog or website of your own I will have either links or trackbacks set to refer the readers to you as well.

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