Druid: New Cat and Dire Bear Forms in 3.2

03 Jun

As I am sure many of you already know, new druid forms are on their way in version 3.2! This change has long been sought after by many druid players for quite some time. One of the reasons why I find the druid boring at times is because I primarily play Horde characters, and I absolutely hate the Tauren cat form of the horned lion.

Each form will be tied to the various looks that you can get by visiting the Barbershop. If you change your look there, then you change the look of your form as well. So if you end up getting tired of your look all you need to do is take a short trip to the barber and you will have a whole new look. With so many options available in the barber shop, compared to the 5-6 forms available, there will obviously be some overlap but not only are they giving us a change that we have sought for so long, they are giving it to us along with a means of customizing it to our own taste.

New Tauren Cat Forms:

As far as the Cat Forms go, I can’t say that there are any of them in particular that I do not like, but my personal favorites are the two on the right, with the one on top being my first preference. I love the nose rings being included in all of the forms, though you might have to click on the link to have a closer look before you can really see it. The changes to the face in general really help me to more realistically imagine my character turning into that cat form. I fully approve these new cat forms and am thrilled about their proposed existence.

New Tauren Dire Bear Forms:

My favorite Dire Bear forms for the Tauren are the ones on the bottom-right and bottom-left, in that order. The idea of turning into a “tribal polar bear” is greatly appealing to me for some reason that I can’t explain, and I really love the coloring in the one of the left. The three on top don’t thrill me all that much, but more options are always good so I’ll be happy to have them when my druid gets enough levels to actually make use of the Dire Bear form.

Night Elf Dire Bear Forms:

The Night Elf bears don’t thrill me quite as much as the Tauren bears do, but I do really like the bottom-right one (do you see a trend here?). The light colored “sideburns” on that dark bear just seem extra brutal to me for some reason so that would be my preferred look if I ever bothered rolling an Alliance druid. If I had to pick a second favorite it would probably be the top-left because I like the color scheme on it more than the other options. I’m not quite as excited about the white Night Elf form as I am the Tauren’s, and yet again I can’t say for sure what it is. There’s just something about the Night Elf’s that doesn’t work for me as well the Tauren’s white form.

I really love not only the fact that there are finally (or at least soon will be) better options available to us, but also that they brought more of the base race out in the image as well. Now I can actually see how my Tauren turned into that cat and actually recognize some of his features besides the horns. Where the horns really bother me right now in the current form because they look so out of place, the new forms are actually enhanced and accentuated by them.

With how impressed I am in these changes, I can’t wait to see what options they may potentially open up in future versions for other forms such as the Boomkin and Tree. While the Travel and Aquatic forms would also be cool to have updated, I am not so excited about changes to those as I would be for forms I use while playing the character rather than just traveling with them.

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2 responses to “Druid: New Cat and Dire Bear Forms in 3.2

  1. Psynister

    June 10, 2009 at 9:02 AM

    I would like to say, that while the Night Elf cat forms have now been made available, I have no desire to put pink cats on my blog. I don’t even suggest that you go looking for them, unless you need to further strengthen your desire to stick with horde characters. Pink cats….all of them. Pink… /sigh


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