Patch 3.2: New Portals and Zeppelins

11 Jun

The 3.2 news just keeps right on coming.

The News
New Zeppelin: Orgrimmar to Thunderbluff

You mean, no more 15 minute runs through some of the most boring terrain the game has to offer? Sweet!

New Portals: Orgrimmar and Stormwind both getting portals directly to the Dark Portal

You mean, no more portals to Stonard? Sweet!

What It Means
Further proof here that Blizzard is trying to lend new players and low level characters more of a hand to help them level up their toons and get them to Northrend faster and easier.

Personally, I love the idea of being able to go wherever I want to faster and easier. I love to level, but I hate running around simply for the sake of getting from one place to another. Now, if I can farm for either drops or my professions along the way, then I don’t really mind it. But if I’m just running from Point A to Point B simply because I need one, dinky little thing from Point B then I’m not a happy player.

Let the QQ Begin!
Yes, this does “dumb down” some of the things you had to do previously, and just like with the Mount Changes Post, I’m sure there will soon be a flood of QQ flooding the Barrens as everyone throws a fit at making old game contented “too easy” and that Blizzard is “conforming to the casuals” and so forth.

The people complaining about all that are primarily people who are already running around in Northrend. And do those players care about low level play anyway? No. So why bother with the QQ?

If you were Blizzard, who would you want to “conform” towards more: the people who praise your product and love what you’re doing to help them (the ones like me who rejoice at such news), or the ones that constantly cry and complain no matter how good, or bad, the changes might be? You can never please the drama queens, but the ones having fun are the ones bringing in new business as they share the game with other people.

Look here for more details.

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