Lots of Leveling

07 Jul

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that when a holiday even came along that allowed for an extra 10% experience from killing mobs that I jumped right on that and started leveling some alts. Some of them were characters that I have been playing here and there over the last few weeks, and one that I just rolled this weekend.

I leveled several different characters including:

  • Belgawrath: Shaman 40 (from 36)
  • Beldinn: Druid 23 (from 13)
  • Psynister: Priest 21 (from 1)

I already covered Leveling Hookum in some detail in a post last week, and mentioned Silkendeath and Belgawrath in the Twink post last week as well.

Today I am going to give a small amount of detail on the leveling of those three characters during the Fire Festival, and I will also touch up on a couple of odds and ends from other characters at the end of this post as well.

Here’s a quick look at all the characters I have sitting on Korialstrasz-US right now:

Belgawrath: Orc Shaman
I wanted to at least get Belgawrath up to level 39 so that I could really compete in the PvP bracket with him and finally get him into some of that gear that I had been holding onto for weeks, so I pushed him on through a few more quests and three runs through Uldaman in further search of the ever-elusive Pendulum of Doom.

None of that effort really paid off in terms of gear, but the experience was through the roof. Quests came and went quickly, and the instance runs were very successful since I actually found a decent group to run with each time.

Sadly, I was not paying as close attention as I should have during the third run through the instance and I hit level 40 just as we killed the final boss. It means I miss out on PvP as a 39 twink (my apologies to the guy who was planning on having me for his 39 partner), but it also means that I can now freely push myself up into the 49 bracket with dual wielding instead.

Since Belg has already been around the block a few times, he didn’t have a whole lot in the way of achievements last week:

Psynister: Undead Priest
I believe Wednesday night was when I rolled this priest. I could not decide which character I wanted to play because none of them were appealing to me at the time. There were a few #MOTiE members online, so I knew I wanted to play if for no reason other than chatting with my friends while we played, but I just couldn’t decide. So rather than continuing on as I was, I just rolled a new Priest.

I have tried this class three times now, and up to this point the highest level I ever got with one was level 8. The class has always been completely boring, horribly weak, and entirely uninteresting. So every time I tried it ended shortly thereafter with a /delete. This time around though, I had a lot more fun. I went ahead and crafted a couple of wands on Lexington to send to the little fellow, grabbed some bags from the Auction House, threw a little gold in for good measure, and then jumped on my bank alt to send over about 20 stacks of Linen Cloth as well (Tailoring, here we come!).

The priest was a bit hard to level early on, no question about it. Your main attack spell isn’t that great, it’s mana cost is excessive, and you suck at everything else in life except for a bit of healing. I will get into the specifics of leveling him in his own post like I did with Hookum.

But I want to note here specifically that the priest was a great deal of fun this time around. I found out that the use of a wand was absolutely critical to keeping enough mana to have little-to-no downtime, and that spending talent points in certain places really helped to keep me up and always running about as well.

I did quite a few instance runs with Psynister, and actually managed to stay as dps in almost all of them. Priest and Druid healers were in abundance this weekend, so it was easy to find some other sucker willing to run instances while I destroyed things. I did get roped into healing RFC one time with a 21 Rogue as our “tank”. It was a joke, but we did actually get through the whole thing even if we did wipe twice.

I had so much fun with Psynister that I actually played him almost exclusively from the time I rolled him until the time I set him on the shelf for a while at level 21. Had I not decided to level Beldinn for a while instead, I might have stayed on the priest for the rest of the weekend.

Since I have been saving cloth since I came to the server (not all of it, just a lot), I managed to max his Tailoring skill every time he gained enough levels to train it again as well. Right now it sits maxed at 225 and will have to sit idly by for another 14 levels before it can be trained any higher. I already have the cloth needed to level him well beyond 300, but it will be a while before that happens.

Since I played him so much in just a few days, his list of achievements is a bit large:

Beldinn: Tauren Druid
I made Beldinn after a Poll I had posted back on the first of May, asking my readers which class they wanted to see me focus on next. Druid was one of the top picks, so I rolled one and intended to level him. I did get him started, and I did level him a bit here and there, but overall he just wasn’t doing it for me.

When I put Psynister aside, I decided that I at least wanted to get Beldinn up to level 20 so I could take another shot at being a cat to see if I could get interested in the class. Bear form sucks when you first get it, plain and simple. It can be better and you can get gear for it and so on, but it just doesn’t cut it. You’re much better off going with spells, and that’s what I did. Since Psynister’s tailoring was level-maxed at 225, I went ahead and made the best caster gear I could for his level and sent it on over. It didn’t make a huge impact, but it did help a little bit.

I will also have a post this week discussing the leveling of a druid which will contain the specifics of my leveling on him. But to sum it all up, I leveled him up to 20 as Balance, and then made the shift over to feral to try out dps as a cat. My dps more than doubled switching from Balance over to Feral, and instead of having to drink after 2-3 mobs like I did with Balance, I rarely stop at all as Feral. Instead I just cast an instant HoT on myself if I come out of a fight with less than 70% health, jump right back into cat form and then rush off to kill my next target.

Having the use of Lifebloom from the Herbalism profession has been a tremendous help with this druid’s up time. The longer he stays in cat form without having to heal himself, the more experience he gets in a shorter amount of time and the less time I have to completely waste on eating and drinking to restore my health and mana.

Hookum, my hunter, also happens to have his Leatherworking profession level-maxed right now and I farmed a couple of patterns for him as well. He was able to craft almost all of the gear that I needed for Beldinn to get a big boost to his attack power and agility, and I know that a lot of the power that this little kitty has right now is because of all the agility, attack power, and strength from the armor I made for him.

After making him a full set of gear from Hookum’s Leatherworking, I also logged back over to Lexington and made Agility, Strength, and Stamina enchants to mail to him thanks to the vellums from Belgawrath’s Inscription profession. After chatting with a few more Twitter friends, I also found out that weapon enchants now affect druid’s in their feral forms where they did not before. So I threw a Crusader enchant scroll into the mail as well and then had Beldinn put that on the mace he has right now that gives him +20 Attack Power. I then ran outside and started killing everything around me and found that Crusader really did proc, which was great news for me. This little kitty crits frequently, and when he crits things tend to die.

Before I forget, I also got roped into healing Wailing Caverns with Beldinn twice. Once I managed to get out because a priest wanted to heal instead (yay me!), but the other time I went ahead and just agreed because I wanted to get the Fang set for his feral switch at 20. I only got one other piece, though three pieces dropped in the instance. But, I actually found that healing as a druid was quite a bit of fun. It’s still not my preference, but I think I will be perfectly willing to fill in the healing roll in future instances.

Beldinn had a fair share of achievements, and was by far the character that I had the most fun with overall. Balance was still fun, it just had a lot of downtime. Once I was able to shift over to the feral cat form though it was a blast:

He was a happy kitty:

Hookum: Tauren Hunter
I don’t have a lot to add to Hookum that wasn’t already mentioned last week, but I did do quite a bit of PvP with him, so here are some of the achievements he managed to grab:

Lexington: Bloodelf Paladin
Lexington did not see a whole lot of action this past week, or for the last two months for that matter, but he did have a small run in Borean Tundra with one of my #MOTiE friends.

I also did a little more farming with him for the sake of getting a feel for him again. I was used to playing the shaman so much that I kept trying to attack with the ‘2’ key on my keyboard, which is a main attack and pull on my shaman, but is Consecration for Lex, so I kept throwing Consecrate out in the open where no enemies were at all and thus wasting my mana and my cooldown.

I farmed a few tailoring patterns for my priest (see below), some mats for enchanting, and took another shot at getting the Baron’s Mount to drop from Stratholm. Luck wasn’t with me this time, but I will give it another shot soon.

I found that soloing Stratholm was both really easy and extremely hard. I’ve done farming there before, but I stuck to specific areas instead of going for the whole thing and trying for the mount (at least on the paladin here, I farmed the mount daily on my mage). The problem with trying for the mount on the paladin is that there are several mobs in this instance that can silence you. And a silenced paladin is a dead paladin. You can last for a good 5-10 minutes with a decent set of armor such as I, but when you literally have only 1 second out of every 90 to cast spells, it’s really hard to keep yourself alive. You either cast your judgement and hope that the target stays alive long enough for you to leech off of it until the next break, or you cast a heal and pray that it goes through.

I did get caught in that death trap once while in the instance and it did kill me. I held on through a LoH, a Bubble-Heal, a potion, and 3 uses of Lifebloom from my Herbalism skill, but they still took me down in the end. The fight went on forever because the ones that silence you the most also web you, and you can’t use Hand of Freedom while you’re silenced, so you can’t reach those mobs to kill them. When you do get close, the next time you get webbed they move away and often agro more mobs to go pummel you while you sit quietly.

After the first time I made a particular effort to avoid and/or focus target the silencing mobs and burned them down as soon as possible. I made it to the Baron and though he did drop three blues, two greens, some cloth and some coin, there was no mount to be found.

I am going to change my dual spec into a Prot/Holy build to make myself immune to silence when farming here in the future. So I’ll have Prot/Ret for tanking and questing, and Prot/Holy for soloing in midst of silencing mobs.

I completely forgot I never cleared Stratholm with Lex. We tried, and we intended to, but the instance glitched and the doors never opened for us (there were no deaths or anything), and apparently I never went back:

Lower Alts
I have two other alts that I am kind of leveling right now: Redajah (Female BElf [Fire] Mage 6) and Kraan (Orc [Demo] Warlock 6). I want to level both of these characters, but I don’t want to bother with either of them right now. I tried to play them a little bit during the holiday, but after logging in for about 30 seconds I logged right back out.

I am sure they will get their levels eventually, but for right now they just sit at level 6 where I drop the majority of my toons for the first time. In my leveling habbits, I usually take a character to level 6 and then leave them alone for a few days. I then pick them back up until level 10-12 and then drop them again for a time at random from there on.

I do not know right now when you might see more information on their progression, we will just have to wait and see.

For now, they just serve as other bank alts to hold the bundles of crap that my other characters are farming or finding in instance runs.


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5 responses to “Lots of Leveling

  1. Psynister

    July 7, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    And before I forget, that picture of Beldinn up there at the top also shows the Guild Tabard for , the Twitter-inspired guild on Korialstrasz-US [Horde].

    And yes, that is a cupcake on the front.

  2. The Chatty DM

    July 8, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    Hey there!

    Someone’s a David Eddings fan here!

    I wish I had more time to play WoW but with watching series with my wife, my 4e game, D&D freelance writing and my blog, Wow had to be kicked to the curb for a few months.


    • Psynister

      July 8, 2009 at 10:34 AM

      Indeed I am. David Eddings is solely responsible for me getting involved in fantasy literature which is a huge part of why I enjoy roleplaying games so much. He’s where it all started, and if it hadn’t been for him I probably wouldn’t be who I am today or doing what I’m doing.

      I know the feeling, though in reverse. I have no time for D&D these days, nor the people to play it in the first place really, so my books just sit there collecting dust.

      There may be a move to the big city in my near future though, so I might have a chance to get back into it again. Right now WoW is all I’ve got, so I use the “tools” I’ve been given.

      Thanks for stopping by, Chatty!

  3. lordkaladar

    July 15, 2009 at 11:20 AM

    SO jealous of your leveling time. Although, I got to spend a GRIP of time with The Wolf. Even tossed him a trial and we leveled to 14, he as a Warrior and myself a Shaman.

    Never played a Shaman before, and since he rolled Tauren, figured I’d join him out there as his heals. Nothing sucks worse than dying constantly while trying to learn something from scratch. Didn’t help that we had a futon and laptops without mice, either :)

    Course, the rest of that week, I was building SOMEONE a computer. I did a little playing on the machine, but just mining.

    • Psynister

      July 15, 2009 at 11:23 AM

      Yeah, my “little” brother plays on his laptop, on the couch, no mouse, and he has no problem with it.

      There’s no way I could play with just a touch pad. I tried it when I was at his house last week and I just gave up on moving once combat started. Direction keys ftw when there’s no mouse to be had.

      Leveling is great fun, but it does make it a bit hard to decide who to play and when once you get them all around the same level.


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