New Page Added: Psynister Support

07 Jul

Though this not related to WoW, it is related to my blog, because it’s related to me.

I have added a page on this blog to show you two wonderful organizations that I support, in order to give you an opportunity to show your support as well. Though I would ask for your support, I certainly do not require it nor do I expect it. It is merely a hope. This will be the only post I plan on ever focusing on anything other than WoW on this blog, but I wanted to give you a post to make you aware rather than hoping that you might one day stumble across it on your own.

Neither of these organizations are paying me anything at all to do this, I put them up there because I care. I get nothing out of doing this other than a sense of hope that others might lend a hand as well.

New Page: Psynister Support

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