Mounts: An Explanation

08 Jul

Now, this blog post isn’t about me giving you information, instead it’s about me redirecting you to someone else who is. Since the blog I’m going to point you towards is fairly new, you might not have found it yourself. As such, I’m going to try to direct a little traffic over there because I can see from my blog stats that people are still looking here for answers on changes to mounts in Patch 3.2.

So, I would like to point you to Hoggwarts In Azeroth for your 3.2 mount information. Hoggwarts goes through all the information you need to know about mounts both as they stand right now in the current patch as well as in the upcoming patch.

He also goes over all the steps for those of you who are brand new to the game and have never had a mount before, so you know which town to go to when you want to train the skill, where to buy the mount, the costs associated with each, and even how to reach the screen where your mounts are located and then summon them.

It’s an excellent source for mount information, and since he’s done such a solid job of covering it all over there doing so here would merely repeat the work he’s already done.

So if you would like to learn more about mounts, please drop by Hoggwarts In Azeroth and have a look.

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