Racial Analysis: Tauren

01 Sep

Classes and Starting Attributes

Starting Attributes Base Druid Hunter Shaman Warrior
Strength 25 26 25 26 28
Agility 15 15 18 15 15
Stamina 22 22 23 23 24
Intellect 15 17 15 16 15
Spirit 22 24 23 24 22

Racial Traits
War Stomp (0.5 second cast, 2 minute cooldown)
Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds.

Endurance (Passive)
Base Health increased by 5%.

Cultivation (Passive)
Herbalism skill increased by 15.

Nature Resistance (Passive)
Reduces the chance you will be hit by Nature spells by 2%.

General Assessment
Here I go over each class with an analysis based purely on stats. A lot of people on forums like to ask what race their should pick for a certain class, and the answer they receive is always the same, “go for whichever race appeals to you most visibly”. But these people aren’t asking which race looks the prettiest, they are asking which one will help them the most with the character. The answer they receive is pretty valid, it really doesn’t matter. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t help as well.

While your race does not make a huge difference in the overall scheme of how powerful your character will be at end game, it can impact how well you do early on. Oftentimes a player will start a character and then decide within the first 10 levels whether or not they like the character. So, it’s important to start off with a solid race/class combination if you’re not one for sticking it out for a while to really give the character a chance.

If you ignore the long term and start out looking just at the base starting attributes then I find the following.

With War Stomp you are able to stun everything within 8 yards of you for 2 seconds. This stun can be used for any number of things, depending on your class, but what I generally find myself using it for is to heal. Almost all of the classes that can heal are able to do so either within 2 seconds time, or soon enough thereafter that they can avoid most of the pushback that they might otherwise suffer from being attacked. It’s also useful for either gaining distance or making use of crowd control spells if you are a class and spec that makes use of such.

Taurens are pretty well known for their Endurance, and every class can certainly benefit from having extra health. While Warstomp has a lot of applications during combat, this is probably the best of the Tauren racial abilities.

Everybody has to eat, and cows like veggies. Cultivation provides a large boost to herbalism that allows you to pick almost every herb in your starting zone from the very beginning. Most starting zones include 1-2 nodes for Mageroyal as well, which cannot be picked until skill level 50, but that number is not quite so far off when you start with a +15 bonus to begin with. The major drawback to this racial is that it does not count towards your ranks of Lifebloom. So where everyone else gets Lifebloom Rank 1 at skill level 75, a Tauren does not get that spell until skill level 90.

Taurent have Nature Resistance from sleeping in the dirt so much. Fire is probably the only damage type that I see more of than Nature while leveling prior to Outlands. Nature damage generally is not very high, so while Nature Resistance is a bit weak from the low score that it has, that low resistence actually works quite well against a low source of damage.

Class Breakdown

Druid: This is probably the most common of the Tauren classes, simply because they are the only Horde race that can choose the class. With 26 Strength and 22 Stam, along with their various other racials, the Tauren is an excellent choice for a bear druid. Having only 15 Agility hurts a bit if you plan on being a Cat druid, but there is enough +Agi gear to be found that you can overcome that fairly easy. Your mana may lack a bit with only 17 Int to start off, but having 24 Spirit will help to keep your mana and health regeneration high.

Hunter: With 18 Agility, the Tauren does not make the best race for hunters. You also have only 15 Int to work with which means your special shots will not be able to be fired quite so often. Your 25 Strength is somewhat wasted as you should never be using a melee weapon, but for the rare times that you are forced to use them at least they can hit hard. With 23 Stam and 23 Spirit though you do have a very solid base of health and regeneration to keep you alive. Hunters probably get the most benefit out of Thunder Stomp racial of all of the Tauren’s class choices by using it to gain distance on an enemy who has closed in to melee.

Shaman: Starting with 26 Strength is going to help an enhancement shaman with the melee effectiveness and makes up for the poor 15 Agility. A 23 Stam and 24 Spirit will be a great benefit for your survivability, and while 16 Int hurts somewhat in the size of your mana pool the Shaman has some of the lowest mana costs for spells in the game.

Warrior: Warrior is one of the best fits for the Tauren making the most use out of their three highest stats: 28 Strength, 24 Stamina, and 22 Spirit. Warriors can always use more hit points (Endurance) and an extra stun (Thunder Stomp) is always good as well. One of the most frequently taken professions for warriors is Alchemy, which is usually teamed up with Herbalism which can take advantage of Cultivation as well.

Psynister Preferences
If you want to get the most out of your race/class combination, then Warrior is clearly the way to go for a Tauren as everything lines up almost perfectly with that class. You cannot go wrong with this race/class combination and it’s one of the strongest that the game has to offer.

My own personal preference, since we all know I hate playing a Warrior, is going to be the Druid though. Even when the new expansion, Cataclysm, comes out and allows Trolls to become druids as well, Tauren will be the race of choice for Horde Druids in my book. I see a lot of Tauren Shamans running around and while I have thought about rolling one myself, I personally prefer the Orc for that role as Enhancement or Troll for Elemental/Restoration.


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2 responses to “Racial Analysis: Tauren

  1. Viscount

    September 10, 2009 at 5:39 PM

    While most healing classes do have a 2 second heal, war stomp resets the global cooldown and without any haste modifiers that leaves .5 seconds before you can recieve an attack and get knockback.
    I always found warstomp better as an excape mechanism. You can run away while they are still frozen and you can get a slight head start.

    • Psynister

      September 11, 2009 at 8:43 AM

      War Stomp is a decent tool to use for running away, but I’ve never been a fan of running. Unless I absolutely know that I’m going to get crushed if I stay, then I don’t like to run.

      Everything you mentioned there I already covered though. For me, if I’m going to heal then I plan on staying and fighting, and I would much rather deal with only half a second’s worth of possible pushback attacks than to deal with 2 seconds worth.

      As of right now the only Tauren classes that can heal are the Druid and Shaman, both of which have access to less than 2 second heals either by default, via glyphs, or via talent points. Both are also capable of applying a slowing effect that takes less than 2 seconds to cast (Entangling Roots 1.5 sec, Earthbind Totem instant cast) that will allow you extra time for a larger heal if necessary.


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