Instance Loot: Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns

15 Oct

Looking through the search terms that bring people to my blog, I like to keep track of trends to find out what kind of information people are looking for. During the last two months most of the searches have revolved around 1) Paladin Leveling (always my highest search), 2) New Druid Skins 3) New BoA Chest pieces and whether or not they stack with the shoulders, 4) what items drop from a particular instance (usually SM and Ulda), and then there’s an ongoing list of various other topics.

I have already covered Paladin Leveling quite a bit, I have two or three posts discussing the new druid skins and how to change them, and I have at least three posts mentioning that the new BoA chests do stack with the shoulders for a total of +20% experience. That leaves me then with the task of covering what items drop from which instances.

But, I don’t want to just jump right over to Scarlet Monastery, so instead I am going to start a series that covers each of the various instances from the lowest up to the highest. I do not plan on covering any raids with this list due to the massive amount of items that can be found in them, but I will cover the regular 5-man instances. If I notice a lot of people showing interest in them then I will keep it up, if not then I will probably go ahead and stop wherever I happen to be at the time.

The scope of this series of posts is to cover what rare (Blue) and epic (Purple) loot drops from the bosses and rare spawns. There are rare and epic world drops that can be found in most instances, but for the most part I’m not going to bother covering those in this series either. In some instances I will list this sort of information, or I might list rare spawns that are located very close to the instance like I do here with Wailing Caverns. For the most part though, I will be sticking strictly to the blue items that are dropped by the bosses.

Ragefire Chasm

Generally the loot in RFC is not going to be all that great. Some of the boss drops are pretty good for early levels, but most of the items you find will be trash, white, or low quality greens. There’s a reasonable amount of Linen Cloth to be found there, as well as a few Tigerseye and Malachite from time to time, but this is not the place to farm them.

The green items that you find here will all disenchant into either Strange Dust or Lesser Magic Essence, while the Blue items dropped by the bosses will give you Small Glowing Shards. Small Glowing Shards are only used for about four to six total enchantments, and all of those are low level. So farming them to some extent is good for selling on the Auction House to help new enchanters “power level” their enchanting early on, but I wouldn’t particularly suggest doing it.

There are technically five bosses in RFC, but one of them is for a paladin-only quest (and drops nothing of value), and two others are called bosses but do not drop binding gear nor are they much harder than the trash mobs to take down. So, while technically there are 5 bosses, I’m only going to bother listing the two that actually drop blue, binding gear. RFC is one of the few old world instances in the game that does not have a Rare Spawn.

Jargosh the Invoker
Cavedweller Bracers
[Mail Wrist, 78 Armor, +3 Str, +4 stam]
A nice set of starting bracers for any Paladin or Warrior. Pretty commonly used by level 19 twinks as well.

Chanting Blade
[1H Dagger, 1.5 Speed, 12.0 DPS, +3 Agi, +2 Stam]
A pretty strong dagger given it’s minimum level, also has great stats for Rogues and Hunters in this level range.

Robe of Evocation
[Cloth Chest, 35 Armor, +4 Stam, +5 Int, +5 Crit]
One of the best low level robes you can get without having to have the help of higher level characters. There are certainly better robes available prior to level 20, but this is a great start especially for a Mage, Priest, or Shaman who will see more benefit from crit than other casters at this level.

Taragaman the Hungerer [Instance Boss]
Crystalline Cuffs
[Cloth Wrist, 15 Armor, +2 Int, +2 Spirit, +4 Spell Power]
Easily the best caster bracers you can get for early on in the game. Any class and spec that is going to be using spells can pick this up and use it for a good while. Most caster twinks use this for their wrist slot.

Cursed Felblade
[1H Sword, 2.6 Speed, 12.3 DPS, Chance on Hit: Reduce target’s Attack Power by 25 for 30 seconds]
A pretty decent sword used for flushing your opponent’s attack power down the drain for a time. Low level tanks tend to pick this up more than anyone else though Rogues frequently use it as well to make up for their lack of armor.

Subteranean Cloak
[Back, 17 Armor, +4 Str, +4 Agi]
This cloak is one of the best you can get for low level melee characters. Depending on what mix of stats you prefer it can rank anywhere in the top 4 cloaks obtained from bosses and rare spawns within instances.

Wailing Caverns

Much of the regular loot drops here will be the same as RFC, only in much larger quantity. You will find Linen Cloth here as well as a small amount of Wool Cloth. There are tons of trash items, white items, and food in WC, and there is a rather large supply of green items as well. You can add Shadowgems to the list of “gems” that you find in WC, and some of the mobs drop herbs in here as well. This is also the first instance you come across that allows you to gather mats for your professions as you can use Skinning, Mining, and Herbalism all in here as their are nodes for each and the instance is overrun with beasts that can be skinned.

WC has a total of eight bosses, one of which is triggered only by an event, and one Rare Spawn as well. One of the eight bosses, Kresh, is not technically a boss but instead is neutral to everyone so he is entirely optional and is not any harder to kill than most of the other elite trash mobs in the instance. Even so, he does drop rare bind on pickup items like other bosses so he makes it onto the list.

Lady Anacondra
Belt of the Fang
[Waist, Leather, 49 Armor, +5 Agility, +6 Stamina]
This is one of the better belts you can get for this level if you happen to wear leather. It is also a part of the Fang Set, so you will receive extra bonuses for each item you are able to find and equip at once.

Snakeskin Bag
[12 slot bag]
Not a bad little bag for this low level, especially if you do not already have a higher level character providing you with bags. Out of all of the many runs I have made in WC though I have only seen this drop three times.

Serpent’s Shoulders
[Shoulder, Leather, 68 Armor, +9 Agility]
These are one of the best leather shoulder items you can get before level 20, especially if you are a Rogue, Hunter, or Feral Druid. With the exception of the BoA shoulders that you purchase with a level 80 character, these are the best shoulders you will find for a leather melee dps class prior to level 20.

Lord Serpentis
Footpads of the Fang
[Feet, Leather, 62 Armor, +6 Agility, +6 Stamina]
The best set of low level leather boots for a melee dps class. Twinks will use it until they can be replaced by Arathi Basin PvP boots.

[Ranged, Bow, Speed 2.40, 15.8 dps, Equip: Chance to strike your ranged target with a Venom Shot for 31 to 45 Nature damage.]
Considered to be the best bow for the level range and the preferred ranged weapon of every bow-wielding class in the level 19 twink bracket.

Savage Trodders
[Feet, Mail, 134 Armor, +9 Stamina]
A strong set of mail boots with a high boost to stamina. Great for tanks or any mail wearing class.

Serpent Gloves
[Hands, Cloth, 25 Armor, +6 Intellect, Increases spell power by 7.]
Very strong caster gloves, one of the favorites among twinks. There are three sets of gloves in the game that have these exact stats now that earlier patches have changed +Healing and +Damage into the same stat. These are the second best caster gloves you can find for a twink, beaten only by a very rare world drop.

Lord Pythas
Stinging Viper
[One-Hand, Mace, Speed 2.80, 15.5 dps, Chance on hit: Poisons target for 7 Nature damage every 3 sec for 15 sec.]
A decent mace weapon. Often used in PvP battles to keep rogues from using their stealth abilities.

Armor of the Fang
[Chest, Leather, 91 Armor, +8 Strength, +8 Stamina]
The third best leather chest armor for the level, second best for Horde. The Tunic of Westfall (Alliance only) is the best piece, followed by the Blackened Defias Armor found in Deadmines (which will be covered in the Deadmines post in this series). Twinks (leather dps classes) who cannot manage to obtain either of the other pieces mentioned go for this one instead.

Lord Cobrahn
Cobrahn’s Grasp
[Waist, Mail, 111 Armor, +8 Strength, +3 Agility]
A great mail belt for any class that can wear it. It’s not the best but it’s certainly far from the worst.

Leggings of the Fang
[Legs, Leather, 79 Armor, +5 Strength, +9 Agility, +4 Stamina]
The best leather pants for any melee dps class below level 20 and favored by twinks.

Robe of the Moccasin
[Chest, Cloth, 40 Armor,+6 Stamina, +6 Spirit, Increases spell power by 7.]
One of the better cloth chest pieces for low level casters. Priests and Warlocks tend to want it more than other casters as the stats are more aligned to their classes, but it is a great piece for any low level caster.

Verdan the Everliving [Instance Boss]
Living Root
[Two-Hand, Staff, Speed 2.90, 21.2 dps, , +2 Stamina, +12 Spirit, Increases spell power by 6.]
A decent staff used primarily to help with mana regen between battles if you have access to something better. If not, the staff still serves as a solid choice for casters with its spell power bonus. Enhancement shamans can make good use of this weapon during low levels as well with good stats and a high dps for its level as well.

Seedcloud Buckler
[Off Hand, Shield, 566 Armor, 11 Block, +6 Intellect, +3 Spirit]
One of the best shields for low level shamans due to the bonus Intellect, and a decent shield for any other class that can use it as well. Low level shields that are better than this come only in the form of rare world drops.

Glowing Lizardscale Cloak
[Back, 20 Armor, +6 Agility, +2 Stamina]
A great low level cloak for rogues and hunters due to the high agility bonus. It’s not the best cloak you can find at this level, but it has a good drop rate and will serve you well until you can get your hands on a better one.

[One-Hand, Dagger, Speed 1.80, 14.4 dps, +4 Strength, +3 Agility]
A decent dagger with a great stats, rogues and hunters may both go for this one. Rogues will find better blades overall in Deadmines, but the Tailspike can certainly serve you well until you manage to get a hold of those.

Special Note: This boss can be skinned, and he drops an exceptional amount of leather, usual 1-6 each of up to three different types of leather. Leather types include Light Leather, Medium Leather, Light Hides, and Medium hides.

Kresh [Neutral Boss, Optional]
Kresh’s Back
[Off Hand, Shield, 471 Armor, 9 Block, Equip: Increases defense rating by 6 (8 @ L15).]
One of the best tanking shields you can get for low level, despite it having a lower Armor rating than both of the other shields found inside Wailing caverns. The bonus to defense rating is almost unheard of on low level gear.

Worn Turtle Shell Shield
Worn Turtle Shell Shield
[Off Hand, Shield, 513 Armor, 9 Block]
A strong armor rating and a decent block rate, it’s a decent shield for those that can use it.

Special Note: This boss can be skinned, for Light Leather, Medium Leather, Light Hides, and Medium Hides

Deviate Faerie Dragon [Rare Spawn]
[Wand, Speed 1.70, 20.3 dps]
A strong choice of a wand for its level. The lack of bonus stats makes it worth a bit less than other wand options at your level.

Feyscale Cloak
[Back, 19 Armor, +4 Stamina, Equip: Increases spell power by 5]
A great low level caster cloak that can be found pretty easy if you ever manage to find the rare spawn itself. Cloaks such as the Spidersilk Drape made from the Tailoring profession can outshine it, but it’s a good cloak regardless.

Special Note: When I say “Rare” spawn, I mean to say RARE!!! spawn. After literally hundreds of runs through this instance I have only ever seen this spawn twice. Other people claim to have found it several times but that’s certainly not my experience.

Noteworthy Trash Mob Drops
All of the druids inside WC have a chance to drop the Gloves of the Fang, which are easy to sell and good to equip as well if you are a leather wearing dps class. They are also the only piece of the “Fang Set” that are not BoP and can be sold on the AH. Many people run this instance so they are sometimes in large supply on the AH, but they do usually sell for 25-60g depending on the server. The most I have ever found in a single run through the instance is three Gloves of the Fang in one run through.

There are also two rare spawns located right outside of the entrance to the instance, both of which can drop blue items, though they aren’t guarenteed drops.

Trigor the Lasher (wowhead listing)
Runescale Girdle
[Waist, Mail, 104 Armor, +8 Strength]
A decent choice for a mail belt with a large strength bonus.

Serpent’s Kiss
[One-Hand, Axe, Speed 2.50, 13.4 dps, Chance on hit: Poisons target for 7 Nature damage every 3 sec for 15 sec.]
A decent axe that is used much like the Stinging Viper up above. It’s a good weapon for PvE and used occasionally in PvP for the sake of keeping rogues from using their stealth.

Boahn (wowhead listing)
Boahn’s Fang
[Two-Hand, Axe, Speed 2.50, 17.6 dps, +9 Strength, Improves critical strike rating by 4 (2.12% @ L15).]
This axe usually sells for anywhere from 25-150g on the auction house because it is BoE, and it is one of the strongest weapons you can get at low level for any class that can wield it. At low level the extra crit from this item shows through far more frequently than it does at higher levels.


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