Psynister’s Sticky Notes

11 Dec

This blog is here to help people in the process of their leveling, and here lately I’ve had a lot to say about twinking and next to nothing about leveling. So, I decided to start up another blog that will hold all of my twinking information from here on and try to keep this one focused on the leveling.

If you’re interested in reading about my experiences with twinking, then feel free to check out the new blog: Fiery Weapons

This post is mainly to inform you of the twink blog and also to let you know that I plan to keep the twinking mostly out of this blog so that those of you who like what I write but don’t care about PvP at all can still come and enjoy.

I don’t really like having blog posts that are tiny little things like what’s right above here, so I’m going to continue on. But, this will be the point to stop if you’re a TL;DR kind of person.

To give you a quick update on where I stand right now with my playing, I am currently in the process of a few different in-game projects and my time is unevenly divided between them all depending on whatever mood I happen to be in that night.

Psynister: With the recent changes in the last two patches to Paladins, my posts related to leveling them have largely become obsolete because spells no longer work as they once did. So, rather than rewriting the information with what I think needs to be done I instead rolled a new paladin. Since Durotan-US didn’t have a Psynister on it yet, that’s the name I went with. Where I am twinking with a lot of my characters right now I plan on taking Psynister straight through the leveling process and likely doing very little, if any, PvP with him.

I also plan to take full advantage of the new LFG system with him to see how well it will work for leveling. He’s one of the major projects as I haven’t even bothered taking the time to level my mage up all the way to 80 on this server yet since I’ve been having so much fun with the lower level toons.

When I don’t have people asking me for help I plan to focus strongly on this guy.

Legendary Warrior: I had a great idea to level up a warrior and then go after all of the legendary weapons in the game so that I could have them all on one character. But, only a warrior can do that and I just absolutely cannot stand leveling a warrior. Do, the toon got deleted and the cool idea with the weapons got deleted with him. As cool as it sounds, I said “screw it”. I’m not about to spend that much time doing something I know deep down that I hate (playing a warrior) just to hold some spiffy weapons that really don’t do me any good. I can tell you right now that once I got all of those weapons on him he’d just sit there on my character select screen and never get played again.

This whole idea got trashed, so don’t expect to see any future updates on it.

Twinkies! The pseudo-major project I’ve been working on to level various twinks continues on. As I continue on I come to feel more and more than the hunter is going to be a waste of my time since I really prefer healing and support in BGs rather than just killing people, so there’s a good chance that Killutiludie is going to get deleted. While I spent some gold on his gear he’s not high enough level to actually use most of it, so it’s not that big of a loss. Hotstuffbaby is still a lot of fun to play, so she’ll be around for a while yet. Blastoph is the new kid on the block, a green mohawk wearing gnome mage, and he’ll be getting twinked soon. I’m toying with the idea of doing a paladin twink or possibly a warrior twink to see how they play though I have a feeling that the warrior twink wouldn’t go anywhere. Regardless, you’ll find most of their information on the Fiery Weapons blog that I linked up top.

Any time I have a bad day at work you can expect to see me on the battlefield killing people. I can’t take out my frustrations on mobs as well as I can some scrub Rogue named “Lolurmomzkk” who thinks he stands a chance.

Alts: Alpha and Omega
My Alt’ernate Universe post last month about all of the new alts that I’ve rolled is definitely outdated. Not so much because I’ve made about six more toons since then, but because half of those toons have already been deleted as I have given up on the idea of leveling them and am already focusing on other toons. The hunter? Deleted. The Priest? Deleted. The Warrior? Deleted.

I think I’ve probably got ADD in relation to alts or something too. I’ll get an idea for a great toon or something I want to do, get them started, and then give up on them and /delete. The only reason I haven’t deleted more toons than I’ve created is that it’s literally impossible to do so as you have to create before you can delete.

So many alts see their beginning and then meet their end quickly thereafter. Oh well, life goes on for me though it may not for so many of them.


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3 responses to “Psynister’s Sticky Notes

  1. Cynwise

    December 11, 2009 at 4:57 PM

    Shaman? Deleted. Baby druid? Deleted. (Level 8, not my level 42). Rogue I rolled last night is probably going to get it too, eventually. I have a level 10 (my bank alt).

    It feels good to clear out the deadwood and focus on some projects for a while.

    • Psynister

      December 11, 2009 at 5:39 PM

      Yeah, there’s a chance Psynister might get deleted and then remade as a Spacegoat too. I think the HoT will help me more in the long run than Diplomacy will since I have absolutely no intention of raiding with the guy and thus couldn’t care less about a reputation bonus.

      Gearing up the twinks and helping pay for Fyn’s mammoth have left me pretty close to broke. I need to go do something to get my cashflow back up so that I can actually participate in the AH again. It really sucks to see great opportunities and then waving at them as they fly by because I’m too broke to act on it. :\


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