Kris Kringle: FAQ for Newbs

25 Dec

I’ve read several of Psynister’s guides this week while deciding what to write, and he’s got some solid information here. There are so many nuances to leveling or to leveling a particular class that having someone there to guide you in the right direction is a bonus.

But there’s something Psynister has missed…it’s slight, but I think it’s the perfect thing for me to cover. See, there are even broader questions that come up when you’re a newbie (newb and noob are two entirely different people in my book, by the way), and I think someone needs to be there to answer them.

FAQ for Newbs

Don’t all condors have wings? Don’t all goretusks have livers? Etc.

No. Biology is wrong. Whether or not that cat is going to have 1 paw or 4 is entirely up to RNG (random number generator). You’re very lucky, in fact, that you were born with two ears, as even human hunters in the Borean Tundra appear to often be one-eared.

Truthfully, I like to think that maybe one of the wings gets broken in the heat of battle and becomes noncollectable. You’d think my characters would learn to hit a little softer after the 75th one-winged bird, but alas, they’re wrecking machines.

How do I get a farm?

Go to Facebook. Type in “Farm.” Choose one of the 42 applications listed.

Farming is an expression used to describe spending time collecting an item to craft with or sell in order to level professions, earn gold, or earn rewards. People “farm honor” by doing lots of battlegrounds. They “farm cloth” for tailoring by killing lots and lots (and lots) of humanoids. Lots of people (like me) claim they’re farming when they’re actually just really bored and terribly addicted to WoW.

Who is Leeroy Jenkins and why does everyone want his title?


Leeroy Jenkins came to fame as part of a YouTube event that we later found out to be staged but still found hilarious. Raiders…well, we can be some pretty serious folks. The Leeroy Jenkins video shows a group preparing to raid Upper Black Rock Spire (UBRS). Halfway through their strategizing, Leeroy returns from being AFK to get chicken, says, “Let’s do this!” and runs headlong into the fight shouting “Leeeeeeeroy Jenkiiiiiins!” The group all dies spectacularly. In Patch 2.4, Blizzard added the Jenkins title as an earnable reward by killing 50 rookery whelps in UBRS in 15 seconds.

I have both the title and some chicken.

Where did this gorilla keep that dagger that dropped?

If the gorilla wasn’t wearing pants, then trust me when I say: you don’t want to know.

Your character can eat and drink at the same time?!

I can count at least 10 people (including myself) who were amazed the day they discovered this. I had been eating and then drinking since the game started, and I think I was around level 15 before I found this out.

Protip: It pays to read the loading screen.

PAQ – Possibly Asked Questions

Who are you?

I’m Ambermist (aka Battlechicken) of Tastes Like Battle Chicken. I make a profession of being a noob (why doesn’t that profession exist yet in game?!). I’m a full-time raider on my moonkin, but I’ve recently been trying out some casual play and twinking on low-level toons, thanks to a little push from Cynwise and Psynister.

Speaking of Psynister, what have you done with him?

Well, besides following him on Twitter and chatting him up in-game, nothing. He’ll be back to posting something useful for you very soon. As a matter of fact, I might be here just to help you appreciate him even more. You’re welcome.

Why did you hijack our favorite resource for leveling tips?

WoW Bloggers hang out in two places: Twitter and BlogAzeroth. Admittedly, I haven’t spent as much time on BlogAzeroth as I probably should, but Twitter and I are quite friendly (I think my husband’s getting jealous). It was during a rendezvous with Twitter that I learned of a blogging exchange happening at BlogAzeroth and signed up. Poor Psynister got stuck with me.

Seriously, though, this blog is full of great information. I’ve learned a few things from glancing through the posts, and I thought I was an old pro at this stuff. Thanks, Psynister, for allowing me to steal a bit of your blogspace, and for being a great addition to the WoW blogosphere.

Have a very Merry Christmas from TLBC & BlogAzeroth!

See you in-game!


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