Real PUGs of Power: Mr. I Had A Group Full Of Win’s Guys

09 Feb

Over the weekend I decided to go ahead and roll that Death Knight Tank I had mentioned last week. I have a post in progress to discuss the details of tanking with a Frost DK that should be coming out sometime this week, but if you want details on him right now then you can check out his armory link: Psynister. I bet you didn’t see that name coming, did you?

Today I want to tell you about an especially great group that I found myself in over the weekend. Generally when I queue for a random I run the dungeon and then regardless of how good/bad we did I go ahead and leave group and go find fresh group all together. That seems to be the norm from how quickly most people drop group after the final boss is down.

There was something different about this group though, so I went ahead and stuck with them. I think three of us asked at about the same time after the first run if everyone was up for another. With some amount of surprise from me everyone said yes. The second dungeon went down and we queued up as a group again. I think all together we did three dungeons, but there may have been a fourth in there as well.

I think as a group we functioned extremely well in the dungeons that we ran, and it was interesting to see that even though both the warrior and myself were queued for both Tank and DPS, the role of Tanking was mine every time we queued. I’ve seen the LFG tool swap people’s positions before so I know it can change, but every time it came up as mine.

Generally I like to keep my Real PUGs of Power posts to a single person, but this group worked so well together that I’m throwing them all in there together. Deciding on the title was a bit of a challenge this time since it’s about four people instead of only one, but it works for me even if it is a bit awkward. With four people deserving some praise, I initially was just going to write a regular post about it, but I think something like this shows a bit more sincerity when I say thank you.

Mr. I Had A Group Full Of Win’s Guys
Bethannie, Druid Heals
Nikedawg, Warrior DPS
Aldy, Mage DPS
Adolat, Priest DPS

Psynister’s Notebook presents: Real PUGs of Power

(Real PUGs of Poweeeer)

Today we salute you Mr. I Had A Group Full Of Win’s Guys.

(Mr. I Had A Group Full Of Wiiiinn’s Guys!)

You’ve shown us how a real group clears an instance.
With DoT’s, HoT’s, AoE’s, and Whirlwinds.

(I think we could one-shot Arthas!)

Taking down bosses and trash mobs with ease,
And acknowledging the strengths of every member.

(Great job with the heals!)

Pathing mobs get pulled, no problem.
Mage’s pet was set to aggressive, who cares?
The tank got mind controlled? Lets bring him down!

(Dang it, I wanted to kill him!)

So crack open an ice cold Frost Tank’s heart, you group full of epic win.
There’s no such thing as an unbeatable instance, when the five of you group together.

(Mr. I Had A Group Full of Wiiiinn’s Guys!)


In case you’re wondering, yes the warrior did really try to kill me when I got mind controlled just before the boss in that screen shot went down. We were both trying to fill that tank spot each time we queued, and he never got it. I planned to give him the chance regardless in the next run since I have yet to be chosen as DPS, but the group needed to split right after that boss, so I never got the chance. It was all in good fun (at least, I think it was…) and I think we all had a great time and enjoyed the group.

Hopefully luck will be on my side and I’ll find myself queued up with them another time in the future.


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5 responses to “Real PUGs of Power: Mr. I Had A Group Full Of Win’s Guys

  1. Ingram (Mannoroth)

    February 12, 2010 at 2:53 AM

    Silly Nike, always trying to kill mind controlled people!

    • Psynister

      February 12, 2010 at 8:55 AM

      He was in the middle of a Whirlwind when he first started hitting me while I was MC’ed, which I knew he couldn’t control. But then he just kept on attacking me. I was trying to figure out if maybe he just didn’t know what was going on since he kept it up, but after he wore off was when he said he had been trying to kill me.

      It was actually a lot of fun, having Nike try to bring me down just made it even more so.

  2. Nikedawg (Mannoroth)

    February 12, 2010 at 3:05 AM

    Hey it was fun, wish there was a cross server friend list would love to do it again!

    • Psynister

      February 12, 2010 at 8:57 AM

      Nike! Don’t kill me man, don’t kill me! ;)

      I wish there was too. There’s been a lot of really great players I’ve run into from various realms, so I really wish there was some way having a friends list even for simple communication if nothing else. Being able to queue with them would be an excellent bonus as well.

      I think Blizzard might have something along these lines in mind for the future. Probably not Cataclsym, but perhaps in the first major patch after it or something. It seems like that might be where they’re headed, and I certainly hope that it is.


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