Elder Psynister

26 Feb
Elder Psynister

Greetings, Heroes!

Thank you for your visit today. We, the Elders of Blog Azeroth, are happy to know that we are not forgotten.

To thank you for honoring our memories, Khi the Tree Burglar has asked that we share our wisdom with you. I do so now, offering you my wisdom in the form of a gift.

1. The Gift of Guidance
Should you need assistance on your path towards personal growth, I offer you the Gift of Guidance. This gift contains the memories of many of my travels throughout the world, and those I have shared my journey with.

2. The Gift of Foresight
Should you wish to view to know of what you might expect to see in your future, I offer you three Gifts of Foresight.

3. The Gift of Hindsight and Understanding
If you would care to take a deeper look into the future, then perhaps you should take a look instead at the past. Use this Gift of Hindsight to look into what may have been the origination of the Worgen and the Wolf Totems that they may very well be linked to.

4. The Gift of Sparklies
If you are one who seeks new tools to help you in your journey, then perhaps you need Gifts of Addons. Or maybe your sparkling interests lie not in the realm of addons? Perhaps then you would prefer the Gift of Loot, as you seek to aid the Ashen Verdict in bringing down the Lich King?

If you favor sparklies of a more cuddly nature, then perhaps the Gift of Vanity is more to your liking?

5. The Gift of the Gladiators
Perhaps you came for wisdom of a more…physical variety? For that, I offer you the Gifts of the Gladiators, for information highly sought after by those who wish to test their skill of battle against that of others.

6. The Gift of Lost Tales
If you have sought me out instead for the stories I have heard in my travels, then perhaps the Gift of Lost Tales. There you will find the stories of many brave heroes and the trials that they faced. Some trials are large, such as facing the great demons that have plagued our past, while others are of a more personal nature. Some are pure and true, while others are a bit more…twisted.

7. The Gifts of Light and Healing
Those who travel the world to assist those who fight, to heal the wounded and raise the dead, to encourage trust and inspire hope may find that my many Gifts of Light and Healing may aid them in their many struggles.

8. The Gifts of Shadows and Fel Fire
It may be that you are one who seeks to embrace the powers of darkness in order to use them against the incarnations of it. If that is the case, then I offer you the Gifts of Shadows and Fel Fire.

9. The Gift of Arcane Magics
My travels have taken me far and wide, from the barren deserts of Kalimdor, to the frozen peaks of Northrend, and through the twisted nether realms of the Outlands. Magic resides all throughout the worlds, and in various forms and flavors. Incredible power awaits any who are willing to embrace that power, but there are many ways in which to master it. For your face melting pleasure, I offer you the Gifts of Arcane Magic in its many forms.

10. The Gift of the Guardian
Not all who seek to protect those around them do so with the power of the Light as is the case with the Paladins. There are others who do so through their own Physical Strength, or through embracing the Ferocity of Nature, and yet others who have fought to break free of the Lich King’s command and now lead the forces against him. If this is the path you seek, then I offer you the Gift of the Guardian.

11. The Gift of Giving
And if you have come to find direction to the other Elders throughout the world, then I leave you with my final gift, the Gift of Giving.


Posted by on February 26, 2010 in Blog, World of Warcraft


3 responses to “Elder Psynister

  1. anafielle

    March 10, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    This is an adorable, adorable post :) I have added many a blog to my reader thanks to this. Nicely done!!

    I needed to get on this Elders of the Wow Blogging World thing :)

    • Psynister

      March 10, 2010 at 12:36 PM

      I’m happy to share the love and help get some other names out there to people, so I’m glad I was able to help you out. :)

      Blog Azeroth is a great source of inspiration and another great way to interact and get to know our fellow bloggers. Heck, I’d recommend looking into even if you aren’t a blogger (for others who read this).


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