Brushing Off Dusty Toons: Fail

05 Mar

You know what really sucks? Me, after picking up a toon I haven’t touched in months. A few nights ago one of my buddies asked me to jump back over onto my old Horde server and pick my rusty paladin back up so that we could go tag team the Northrend instances for the Lunar Festival. I wasn’t about to leave him hanging, so I logged on over to Korialstrasz and jumped back onto Lexington.

Setting the Mood
It’s a nice little low(ish) level instance for a 78 Pally and an 80 Warlock, so in we go. I haven’t played this Paladin, or any other, in months and my buddy, Ordeth has had his account sitting inactive for a couple of months as well. So we’re really sort of double-screwed from the get go here, but we think we can handle it.

There have been a few patches since the last time I played Lex for any amount of time, including the patch that put Forbearance on Lay on Hands, which while I remember reading about it I had completely forgotten that fact while we were playing.

Another thing that changed was that I have an action bar addon now where while I was playing Lex full time I did not. Ordeth was used to his old setup with his old keybinds and old rotation and those weren’t there either. So not only were we rusty at playing the toons, but we weren’t entirely sure where our spells were or anything else either. But hey, I’m a Pally and he’s a Lock; we’re the two best soloing classes in the game so surely we can handle this…Right?…

Utgard Keep
First up on the list is DTK since Ordeth was already there when I logged on. We go in, do a decent job with the trash given our lack of recent play, run passed the trash we can, avoid the first boss, and snag the elder. Well it wasn’t quite that easy because we did die either two or three times, but we got it done so we run back out since we both have our Hearthstones cooling. On the run back out I agro the boss we skipped and I decide to just keep on running and ignore them; after all, I’ve got both a bubble and LoH, right? Yeah, right after the bubble when I went to heal is when I remembered the Forbearance patch.

Dead. D’oh!

Drak’Tharon Keep
So we move on to the next zone and head into the local instance there. We hit the first group of trash and though we pull it off I spent half the fight looking for spells that aren’t where they used to be because I’m using the bar mod now that has things moved in different places. I find the spell I was looking for so we move on to the next group of trash. The pull goes fine, threat generation is great, and HOLY COW I’M GONNA DIE! Alright, time to hit those cooldowns. I go up to click on the first one and misclick, setting off my bubble instead. Trash turns to Ordeth, who quickly dies, they then turn to me and I start healing myself, and welcome to a wipe.

So I decide to have Ordeth try tanking with his Voidwalker and I’ll switch to my Holy spec. I make the switch, see my gear change and give him the thumbs up. V-dub moves in I throw a few heals, V-dub loses agro and they go for Ordeth. I heal him, V-dub dies, I try to heal Ordeth and I’m out of mana. Wait, what the… /dead. I switched to my Holy gear but never bothered switching my spec.

We give it another shot and we die again. One more try and we’re dead again.

At this point I’m so freaking frustrated at my own showing of total failure that I’m ready to kill somebody, while Ordeth is mildly amused at the showing of fail and decides to just call it off.

Where to Next?
Next? There was no freaking next. Well there was, but it’s called “PvP” not “tag teaming instances”. I jumped back over to my mage, went to Wintergrasp, killed a few people and managed to only die once myself. So at least I got to relieve a bit of stress before the day was done.

Then What’s the Point?
The point of this story though isn’t to rant or vent my frustration. The point is, it can be pretty hard to pick up and old, dusty toon that’s been sitting in the server closet for who knows how long and expect to be able to pick it back up in all its yester-glory.

That’s the one major drawback to being an altoholic such as myself. When you have so many toons spread out over so many servers and so many level ranges, it’s hard to keep track of them all while also managing a balance of skill with them. If it’s a class you love and are intimately familiar with then perhaps you can pull it off; that’s how it is for me with the Mage class. I could stop playing one for two years and still be able to pick it back up right where I left off. But no matter how long I played on Lex, no matter how many quests and dungeons I soloed with him, or how many guides I wrote on this blog about how to play him, I still fell out of practice with him and it caused me to fail.

So if you have any toons that you used to really enjoy that have been sitting all alone for a while, I encourage you to log in and show them a little love. Even if it’s just running around a city, killing critters 80 levels below you, or just jumping off of the nearest cliff and seeing how close you can get to the ground before you cast Slow Fall. Go show those neglected toons some love, and be aware that the longer you wait, the harder it will be to pick it back up again.


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3 responses to “Brushing Off Dusty Toons: Fail

  1. Brajana

    March 6, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    I had a very similar problem with my fire Mage. I had left her for probably close to a year sitting around at level 45ish before I decided to go back, and I remeber logging in and looking at her action bars and thinking, “Boy, that’s a lot of red, swirly symbols.” :) I proceeded to die several times before finally figuring out her strategy!

  2. Dechion

    March 8, 2010 at 6:42 AM

    There is a method to my madness when it comes to high level alts.

    Simply put I have lots of Hunters scattered across the server-verse. same specs (SV for instancing and BM for solo) and same keybinds everywhere.

    It takes a long time to get set up like I have it, and you really have to love the class, but I can go to an unplayed alt and fall right back into it because of that.

    • Psynister

      March 8, 2010 at 9:25 AM

      I don’t double up very often on a class, or more specifically a spec, so it’s definitely not as easy for how I roll.

      My main action bar follows a general concept for all of my toons, but there’s no telling what’s on those other bars. But the main bar wasn’t the problem, it was the other 11 that used to be in one place while I leveled without the bar mod, which are in another place now that I do.

      Certain classes I can fall back into just fine, even after a long break, such as Mages and Druids, but for most of the other classes that’s not the case.


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