Old Post Revisited: Druid Forms in Patch 3.2

06 Apr

My most frequently hit article on this blog is one I published back in July of 2009, with a whopping 189 words in it. It was a quick little blurb about Druid Form Color Charts, and to this day it gets more hits in a day than almost every other post combined for the month.

The pictures I had linked in that post are no longer available and I made a newb blogger mistake in linking them directly from the host site. I’ve found some replacements now though, so you can check back and see the actual charts that so very many people are looking for. I’ve updated the old article, and here it is again:

We have some further detail on which hair/skin colors will result in which forms for the druids in the upcoming patch. With the possible exception of the change to shaman totems, this is really the 3.2 change that I am most looking forward to. This change is completely full of win on an epic scale.

The source of this information is You can check the link there for information on where to find your nearest barbers to getting the job done.

Also, here are some links to the image charts you can use to determine which changes you need to make for the form that best suits your taste. Clicking the image will direct you back to EpicWins’s website.

[EDIT: Alright, took down their pictures and deleted the post that they were in as well as everything else Warcraft related. As such, I’ve looked for some other pictures to use here instead. These I’m borrowing from MMO-Champion instead. The small images here I host in my photo-bucket account, but clicking them will link you to MMO Champ instead.]


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