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Welcome to the Hollowed Core

Hello everyone! My name is Bliky and I play a hunter on Shadow Council. Your fearless blog poster Psynister has been kind enough to let me guest post on his blog until I get off my lazy butt and make my own. That probably won’t be until Cataclysm hits so I’m here to write about one of my favorite topics in the mean time. What is this topic you might ask? Well, it’s Soloing Molten Core with your hunter!

Now, you might be saying to yourself “Molten Core?! Are you CRAZY?! No chance I’ll survive as a hunter in there!”. Actually, you will flourish in Molten Core as a hunter! It’s almost like the instance was made for you to solo. I wanted to write a few separate posts about this. This one being general spec/gear/buffs/pets stuff and the next one going way more in depth about all 10 of the bosses in Molten Core.


The first aspect of Hunter-Soloing I wanted to cover is your pet. Your tanking pet is the bread in the bread and butter hunter soloing sandwich. Honestly, I would not suggest anything other than getting a Turtle. Why? This is why: Shell Shield

Shell Shield is the turtle’s shield wall. It’s a 50% damage reduction cooldown that last’s for 12 seconds. In my opinion, this is game breaking. Sometimes your turtle will take a little damage, sometimes he will take A LOT. For the times when he take’s a lot, you have Shell Shield for that extra cushion.

The turtle I have is this one from The Hinterlands. You, of course, don’t need the one that I have as there are many different turtles in the game. Turtles

Spec & Glyphs

Both your spec, and pets spec, play the butter role in our bread and butter hunter-soloing sandwich. As with any spec, each talent and glyph have their own importance. Here is the Spec I use for all my Soloing Adventures:

Pet Spec for my Turtle:

I go deep enough into Marks to get Aimed Shot because I use the Tier5 Healing Bonus which I will talk about later. If you don’t have the T5 bonus and wanted to focus more on pet health this spec might be more your style:

Focusing more on the Beast Matery tree, lets look at some talents that are more or less gamebreaking for Hunter Soloing. I’m not going to cover everything because some talents should just be self-explanitory.

Improved Mend Pet: Your pet will be doing 100% of the tanking and sometimes he will get a Debuff put on him by a boss. What’s better than your constantly rolling heal being able to cleanse just about every Debuff there is?! Also, the mana reduction isn’t bad either!

Spirit Bond: Personally, I love spirit bond! There are some fight’s in Molten Core and other instances that will, at some point, do a little damage to you. Now, unless you’re a Draenei you really have no way to heal yourself. Spirit Bond help’s with that as it heals you, as well as your pet, for 2% of your total health every 10 seconds. Also, the 10% healing increase is very nice to help you boost your Mend Pet ticks.

Intimidation: Intimidation is basically a 3 second stun and causes your pet to generate some threat. Well with misidirect you shouldn’t really need the threat but you will need the stun. Since the BM Solo Spec doesn’t have access to Silencing Shot in the Marks tree you really have no way to interrupt a mob’s heal. This is where Intimidation come’s in handy. If you don’t need it for the threat, use it to interrupt a heal or two.

Longevity: At first glance, Longevity seems like a simple talent, right? It just reduced the cooldown of a few abilities BUT it also reduces the cooldown of your Pet Special Abilities. Why is this important? It reduced the cooldown of some pet abilities like Cower, Shell Shield, Growl, and Last Stand. Cower, Shell Shield, and Last Stand are all defensive cooldowns for your pet so having these avaliable quicker is better.

Glyph of Mending: Glyph of Mending is the most important of the three major glyphs I mentioned in the spec above. I mean, 40% more healing on your one pet heal that should be constantly be rolling, who wouldn’t want that!

Uncrittable Pet

This is one of the most important things you can do to help your pet out tanking. When a boss crits, it crits hard so we want to make our pets Crit-Immune just like regular raid tanks. Now, we already have Grace of the Mantis which gives our pet a 4% reduced chance to be critically hit but we still need two percent to be immune. Go grab a few pieces of PvP gear because you need 132 resilience to give your pet that extra two percent to become completely Crit-Immune.


Obviously, you should use Misdirection every time you can on your pet so he can keep threat. Here is my prefered macro for this:
“/cast [@Gordon] Misdirection”

Of course, you would want to replace “Gordon” with the name of your turtle pet.

Tier 5 Bonus

Tier 5?! That’s like 5 tiers ago Blik! Why would I ever want that? Well, basically, this: Tier 5 2 Piece Bonus. 15% of the overall damage you deal heal’s your pet. It’s a VERY nice thing to have, but not absolutley necessary for soloing things like Molten Core. If you have access to two pieces of T5 get them!


When soloing it’s always a good idea to bring a few self buff’s with you for the extra health cushion for you and your pet. When I solo I always bring these things with me:

Drums of the Wild
Drums of Forgotten Kings
Runescroll of Fortitude
Flash of Stoneblood
Spiced Mammoth Treats
Any type of food that give’s the 40 Stam buff.

Well, that should cover just about everything you’ll need to prepare for your trip into Molten Core! In my next post I will cover how to approach each boss fight with the different strategy’s and mechanics I’ve found best to use to defeat each boss. If you have any other questions leave a comment below or message me on twitter at @_Bliky.


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