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WoW + Twitter = Fellowship

When you hang out with people that share your interests, day in and day out, you tend to form a bit of a bond. Sometimes those bonds lead to small things like guest posts on blogs, sometimes it leads to bigger things like rolling new toons or transferring existing ones to play alongside one another, and other times it evolves into something far bigger such as my marriage to @Fynralyl (WoT-based relationship [RAFO], not WoW-based).

A couple of my friends on twitter have joined with me over the last week or so for a bit of blogging, and I would like to direct you to their respective posts.

The first one I already mentioned in a referential blog post to tie into the guest post that I did for him, but I would like to link you once again to Death Knight Tanks: What Cataclysm Means For You, hosted by Roger at For The Lore.

Now we have the newer post which hasn’t been mentioned on the blog yet. It’s a collaborative work between Anexxia from Bible of Dreams and myself that took place on Twitter and was prompted by some of our other WoW Tweeps as well. I give you the ultimate attack rotation, The Auto-Att’Wok!

You haven’t seen my mad MS Paint skills until you’ve taken a look at that Auto-Att’Wok post.

Folks on Twitter told me to use curly hair to show that Miss Nexxi wasn’t Mr. Nexxi, but it just kept looking like I was giving her horns instead. So I went with the second most common method of differentiating male/female, which was to add a skirt. If you don’t like my skirt, or can’t tell that it’s a skirt, well then…bite me, it’s a skirt I tell you!


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Psynister: Level 80 Death Knight

First thing’s first:


Now that my Death Knight has reached level 80 I will begin work on the final installment of the Frost Tanking guides. I will also include a bit about Unholy DPS since that is my dual spec, but that will likely be a separate guide unto itself. I did run a few randoms during level 78 and 79 as DPS so that I could get a feel for it before heroics, and since I was doing more DPS than pure DPS classes while still in my tanking gear, I’d say I have it down pretty good.

I’ve got my own army now, Arthas. Let us dance, you and I.


WoW Tweeps: A List

For those that aren’t aware, I have started up a list of people who play WoW who also use Twitter, noting their servers and their main characters on those servers.

You can find that list on the WoW Tweeps page on my blog which you can access either via this link here, or by clicking on the page link at the top of the blog.

The original plan for it was simply to know who plays where, which can be used to find players who are on your server without you being aware of it, or for finding a server with existing friends on it if you want to transfer or perhaps get a fresh start on a new server. It has already matched at least three groups of people up just that I know of who have been on the same server for years without knowing it, and it’s only been up for a few days.

Most of the people I talk to on Twitter know about the list, but those who just follow the blog would have no indication that it’s there and that’s why I am making this post about it instead.

If you would like your information to be added to the list, feel free to leave your information in a comment here or on the WoW Tweeps page. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to bring those up in your replies as well.

For submitting your information, please use the following:
@TwitterName, Server-Country (Faction), Main1, Main2, Main3

I am accepting up to three servers per player, and up to three mains per server.

If you would like a quick and easy way to follow all of these people, I am also tracking them on my WoW Tweeps list within Twitter.

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Elder Psynister

Elder Psynister

Greetings, Heroes!

Thank you for your visit today. We, the Elders of Blog Azeroth, are happy to know that we are not forgotten.

To thank you for honoring our memories, Khi the Tree Burglar has asked that we share our wisdom with you. I do so now, offering you my wisdom in the form of a gift.

1. The Gift of Guidance
Should you need assistance on your path towards personal growth, I offer you the Gift of Guidance. This gift contains the memories of many of my travels throughout the world, and those I have shared my journey with.

2. The Gift of Foresight
Should you wish to view to know of what you might expect to see in your future, I offer you three Gifts of Foresight.

3. The Gift of Hindsight and Understanding
If you would care to take a deeper look into the future, then perhaps you should take a look instead at the past. Use this Gift of Hindsight to look into what may have been the origination of the Worgen and the Wolf Totems that they may very well be linked to.

4. The Gift of Sparklies
If you are one who seeks new tools to help you in your journey, then perhaps you need Gifts of Addons. Or maybe your sparkling interests lie not in the realm of addons? Perhaps then you would prefer the Gift of Loot, as you seek to aid the Ashen Verdict in bringing down the Lich King?

If you favor sparklies of a more cuddly nature, then perhaps the Gift of Vanity is more to your liking?

5. The Gift of the Gladiators
Perhaps you came for wisdom of a more…physical variety? For that, I offer you the Gifts of the Gladiators, for information highly sought after by those who wish to test their skill of battle against that of others.

6. The Gift of Lost Tales
If you have sought me out instead for the stories I have heard in my travels, then perhaps the Gift of Lost Tales. There you will find the stories of many brave heroes and the trials that they faced. Some trials are large, such as facing the great demons that have plagued our past, while others are of a more personal nature. Some are pure and true, while others are a bit more…twisted.

7. The Gifts of Light and Healing
Those who travel the world to assist those who fight, to heal the wounded and raise the dead, to encourage trust and inspire hope may find that my many Gifts of Light and Healing may aid them in their many struggles.

8. The Gifts of Shadows and Fel Fire
It may be that you are one who seeks to embrace the powers of darkness in order to use them against the incarnations of it. If that is the case, then I offer you the Gifts of Shadows and Fel Fire.

9. The Gift of Arcane Magics
My travels have taken me far and wide, from the barren deserts of Kalimdor, to the frozen peaks of Northrend, and through the twisted nether realms of the Outlands. Magic resides all throughout the worlds, and in various forms and flavors. Incredible power awaits any who are willing to embrace that power, but there are many ways in which to master it. For your face melting pleasure, I offer you the Gifts of Arcane Magic in its many forms.

10. The Gift of the Guardian
Not all who seek to protect those around them do so with the power of the Light as is the case with the Paladins. There are others who do so through their own Physical Strength, or through embracing the Ferocity of Nature, and yet others who have fought to break free of the Lich King’s command and now lead the forces against him. If this is the path you seek, then I offer you the Gift of the Guardian.

11. The Gift of Giving
And if you have come to find direction to the other Elders throughout the world, then I leave you with my final gift, the Gift of Giving.


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Update: I Play to Level, Not to Raid

Update to: I Play to Level, Not to Raid

I haven’t spoken with the GM yet myself, but I did sit in and watch the chat log as my wife talked to him which gave me a somewhat clearer understanding of the overall situation.

When she started talking to him he immediately went defensive, which is pretty understandable since he had no idea it was coming and she caught him just as he logged in. But, defending yourself in a defensive way is counter productive to solving problems; go figure. For about the first 3/4 of the discussion he stayed defensive and deflected all the questions, giving no answers at all and focusing on minute little details rather than the issue. At that point I was about ready to tell him right where he could shove his attitude, and knowing my wife as I do, had he been there in person there would have been large, dense object flying at his face (been there, felt that).

Eventually though he stopped dodging the issue and got down to explanation. Some of it I disagree with still, but those are his calls to make as the GM. The root of the problem is/was communication. The two slots that were open (heals/dps) that my wife and I could have easily filled since we were both right there were given to other people for reasons that were never communicated. The dps had been at the scheduled raid (ICC) but had to log off for a while due to personal issues, and he required a summon the new raid because he had logged out in the original location. The GM had saved his spot for him because of that, but had not mentioned it because of the personal nature of the player’s situation. The healer’s spot, which went to the healer who logged in late, had been saved for them because they were looking up strategies on the new boss per the GM’s request instead of logging in and showing up early.

None of that was communicated to anyone, and none of us were aware of it. The reason why is because communication of those issues took place outside of the game. I’m not in the habit of keeping personal contact information for my GM in a casual raiding guild, but maybe that’s just me. Maybe the people involved are long time friends or something, so they have that sort of relationship; I don’t know, couldn’t tell you.

The other dps slot that was filled with the guy who was whispering me, that either of us could have filled, was given to him because of yet another reason that was never communicated. It’s apparently an unwritten rule that couples raid together or get turned away together. They don’t want to cause any issues by letting only one of the people in, thus causing marital issues as they say it has in the past. It’s a fair enough guideline to have in place, but there is an “Opt Out” option in that right? We let him know as soon as that came up that we don’t care if only one of us gets to go, as we’re both strong altoholics and neither one of us cares if only one is able to raid that night.

That rule explained why I wasn’t invited to the raids I missed as well. Since my wife hadn’t been invited they turned me away as well.

After the conversation was over my wife turned off the game, cried out some of her frustration and disappointment, and then spent the rest of the night watching tv. They have invited her to a couple of raids since then, but she’s turned them down for other commitments or because she just wasn’t up for raiding at the time. My wife did join in a raid over the weekend, but her computer had some serious lag issues that I’m pretty sure are hardware related yet have no idea how to fix, so she asked to be replaced by someone who could actually see their screen get updated more than once every 2-4 seconds.

They invited me to a raid on the night of the discussion as well, planning to down just a single boss, so I went ahead and joined them in that, but otherwise turned down the invites over the weekend as well.

It’s hard after having a discussion like that, to accept an invite to participate without thinking that they’re inviting you now simply because you just had the discussion. “We didn’t really want you to come along, but since you just threw a fit we’re going to invite you anyway.” You’re sort of screwed if you do, screwed if you don’t in that situation as you either don’t bring up that it’s an issue and keep getting left out for reasons unknown, or you get an invite but feel like it’s a charity invite instead of an honest one.

So in the end it all comes back to communication being the key. If you leave people out because of a rule you’ve never bothered to express, there’s going to be issues. It’s been said thousands of time before, but I’ll say it again – communication is important in every kind of relationship.

We’re staying in the guild, continuing on as normal for the time being. My wife is on a partial break from raiding until we can find out what in the world is causing the game to lag for her at random intervals, and I’m on a partial break as well as I focus on leveling A Death Knight Tank.


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Updates: Where We Stand

Posting has been slow this year, so I wanted to give you a heads up on what’s in the works. I’ve got more than what I’m going to talk about in this post, but this should give you a fair idea of what’s going on. I’ve also got some links to new blogs that I’ve found down at the bottom for any of you who really don’t care to read about where the blog sits right now. I know a lot of readers come strictly for content so posts of this nature are boring and a waste of space on your feed reader, so I want to offer at least a little something for your time.

Paladin AoE Grinding Guides
The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the most highly sought after information on this blog, which is the final edition of the Paladin AoE Grinding Guides. These guides right over here and here, in case you’re wondering.

My paladin has sat mostly idle for quite some time as I’ve gone to a new server and been caught up doing other things. But, he’s sitting at level 78 and I am starting to get an urge to get back to leveling him. The Northrend version of the AoE Grinding guides has been mostly written and sitting there in my Drafts folder for quite a while as well. I haven’t put it out yet because I haven’t had a chance to try out all of the abilities with the whole not reaching level 80 yet thing, and every time I’ve gotten close to just throwing it out there anyway a new patch has come along that changed something in there.

But fear not, the last installment of the Paladin AoE Grinding series is on its way and I’ve received far too many requests for it to just leave it alone.

Mage Guides
The Mage guides are probably next up on the priority list, but there’s going to be an unexpected twist in those. Basically I’ve got one, maybe two, more posts to do on the Frost Mage before it’s done and then it’s time for the twist. What’s this twist I’m talking about? Well, I guess you just have to follow the advice of one of my favorite authors and RAFO (Read And Find Out).

More details to come in those posts themselves.

Dungeon Loots: Class Series
My big project for this year, noting the fact that this is still a leveling blog, is going to be covering all of the gear that drops in each of the dungeons for each specific class. Each class will be broken into three sections, one for each of the three expansions currently out.

One disclaimer I need to put out on this one right away though is that if Cataclysm comes out you can fully expect this entire series to either disappear or get knocked back for several months. There are far too many changes coming up in the new expansion that will impact low level play for me to just leave it as is.

I’m going to be moving kind of slow on this series to begin with because certain rumors suggest Cataclysm might be reaching our desktops within the first half of this year and nothing is going to piss me off quite so much as writing all of these posts and then have them nullified by the release of a single expansion. I got a small taste of that just from Patch 3.3 in relation to my Racial Analysis posts, so you might see my first out right rant post if Cat comes along and screws a series like this.

New Blogs on the Rolls
Let me start off here with a shout out to my buddy Arrens of Through the Eyes of Death who answered one of my questions on twitter in his post, Playing With Yourself. Minds out of the gutter people, minds out of the gutter.

Next up is a blog I stumbled across this morning: The Wayward Initiative which is a nice, informative blog run by multiple authors. I’ve only had a chance to skim about four pages worth of the blog so far, but I like what I’m seeing there.

Then we have somewhat of a new blogger as far as I can tell over at Random Rogue. Maybe I just haven’t found the blog navigation features over there, but it looks to me to be a long time player with a fresh new blog. It’s covering the leveling of a Rogue done primarily through use of the new Dungeon Finder feature, so you might find it interesting as I have so far.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Force In Balance for all of my Resto Druid tree-huggers for yet another great source of druid healing. I probably follow around 12 different restro druid blogs, and yet my highest druid is level 38 and hasn’t been played for months. You would think that I would actually get one leveled up one of these days…

I also can’t forget my PvP side, so I’m going to give a shout out to BG PVPer here as well. The blog hasn’t seen any activity since the end of November last month, but given the bundle of holidays and such that we have in the end of the year I’ll assume that the inactivity can be chalked up to that for the time being. Regardless, you can find some solid PvP information there if you happen to share my love for killing other players.

And last but not least, let me direct your attention to Ankh = Life for whom I wrote my own Kris Kringle post. It’s a shaman healer rather than a druid healer, and if you’ve ever had any interest in playing a Shaman then you know that their blogs are very few and far between.


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Kris Kringle: FAQ for Newbs

I’ve read several of Psynister’s guides this week while deciding what to write, and he’s got some solid information here. There are so many nuances to leveling or to leveling a particular class that having someone there to guide you in the right direction is a bonus.

But there’s something Psynister has missed…it’s slight, but I think it’s the perfect thing for me to cover. See, there are even broader questions that come up when you’re a newbie (newb and noob are two entirely different people in my book, by the way), and I think someone needs to be there to answer them.

FAQ for Newbs

Don’t all condors have wings? Don’t all goretusks have livers? Etc.

No. Biology is wrong. Whether or not that cat is going to have 1 paw or 4 is entirely up to RNG (random number generator). You’re very lucky, in fact, that you were born with two ears, as even human hunters in the Borean Tundra appear to often be one-eared.

Truthfully, I like to think that maybe one of the wings gets broken in the heat of battle and becomes noncollectable. You’d think my characters would learn to hit a little softer after the 75th one-winged bird, but alas, they’re wrecking machines.

How do I get a farm?

Go to Facebook. Type in “Farm.” Choose one of the 42 applications listed.

Farming is an expression used to describe spending time collecting an item to craft with or sell in order to level professions, earn gold, or earn rewards. People “farm honor” by doing lots of battlegrounds. They “farm cloth” for tailoring by killing lots and lots (and lots) of humanoids. Lots of people (like me) claim they’re farming when they’re actually just really bored and terribly addicted to WoW.

Who is Leeroy Jenkins and why does everyone want his title?


Leeroy Jenkins came to fame as part of a YouTube event that we later found out to be staged but still found hilarious. Raiders…well, we can be some pretty serious folks. The Leeroy Jenkins video shows a group preparing to raid Upper Black Rock Spire (UBRS). Halfway through their strategizing, Leeroy returns from being AFK to get chicken, says, “Let’s do this!” and runs headlong into the fight shouting “Leeeeeeeroy Jenkiiiiiins!” The group all dies spectacularly. In Patch 2.4, Blizzard added the Jenkins title as an earnable reward by killing 50 rookery whelps in UBRS in 15 seconds.

I have both the title and some chicken.

Where did this gorilla keep that dagger that dropped?

If the gorilla wasn’t wearing pants, then trust me when I say: you don’t want to know.

Your character can eat and drink at the same time?!

I can count at least 10 people (including myself) who were amazed the day they discovered this. I had been eating and then drinking since the game started, and I think I was around level 15 before I found this out.

Protip: It pays to read the loading screen.

PAQ – Possibly Asked Questions

Who are you?

I’m Ambermist (aka Battlechicken) of Tastes Like Battle Chicken. I make a profession of being a noob (why doesn’t that profession exist yet in game?!). I’m a full-time raider on my moonkin, but I’ve recently been trying out some casual play and twinking on low-level toons, thanks to a little push from Cynwise and Psynister.

Speaking of Psynister, what have you done with him?

Well, besides following him on Twitter and chatting him up in-game, nothing. He’ll be back to posting something useful for you very soon. As a matter of fact, I might be here just to help you appreciate him even more. You’re welcome.

Why did you hijack our favorite resource for leveling tips?

WoW Bloggers hang out in two places: Twitter and BlogAzeroth. Admittedly, I haven’t spent as much time on BlogAzeroth as I probably should, but Twitter and I are quite friendly (I think my husband’s getting jealous). It was during a rendezvous with Twitter that I learned of a blogging exchange happening at BlogAzeroth and signed up. Poor Psynister got stuck with me.

Seriously, though, this blog is full of great information. I’ve learned a few things from glancing through the posts, and I thought I was an old pro at this stuff. Thanks, Psynister, for allowing me to steal a bit of your blogspace, and for being a great addition to the WoW blogosphere.

Have a very Merry Christmas from TLBC & BlogAzeroth!

See you in-game!


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