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Death Knight Leveling: 55-75 Frost DPS

I’d like to tell you that leveling up as a Frost Death Knight is a hard thing to do, but then I would be lying. You see, Frost Death Knights have this thing called a God Complex where they think they can kill whoever they want to without harm or repercussion to themselves, all the loot belongs to them, their DPS is through the roof putting everyone else to shame, and so on. The bad news is, occasionally that will come back to bite you in the butt and score you a trip to the spirit healer. The good news is, that whole God Complex thing started because the majority of it is actually true.

Enough with the intro, let’s take a look at how to go about leveling and playing a Frost Death Knight.

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Druid Leveling: Restoration 1-30

About a week and a half ago my wife decided to finally start playing around with her Mist of Pandaria expansion, which naturally got my attention and made me want to give it a shot as well. One play session led to another, and here I am writing leveling guides again.

So hello once again, my wonderful readers. I hope you’re ready for some light reading.

As always, I post guides based on the characters that I am playing at the time, so that I can give advice based on actual experience within the level ranges that I’m describing. I don’t write guides for a class that I already have at max level and just assume that how it works at end game is the same early on because I know that is not always the case. So, you’ll see in this first MoP leveling guide that I’m writing about Resto Druid leveling because that’s what I’ve done with my own since level 10. I will write about the other Druid specs when and if I decide to level one.

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Affection Farming: Black Talon & The Esseles

In a previous post on Legacy and Companions I mentioned the two entry level flash points as methods of farming affection with the starting companions for each class. Even though there are only eight different companions you can do this with, it was just a bit too much for an already lengthy post.

Unfortunately for us, this type of farming only helps with one of the Picky Companions, but any help you can get with them is welcome. Of the eight companions that you can do this with, three of them also share the same type of companion gift for their favorite, which makes this a much cheaper method of farming that affection on multiple characters than trying to buy every Weapon gift that hits the GTN.

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Monk Heirlooms

With the beta invites being sent out by the hundreds of thousands and the expansion drawing ever closer to going live, I think it’s time to start getting plans for heirlooms in motion.

I know a lot of people will not want to use heirlooms on their monks, especially since the class and expansion are going to be brand new, but I also know that there are a lot of people who really don’t like the leveling process at all who are going to make use of every heirloom they can get their hands on. And you can’t forget the twinks, of course.

This guide is written for those of you who do want to use heirlooms on your Monks, and would like a little direction in which purchases to make, and which enchants to use on them if you feel like maximizing your leveling potential.

As you continue reading, please keep in mind that this guide is aimed strictly at showing you which heirlooms are you best option among the heirloom gear; I am not necessarily saying that you should use these heirlooms exclusively and ignore all other gear. For example, I would never use the Dread Pirate Ring unless I really wanted to level a character quickly because it offers only secondary stats and an experience bonus. I would much rather use rings that provide a bonus to my primary stats that I know I’m going to use. As a guide that covers heirlooms though, I’m going over every slot for which heirlooms exist to say, “if you’re going to use an heirloom in this slot, then this is the one you want.”
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Sage/Sorcerer Leveling: 10-20 Healing

For the first 10 levels of playing a Sage/Sorc healer, you’re no different than any other Consular/Inquisitor out there, so I’m going to refer you to my 1-20 DPS Guide for information about how to level and what spells you get during the 1-10 range if you feel you need it.

This guide is aimed specifically at leveling as a healer which takes place from level 10 on, so that’s where this guide is going to start. I will be discussing how to deal damage in the healing spec, and how to go about questing and so forth, I’m just going to assume that you’re already at least level 10 for the purpose of this specific guide.
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Sage/Sorcerer Leveling: 1-20 DPS

Playing a Sage/Sorcerer
For the most part, playing a Sage/Sorc is much like playing a spell caster in any other MMO. In the world of SWTOR, they’re the only real spell casters in the game. While you can get a caster feel from some of the ranged classes (Trooper, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Imp. Agent) most of what they do doesn’t really feel like casting, at least not to me, unless you’re playing their healing spec.

Concerning Sage/Sorc DPS, there are two primary trees available to you and they each have their own feel. The Telekinetics/Lightning tree is the turret casting tree, where you’ll spend the majority of your time remaining stationary while you simply turn left or right as needed while you spam-cast your spells. You do have some spells that you can use on the move, but you’ll have a loss of overall DPS if you use them without needing to move. The Balance/Madness tree relies on damage over time (DoT) effects and channeled spells for the majority of it’s damage and is much more mobile as most of the spells you’ll use in those trees are instant cast either by design or thanks to talent-based procs.

When you reach level 10 and take your advanced class of Sage/Sorcerer there’s going to be a complete change in how you handle combat. Out of all of the classes and advanced classes, the Sage/Sorc AC has the largest shift in playstyle because you’ve just spent 10 levels killing things primarily with melee attacks with some occasional spells thrown in (maybe) and now you’re never going to use another melee attack again. Some players do play low level Consulars/Inquisitors trying to focus on spell casting, but since both of your damaging spells have cooldowns you’re really better of just beating things up in melee.

In addition to the switch from melee to casting you’re also going to notice that your spells now actually have a decent range on them. Telekinetic Throw(Force Lightning) jumps up to 30 meters by default as does Project(Shock), and your new spam-cast spell, Disturbance(Lightning Strike), is a 30 meter cast as well. You also get to quintuple your Force pool from 100 to 500, and your primary crowd control spell Force Lift(Whirlwind) goes from an 8 second duration up to 60 seconds. All of these changes combine to make one heck of a shift in playstyle, so you’ll want to find a few things to kill to get a feel for your new life as a real caster.
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Darkmoon Artifact Farming

The Darkmoon Faire itself is over for the month of December, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep on farming artifacts for it.

The Darkmoon Artifacts can be found in a few different ways which we’ll get into the specifics of in a moment. In order to find them you have to have gone to the Faire and received a copy of the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide that you’ll carry around with you. Having the Guide allows you to loot artifacts from dungeon bosses and from enemy player corpses in battlegrounds.

Dungeon and PvP artifacts do not have a 100% drop rate from the targets who can potentially drop them, and the artifacts are not unique which means you can find dozens of the same one. You can only accept and complete the quests associated with them one time per Faire, so the desire to farm them is somewhat lessened. They do sell decently on the AH considering how easy they are to obtain, but that could change for either good or bad in upcoming patches.

At this point in time there is no level cap placed on who can farm these, so you can find even the lowest of the low in a level 15 dungeon on your level 85 character. The tooltip on the artifacts say that they drop from level appropriate content, but apparently that means anything level 15+ can drop it and they don’t take into account the level of the character that’s doing the farming. That may or may not change, but if you’re looking to farm a lot of these for pet/mount/heirloom farming in the DMF, then you might want to take advantage of farming them on high levels now just in case.

The rest of this guide is directed at showing you exactly where you need to go in order to farm any given artifact. Since you can only do one of each artifact’s quest each time the DMF rolls around, it doesn’t do you any good to have 30 of the same artifact, so you want to diversify your farming to get all of them.

Imbued Crystal
“Strange threads of power swirl within this rare crystal. Someone at the Darkmoon Faire would probably be interested in acquiring it.”

This artifact seems to drop from bosses who are “unnatural”, or those whose power could be stored within a crystal. Demons and Undead are the most common, with a few elementals sprinkled in for good measure.

Known Bosses:
– Taragaman the Hungerer, Ragefire Chasm
– High Inquisitor Whitemane, Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral
– Princess Theradras, Maraudon
– Balnazzar, Stratholme
– Ras Frostwhisper, Scholomance
– Nexus-Prince Shaffar, Mana Tombs
– Kael’thas Sunstrider, Magister’s Terrace
– Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, The Nexus
– Asaad, Vortex Pinnacle
– Queen Azshara, Well of Eternity

Monstrous Egg
“Who knows what creature lurks inside this egg? It would make a great addition to the Darkmoon Faire’s collection of rare and amazing creatures.”

This is the artifact of monsters, dragons, insects and those related to them. If you find a boss that’s somewhat closely tied to animals or insects that are born from eggs then there’s a good chance they can drop this artifact.

Known Bosses:
– Mutanus the Devourer, Wailing Caverns
– Plaguemaw the Rotting, Razorfen Downs
– Nerub’enkan, Stratholme
– Princess Theradras, Maraudon
– Gahz’rilla, Zul’Farrak
– Ambassador Flamelash, Blackrock Depths
– Aeonus, The Black Morass
– Nazan, Hellfire Ramparts
– Ghaz’an, The Underbog
– Harbinger Skyriss, The Arcatraz
– Keristrasza, The Nexus
– King Dread, Drak’Tharon Keep
– Skadi the Ruthless, Utgarde Pinnacle
– Eregos, The Occulus
– Anub’arak, Azjol-Nerub
– Cyanigosa, The Violet Hold
– Lockmaw, Lost City of Tol’vir
– Murozond, End Time

Mysterious Grimoire
“The pages of this ancient book are written in a language you don’t recognize. Someone at the Darkmoon Faire would probably be interested in acquiring it.”

This artifact seems to drop from bosses who would keep a diary or record of their dealings. It’s kind of hard to nail this one to any one boss just from looking at them, so think of leaders or people who are intelligent or otherwise related to books.

Known Bosses:
– Lady Anacondra, Wailing Caverns
– Lord Godfrey, Shadowfang Keep
– Bloodmage Thalnos, Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard
– Arcanist Doan, Scarlet Monastery: Library
– Charlga Razorflank, Razorfen Kraul
– Darkmaster Gandling, Scholomance
– Jammal’an the Prophet, Sunken Temple
– Hydromancer Velratha, Zul’Farrak
– Emperor Dagran Tharissan, Blackrock Depths
– Exarch Maladaar, Auchenai Crypts
– Grandmaster Vorpil, Shadow Labyrinth
– Archbishop Benedictus, Hour of Twilight

Ornate Weapon
“This weapon seems as beautiful as it is deadly. Someone at the Darkmoon Faire would probably be interested in acquiring it.”

This is the artifact of military leaders. Look for people with military titles, or ones that you know from questing or lore who fit that profile even without a title.

Known Bosses:
– Admiral Ripsnarl, The Deadmines
– Randolph Moloch, The Stockade
– Commander Springvale, Shadowfang Keep
– Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Gnomeregan
– Herod, Scarlet Monastery: Armory
– Archaedas, Uldaman
– Lord Aurius Riendare, Stratholme
– Overlord Wyrmthalak, Blackrock Spire
– General Drakkisath, Blackrock Spire
– Talon King Ikiss, Sethekk Halls
– Maiden of Grief, Halls of Stone
– Lich King, Halls of Reflection
– General Husam, Lost City of Tol’vir
– Queen Azshara, Well of Eternity
– Asira Dawnslayer, Hour of Twilight

Banner of the Fallen
“Proof of your valor in combat. Someone at the Darkmoon Faire would be interested in this item.”

This artifact is looted from enemy player corpses in battlegrounds. It has not yet been confirmed which battlegrounds you can and cannot loot this from. Most people seem to think that you can get any/all of the PvP artifacts from all battlegrounds. I have looted both Insignia and Banners from the same BG, so I tend to agree with this statement.

Captured Insignia
“Claimed from a defeated opponent. Someone at the Darkmoon Faire would be interested in this item.”

This artifact is looted from enemy player corpses in battlegrounds. It has not yet been confirmed which battlegrounds you can and cannot loot this from. Most people seem to think that you can get any/all of the PvP artifacts from all battlegrounds. I have looted both Insignia and Banners from the same BG, so I tend to agree with this statement.

Adventurer’s Journal
“The jounal containing stories of a fallen enemy’s epic exploits. Someone at the Darkmoon Faire would be interested in seeing this.”

This artifact is looted from enemy player corpses in battlegrounds. It has not yet been confirmed which battlegrounds you can and cannot loot this from. Most people seem to think that you can get any/all of the PvP artifacts from all battlegrounds. I have looted both Insignia and Banners from the same BG, so I tend to agree with this statement.

A Treatise on Strategy
“Anduin Lothar’s ultimate compendium of battle strategy. This tome would be of interest to someone at the Darkmoon Faire.”

This artifact is tied to polital/military leaders, or pretty much anybody who has a title in level 85 heroic dungeons. This is a unique dungeon drop because of its requirement for the dungeon to be a level 85 Heroic.

Known Bosses:
– Commander Ulthok, Throne of the Tides (Heroic)
– Commander Springvale, Shadowfang Keep (Heroic)
– Rajh, Halls of Origination (Heroic)
– Slabhide, The Stonecore (Heroic)
– Grand Vizier Ertan, The Vortex Pinnacle (Heroic)
– High Prophet Barim, Lost City of Tol’vir (Heroic)
– Asaad, The Vortex Pinnacle (Heroic)
– General Umbriss, Grim Batol (Heroic)
– Ascendant Lord Obsidius, Blackrock Caverns (Heroic)
– Jin’do the Godbreaker, Zul’Gurub
– Daakara, Zul’Aman
– General Husam, Lost City of Tol’vir (Heroic)
– Admiral Ripsnarl, The Deadmines (Heroic)
– Ascendant Lord Obsidius, Blackrock Caverns (Heroic)

Soothsayer’s Runes
“An old set of ccarved fortune-telling runes. Professor Thaddeus Paleo, of the Darkmoon Faire, would be most interested in these.”

This is the only artifact that drops solely in raids. Research so far shows that the bosses who drop this have a 100% chance to drop it. Also, unlike all of the other artifacts, when this one drops everyone in the raid who has the Darkmoon Adventurer’s Guide can loot their own copy of it instead of rolling Need/Greed.

It also appears that the Looking For Raid feature does not allow this to drop. I’ve seen one report of someone finding this artifact in Dragon Soul, and several saying that the LFR version did not drop it (which I can confirm from my own experience in LFR).

Known Bosses:
– Shannox, Firelands
– Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Bastion of Twilight
– Magmaw, Bloackwing Descent
– Argaloth, Baradin Hold

With how easy it currently is to farm these and to do so in mass quantity, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Blizzard nerf something. Whether that’s decreasing the drop rate, putting a min/max level cap on each one, cutting back on the number of bosses that can drop each one, or removing the ability to farm them when the Faire itself is closed. Right now these are so incredibly abundant that there’s almost no reason to have them be drops in the first place.

Since the DMF is supposed to be one of those fun little vanity kind of things, it is possible that they won’t bother with a nerf and they just don’t mind having the artifacts available at every corner store for 5g per dozen. I smell a nerf coming on though, as I think they’ll quickly see that their new time sink is going to fail if they continue to make the farming so incredibly easy.

I did all of the artifact quests except for the Heroic and Raid ones on two characters, I sold 4-5 on the auction house, and I’ve still got over 30 of these sitting on a bank alt. I find a whole lot more of these in PvP than I do in dungeons, but part of that has to do with the fact that I can do more than 5 BG’s in an hour without getting locked out, and every single player that you kill in PvP can drop an artifact where only certain LFG bosses can drop them.

If you’re looking to farm these for profit on the AH, I suggest you focus a bit more on dungeons than PvP strictly because of how much easier the PvP ones are to farm than the PvE ones. I joined an EotS battleground that was going to end in less than 10 minutes, and I found six of the PvP artifacts in those 10 minutes just from killing people at one of the flags and looting all of the bodies.


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