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Guild Wars 2: Review, Take 2

This post will be a follow-up/do-over of the review I wrote in July after BWE3. The initial review discussed things that I saw in the game based solely on my experience with that one weekend, so this time I’m going to correct some of the things that I was wrong about or that I didn’t clearly describe, and remove some of the things that bothered me then that don’t now after playing it more or understanding better.

I’m going to go a little bit deeper into the Professions (classes) in this post and relate them to WoW and SWTOR classes for those of you who are still on the fence about what you want to roll. I’ll talk about their special class mechanics and try to dispel some of the misconceptions you might have going into it if you aren’t already familiar with the GW2 Professions (like Thieves and Stealth).

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Review: The Secret World

Over the weekend I took advantage of the free weekend celebration to try out The Secret World (TSW). I had no interest in this game going into it and I’ve spent absolutely no time researching the game up to this point so be aware that I’m probably going to use some incorrect terms for things in this game and I’ll probably forget the names for just about everything as well.

I should point out that because I had no intention to play this game going into it I had nothing to be excited about beyond what actually got me excited while playing it, nor did I have anything turning me off, so this review is based entirely on the experiences I had. So don’t expect any fanboyism or anti-Funcom blather as this is nothing more than an honest review of my experiences in the game.

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