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Critter Killer Squad

After a few conversations back and forth on Twitter, it was decided that I should be the one to do a post about tips for farming the Critter Killer Squad achievement for your guild by killing 50,000 critters collectively. Completing this achievement gives your guild members access to the Armadillo Pup companion pet, though you do have one heck of a rep grind to do with your guild before you can actually purchase and summon him. The current PTR patch mentions he’s purchasable at Revered once the patch goes live, but currently it’s Exalted.

This isn’t really a guide to show you how to do it, it’s merely a list of tips to help you along the way. I’m going to point out the primary locations for where I did most of my grinding as well as things you can do to help you out in your own.

General Tips

Classy Killers
The first thing to consider if you’re going to go on a critter farming spree is your class. If you don’t have good AoE spells, or you’re not able to “spam” your AoE spells, then you aren’t really an ideal farmer. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it of course, only that you could do better if you were a different class. Which class is the best Critter farmer in the game? Mages followed by Priests.

Mages are the best critter farmers because they have a cheap AoE spell that you can spam (no cooldown) and several ways of getting their mana back quickly and easily. By taking the Arcane spec they can reduce the cooldown of their best mana return, Evocation, to every two minutes. By taking the Fire spec they gain access to two more AoE spells that can be cast instantly on a targeted location. And they can always conjure their own food for free if mana returns get stuck on cooldown.

Priests have a similarly useful AoE, but mana can become an issue after sustained periods without as many ways of generating it back.

You can also do a fair job with a Death Knight if you take the Frost Spec, allowing you to cast two Blood Boils, and two Howling Blasts to clear large numbers of critters. The drawback is that Howling Blast does require you to select a target which can be hard if you’re having to click on some of these tiny critters. You can get around that either with a macro or by trying to click on other, larger targets to center it on. You can also use your “ice cubes” cooldown when it’s up, allowing Frost Fever to kill them.

Critter Killer “SQUAD”
The next thing to consider is whether or not other people in your guild are willing to help you. Why is that important? Because just like loot in dungeons or raids, you get credit for the kills as long as you’re in the area when they die. Credit in the case of critters is the kill count. What that means is that if you’re in a group then everyone who is there and within “reward range” of the critters when they die all get credit for it.

So if you’re in a group with another person for your guild then every critter killed counts as two critters because both of you are rewarded with a kill. If you’re in a group of five, then every critter counts as five. And if you’re in a 40 man raid, then every critter counts as 40 instead.

Remember, guild achievements aren’t meant to be accomplished by a single individual, they’re meant to be a group effort; that’s why they’re guild achievements. Get a group together for the areas you want to farm in and then go do them together. You can either send a large group, like the 40 man raid, to a single location, or you can do smaller parties or raids to several locations at once.

Uldum: the land of sheep, moths, lizards and scarabs.

This is where most of the people who got this achievement first did their thing. There are two locations on the map where two groups of sheep spawn which make it an excellent zone to grab a few, quick kills from. When the expansion was first released killing these sheep forced more sheep to instantly respawn, making it the single-best location in the game to farm the achievement. Once Blizzard caught on though, they took away the respawn rate and now they respawn about the same as any other critter, though maybe a tad slower.

Those little packs of sheep are still a great source of kills though, so I still enjoyed farming them even after the respawn nerf.

Anywhere that you find green growth in the zone can also be home to moths which count for the achievement as well. If you happen to be an herbalist or a skinner then you’ll likely be farming these areas for your professions as well, and killing critters while you’re in the middle of farming something else anyway is a great way to contribute to the guild without going out of your way. The sheep don’t quite have enough time to respawn after a single path along the highest spawn points of Whiptail unless you manage to find several of the nodes and stop for moths along the way, but a double-path should have the big sheep packs back up for you.

If you’re a miner then you’ll often find along your mining paths here that there will be several groups of critters that spawn in groups of three and then spread out and “flee” when you get close to them. Drop down in the middle and fire off an AoE spell to grab your three kills and then return to your ore farming. Many of the ore nodes themselves are spawn points for these critters which you can use to some extent as a reference for a place to keep your eyes open for a node you’re not aware of.

I start my mining path just south of where the sheep spawn, at a point where I often find Pyrite nodes and then I run a path that takes me through both sheep spawn locations, up around where the Armadillo rare spawn is located, up into the western mountain ranges looping around the north side of the map all the way to the east where I also find several Pyrite nodes, and then I go back to the sheep spot. My mining path is significantly larger than my herb path, and the sheep have always respawned by the time I get back around.

You can also make a macro to “/target Strange Camel Statue” to search for the statue that gives you a chance at a camel mount. I haven’t had any luck with that one myself yet, but I’ve been told that’s the best way to find it since the statue can be targeted.

Zul’Gurub: The raid that once was, land of the eternal snakes.

In Zul’Gurub you’re going to be killing snakes. Lots, and lots, and lots of snakes. Now, there aren’t all that many snakes that are actually there, probably only 25-30 in this particular area, but killing them forces more to spawn and they also have a fast respawn rate on their own. The key to getting them to spawn a lot is to make sure that you kill all of them, and doing that requires you to know where all of them are.

Go to the area marked on the map. You’ll find the section where the snake boss used to be located when ZG was still a raid instance. Now, back out of his room onto the main pathway that runs around the instance. There are 4 snakes that spawn right outside there; 2 are in line with the doorway and there is one slightly to both the left and right of the door. The doorway itself also has up to 3 snakes that can spawn inside it.

Now your objective is clear a ring around the entire area inside the snake bosses “room”. So go in the door and start making a circle around the edge, spamming your AoE the whole time. I prefer to turn right and go around counter-clockwise, but that’s just me. When you come around opposite the doorway to where the stairs are go on up and do the same thing there, spamming your AoE as you circle around the upper floor. Then go back down the stairs and finish your ring of the lower level by following it around and going back out the door.

From there it’s just a simple matter of repeating everything you just did. If you don’t kill all of the snakes then not all of them will respawn, that’s why I have you kill the ones outside the door. You can’t kill just the lower floor and outside the door, or the snakes will follow normal respawn rules. If you do take the time to get snake down in there then you’ll have a constant supply of snakes to kill.

As you path around here you’ll pick up on where all of the snakes are and get a feel for where you need to stand when you fire your AoE to kill the most snakes per cast, and you’ll find just how close you need to get to the edges of the room. Once you’ve got a feel for it you’ll be able to clear the place in no time and can probably develop a rhythm like I did where I didn’t even have to look at the screen anymore because I knew how far to turn in each direction in sequence to get to where I was going.

ZG farming gets old pretty fast, but it is effective and it’s your best source if you don’t want to deal with respawn rates. If you’re grinding the achievement with your guild you probably don’t want to bring more than 2-3 other people with you to this place. While killing does force respawns, there’s still a little bit of an actual respawn on the forced spawn as well which ends up giving you a slight delay followed by bursts of snakes in random places and it gets a little screwy.

Eastern Plaguelands
Eastern Plaguelands: Enough creepy crawlies to feed the entire goblin race for a decade.

Eastern Plaguelands is overall the best place for you to farm. It has more critters than any other location in the game now, and they all have a reasonable respawn rate of 3-5 minutes. The respawn timer kind of sucks, but the cave is large enough and there are enough critters in there to make up for it.

EPL comes with another side benefit though which helps with that respawn timer, and that’s farming for the Mr. Grubbs companion pet. The whole point of killing these critters is to open up another pet, so don’t try to tell me you’re not in it for pets. ;)

If you don’t already have Mr. Grubbs then go ahead and clear out the cave full of critters and then fly east and farm some mobs for a chance to get Mr. Grubbs. After a few minutes of grinding those, head back to the cave and kill some more, then grind Grubbs while you wait, and so on and so forth.

If you’re going to grind this achievement with your guild then this is the best place to do it in groups.

Psynister’s Psystem
I did a large portion of my guild’s critter farming solo, mostly because I had no idea at the time that doing it in groups could multiply your kill count. If I had known that then we would have gotten it way sooner than we did.

I started off farming the sheep in Uldum, pre-nerf, and not expecting a nerf to come for a while I mostly took my time with them and only did a few thousand at a time before going off to do something else. I don’t remember what our count was when the nerf hit, but I think it was around 10-12k at that point.

The nerf wasn’t a big setback though because I had found a location that was even better. I was leveling a Worgen Fury Warrior to become PvP twink when I suddenly found myself in a tunnel/hallway absolutely full of critters. I remembered it from the Beta but I had completely forgotten that the area existed. The great thing about this place was that the critters actually attacked you which mean that my Warrior had a never ending supply of Rage along with a never ending supply of critters, and a wonderful spell to dump that Rage into that just happened to be an AoE.

I farmed the crap out of that hall until all of my non-BoA gear was broken. Once it broke I set off to find myself a repair vendor so I could make use of my enchanted Hand-Me-Downs again, but none of them existed in the phase I was in. Sadly, neither did a mailbox so I couldn’t send the BoA’s to a new Warrior. The grinding was still great, but slower after all of my gear was busted so I took a break there for a while as well. The following week this place was nerfed as well so that the critters don’t count. Still, I’d managed over 20,000 kills there.

That left me with only a few options so I searched for other good places to go and stumbled onto the snakes in ZG. The good thing about them is that they do have an excellent respawn rate. The bad thing is, farming them kind of sucks with how spread out they are so you don’t get as many kills in as short of a time. And because of the layout I actually got bored with it easier than I did the others. I only did maybe 500-1,000 there before I got bored and left.

I then went to try my luck in EPL which is where I decided to spend most of my remaining time farming it. The respawn rate isn’t great, but the number of critters inside was fantastic. The respawn timer did make it boring pretty easily though, so again I only ended up with a little over 1,000 kills here at the time.

From there I left the achievement alone for a while at around 36,000 critters. From there I left it up to the rest of the guild for a while and we made decent progress from there. When I saw that we were within 5,000 of the achievement I went back to farming a bit more seriously and decided to beat the respawn timers by setting up a different toon in each of my three best farming locations and just relog each time I finished off an area. That worked for all of two cycles before I was killing them all too fast to really make it efficient. The DK in Uldum was doing good slaying sheep with Blood Boil and Howling Blast, but the Balance Druid kind of sucked in ZG with how much they were spread out and how much mana my non-cooldown AoE spells required to cast. The Mage was still slaying like crazy in EPL though, and eventually I just gave up on the rotation and stuck with Mage/EPL.

Quite a few members jumped in there at the end trying to finish off the achievement. At the very end, I saw two other people farming critters and only one of which was in a good spot (Uldum) for getting big numbers in a short amount of time. I’d worked so hard on the achievement though that I wasn’t about to let someone else finish what I’d started so I jumped back on the Mage for one final push through that EPL tunnel. I went in with 200 critters left on the countdown and started in.

I saw the numbers drop quickly, and just as we hit 13 I saw someone else in my tunnel doing the same thing. If he had been flagged, and on the opposite faction, I’d have killed him with AoE spells a’blazing, but that was not the case. Luckily I’d been through that stinking cave so many times that I knew all of the twists and turns and I knew there was a side passage to his right…and apparently so did he.

But, he wasn’t a mage.

/cast Blink
/cast Arcane Explosion (critter count: 3)
/cast Arcane Explosion (critter count: -7)

Now all I have to do is stop being such a friggin altoholic and focus on a single character long enough to get my rep high enough to buy the Armadillo. I’m not real big on companion pets, but still – I am a Texan, after all.


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Achievement Creator:

Today’s post has almost nothing at all to do with leveling, but that’s alright. I’m here today to share with you a very cool site that I just found which lets you make your own achievement images, and I feel like sharing it.

The site that you build these images at can be found here: I stumbled onto it today after reading a post by Mishaweha of ME, MYSELF… AND ALL OF THEM.

You can find several examples on Mish’s site, and here are some of my own examples for you:


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Shaman Leveling: 1-13

I decided to spend a little time on Belgawrath (Orc Shaman 13) this weekend. By doing the quests in the Orc starting area I was able to get him up to Level 6 as I mentioned before, and this weekend I was able to get him up to Level 13 by doing the majority of the quests found in Durotar. I skipped a few of the quests that I know exist over there, not because they aren’t good quests to do, but just because I did not feel like doing them since I have leveled so many characters in this area that it begins to bore me.

[EDIT: For those of you interested in specifics about the Shaman Totem Quests, I plan on having a single post that I will mention each of those in detail.]

Starting the Day Off Right: Breakfast
As any good Orc should do, I started the day off with a nice breakfast of fruit from the local vendor.
As you can see, the kind of fruit that Orcs consume, comes from our favorite plant: the beasts of Stranglethorn.

(Note: In case you didn’t catch the joke there, take a look at the picture on the sign, and then it’s name.)

Leveling Up
The first thing I want to note about leveling up a shaman, is that a good weapon goes a LONG way. I spent a whopping 47 silver on a level 5, two-handed axe for Belgawrath that had 7.0 DPS with +2 Strength and +1 Stamina on it. The damage on the weapon was pretty good for only a level 5 requirement, and the bonus to stats was nice since there are not a whole lot of options for that at such a low level. At level 6 the axe was scoring crits for 62-80 damage.

As soon as I put that axe on and gave it the Rockbiter shaman buff, the weapon was doing some serious damage. Whether it is the class or just my personal luck, Belgawrath was critting up a storm out there while I was leveling and was clearing mobs around his level with a simple rotation of Lightning Bolt > Earth Shock > Attack.

I pull with the LBolt, cast the shock as I run towards the enemy, and then my attack goes off as soon as I close in with them. They generally set off a charge of my Lightning Shield as well, which just adds more damage to the overall total which was easily more than they could take.

I would like to point out that having the Lightning Shield (and other shields) no longer require mana is a huge benefit to playing the shaman. That was one thing that always caused headaches with my previous shaman was having to waste 119 mana on a spell that did decent, but not significant damage to enemies that attacked me. I now cast Lighting Shield while I travel simply for the sake of doing it since it no longer requires mana to cast.

As for tips on leveling the Shaman at this stage of the game, the main thing that I can really tell you is that the damage from a decent weapon far outweighs the damage from any of your spells, especially if you take the time to grab one from the Auction House instead of relying on the ones you get from drops or quest rewards.

Secondly, Stone Claw Totem is very useful at this stage in the game when you are in close areas with multiple mobs or when you are fighting mobs that also have pets. In Durotar and the Barrends there are several mobs that have pets with them. Attacking the humanoid mob while letting their pet plink away at a totem that has a chance to stun them with each hit has proven to be a very safe method of leveling in those areas where your weak armor would otherwise have potentially ended up with a spirit walk back to your body.

After reaching Level 10, I began spending my talent points, starting out with Ancestral Knowledge. I only have 4 talent points right now, and all 4 of them are there.

While I do plan on running instances, I do still prefer to level solo instead, so I decided not to enhance my totems right now, though I may later on if I find myself drawn more towards grinding through instances than grinding through mobs one at a time.

At level 10 I purchased another two-handed axe from the AH, this one costing right around 1 gold to buy, and it had 10.7 DPS on it with +2 Strength and +2 Intelligence, which was more along the lines of what a shaman needs than my previous axe. From there I continued questing in Durotar until I had finished all of my quests, and then I went to the Barrens to start the quest chain for my Fire Totem.

At that point in time I was level 12, and I found everything that I needed for the quest in a fairly short amount of time. I had my Hearth Stone set in Razor Hill since it was pretty well the middle point between all of the areas that you need to go for the quest, and I put it to good use with these quests since you run back and forth so much otherwise.

I called it a night after I received my new totem, and managed to sneak one more level in there before I logged off for the night.

Shave and a Haircut: Here we have Belgawrath’s new look. In sticking with the character for which he was named, I actually should have given him a big, grey beard. Perhaps I will take a look at that as he levels up, but for right now he’s still a fiery youth.

Exploring Durotar: One of the natural occurrences of doing nearly all of the quests in one region is that you have a very high possibility of fully exploring the map.

Represent: Every good guildie needs to rep his guild! This happens to be some random guild that threw me an invite, and since I am such a low level I really don’t care what kind of guild I am in so I went ahead and took it. A cool guild tabard can make me stay in a low level guild better than anything else, so I always have to take a look at it. I did not get a shot of the tabard itself, but red with the skull & crossbones on it is a decent enough start.

Professions: All of my characters end up leveling their professions at least to the second level. I have not done this yet with leatherworking, but only because I have not had the desire to spend the time doing it yet. Instead, I have just thrown all of my skinning mats into my bank and will level it up at a later time, probably this week.




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Wife’s Challenge: Finale

If you have been following my wife’s challenge, then you know that she has been 20+ levels ahead of me for quite some time and that my chances of catching up to here were very slim.

Well, a couple of nights ago, after a hard push to frenzy level my paladin, the challenge finally came to an end!

The screen shots pretty well speak for themselves:

Lexington (Me):

Fynralyl (Wife):

Since you obviously can’t read the nonexistent text on Fyn’s picture, we ended the challenge at Lexington 64, Fynralyl 80.

My screen shot was taken with the MultiShot addon, which automatically takes a screen shot any time you level up, reach an achievement, or defeat a boss. Boss fights do not get screen shots until combat ends, so you don’t have to worry about the fight getting a lag spike right after the boss is down but all of his adds are still trying to eat your face.

We knew that my wife was going to “ding 80” Monday night, so I had her go download an auto-shot mod as well, but we could not find MultiShot via our normal addon searches, so to save time we took the one that we did manage to find called DingRecorder. DingRecorder only takes screen shots when you level up, but it also takes away your interface before it does it, I assume for nice clean picture. Getting a shot of the level was all well and good, but it missed her achievement since it took it right when she leveled, and does not trigger off of achievements.

So while we did get a picture of the level itself, we missed getting that shiny achievement notification in there for her. For this reason, we dubbed DingRecorder “DingSuckitude” instead. Not because it’s particularly bad, but just because we missed a shot we were hoping to take based on a different addon. Oh well, suck…er, such is life.

What Happened, Lex?
As I mentioned before, the one shot I had at catching up to her was that she planned to respec over to Holy instead of Prot once she reached Outlands, which would slow down her leveling. As I also mentioned before, Dual-Specs pretty well screwed me on that front, allowing her to quest as Prot but run instances as Holy. And that’s exactly what happened.

So in the end it did not come down to focused leveling with AoE grinding thrown in versus focused grinding along with questing. Instead it became a competition between two people doing the exact same thing, with the victor being more dedicated to strictly leveling as fast as possible.

I don’t mind losing a challenge to my wife, so I’m certainly more proud of her for doing so well in such a short amount of time than anything else. I knew the second dual specs came along that I no longer stood a chance.

Grats, Fyn!

You earned it!


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Lexington the Noble

Last night I finally had an opportunity to play for more than an hour since I have been away on business. We arrived back home last night without any trouble at all, and my wife and I spent most of the drive home talking about plans for our paladins as well as our next characters we plan to level.

While I was playing on Saturday night, which led into Sunday morning, the Noblegarden holiday event started up in WoW, so I made a quick hearth to Shat followed by a portal to Silvermoon, and prepared to hunt down some eggs.

I was already tired and I knew that my wife was not, so I collected my first 25 eggs so that I could get the achievement for eating them, and then I logged off and did not get back on until last night when we got home.

As we talked about the plans for our paladins, the first priority I listed for mine was that I wanted to get “the Noble” as my title because it just suits a paladin perfectly. I’m a bit of a simple, classic kind of guy, so this title fits me better than something like “Jenkins” does; at least for this character.

Gathering Eggs
When I got back on last night I went ahead and returned to Falconwing Square and started farming the eggs. I had about nine other players to contend with, and all of them were spawn farmers. I think out of all the things that I’ve seen with this event, the spawn farmers bother me the most.

Regardless of their camping, I went on a nice run that I found to be very effective and easily out-gathered every camper there by collecting another 252 eggs in a very short period of time. All together it took me 277 eggs to find all of the items except for the Elegant Dress, which I then bought with the chocolates I had left over after eating the other 75 I needed for the Chocoholic achievement for eating 100 of them.

I did the vast majority of my egg gathering in Falconwing and fell very easily into a run pattern there that has me gathering 2-5 eggs before my speed boost ran out from the egg basket even with all the egg campers there. There were a couple of times that I stumbled onto a stash of three eggs where the first two respawned before I had finished picking up the third.

The Sunday’s Finest achievement came along quite naturally during the egg collecting, and so far I have found 5 shirts, 4 pants, 2 robes, and 1 pair of the bunny ears that apparently serve no actual purpose as far as I can tell.

Blushing Bride
The only thing hard about this achievement was finding someone who actually had the dress. I did not find anyone who had it in the blood elf area, so I decided to hearth to Shat, and then take a portal from there to Org since that is typically where you will find the most horde players gathered around at any one time. There I found three people wearing the dress, all of them males. I took a look at the achievement, and it didn’t say anything about it having gender requirements, so I went ahead and put on my suit and pants and kissed the undead rogue that was dancing to get my achievement.

It certainly would not have been an enjoyable experience, but since it is just a game, and I am not on a role playing server, I can’t say that I really cared too much.

Spring Fling
The next step in the achievement for me was to go around having my pet rabbit, which I got on about my 40th egg or so, perform his little love fest in each of the secondary towns. Not all of the towns I went to had other people with the pet in them already, so I gathered more eggs for the sake of doing it while I wanted and advertised in Local Chat that I was looking for someone to help me with the achievement.

I think my longest wait for the Spring Fling was in Falconwing Square, and probably took me about 20 minutes to find somebody else who had the pet. The achievement was not hard to get, it just took time to find the people that had the pet as well.

I split this one in two, doing Razor Hill and Bloodhoof village, and then coming back after Desert Rose and Hard Boiled to get Brill and Falconwing Square.

Hard Boiled, Noble Garden, and Desert Rose
All of these are fairly easy achievement to get once you find the Spring Robes and a Blossoming Branch. Since I was already in Org, I jumped on the flight path to Thousand Needles and planted a flower right where I stood when I landed. I found then that it didn’t matter where you planted the flowers, just as long as you were in the right zone. So from there I jumped back on and went to Gadgetzan. Again I dropped the flower right where I landed and then jumped right back on for Silithis, only to find that I did not have the flight path there. So I went to Un’Goro Crater instead and asked my wife to fly over to give me a hand since I no longer had the buff that turns you into a rabbit, which is required for Hard Boiled.

I went ahead and hung out around the hot springs doing a little grinding while I waited for her to arrive, and then we both used our Blossoming Branch to turn eachother into rabbits. About thirty seconds worth of sitting there doing nothing gave us both the achievement, and then I ran into Silithus.

Once in Silithus I planted my flowers as soon as I arrived just to be sure I did not forget, and then I rant to the flight master and flew back up to Desolace which I had forgotten to get earlier. The flight path back there was pretty long, but again it was just a simple matter of hitting the ground, dropping the flowers, and then moving on to the next area.

In this case, I had four of the five deserts covered, and the last one was back over on the other continent, so I hearthed from there and went to Silvermoon. From there I went to Falconwing to knock out another step of Spring Fling, and then went back to Silvermoon to teleport over to Undercity. While in Silvermoon I went ahead and planted the egg that I purchased from the festival vendor for 5 chocolate eggs for the Noble Garden achievement, and then left for Undercity. Undercity led to Brill which finished off Spring Fling for me, and then I returned to UC to take the flight path down to Badlands.

Shake Your Bunny-Maker
This particular event did not sit well with some people, and I can’t say that I blame them for it. Personally, I am a pretty easy going guy, and I don’t bother trying to read much into things. I certainly saw

I can’t say that I had any particular difficulty with any of the alliance characters, despite being a Bloodelf, with the slight exception of the Gnome. In all honesty, all alliance jokes aside, I walked right passed that female gnome seven times before I realized she was there.

The hardest one to find in the whole deal happened to be the Orc female. I found 5 of them all together while I was looking, and every single time it was while I was waiting on the cooldown. One of them had logged onto the character strictly for the sake of helping people getting the achievement because nobody could find one. The one I got it from I found originally in Dalaran, and then twice in Org before I finally managed to use the item on her, and even then only because I let her know where my cooldown was and asked her to stay.

The biggest problem I had with this one was the cool down. I had several opportunities to get every race needed, but not being able to use it caused me to miss at least 8 or 9 opportunities. Getting a portal to Dalaran was definitely the key to accomplishing this one, and luckily there were a lot of helpful Alliance characters that intentionally parked their female characters on the bank steps in Dalaran for people to get.

Because of the cool down, I did this one in sections, just picking them up as I came across them.

The Noble
Badlands was the final desert that I needed to plant flowers in with the Spring Robes, and was also the final step in getting my achievement. I went ahead and took a screen shot so that you could get a look at Lexington in all his Nobleness. The paladin standing next to me there is my wife who I was helping to get all of the achievements on as well. She may have 20+ levels on me, but at least I got the title first!


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