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Motivations Assessment

This morning I found a link from GravityDK on Twitter to an article at discussing a survey about what motivates you to play the game. I took it myself and was somewhat surprised by some of the results, so I decided I would share it with you as well.

The survey is written by Nick Yee, and consists of 39 questions with results based on sample data taken from 3200 other MMO players. You can take the survey yourself by following this link.

I found the results interesting when I took it, though after sitting there for a moment to think about it most of these numbers come pretty well in line with how I really think of myself. I did not think I was quite so set on mechanics as I am, so that was the thing that threw me off at first. Sitting down and thinking about it though, I guess I really am a sucker for mechanics. Who would have guessed that a programmer would care about mechanics?

Another thing that stuck out to me is how low my Socializing rank is, given that I alway seek out social guilds. Perhaps I like the atmosphere but don’t get involved? Hmm, that one is interesting. I guess it probably goes back to how often I solo game content rather than grouping up for it, but I’m not really sure.

Achievement Component

Mechanics: Gamers who score high on Mechanics derive satisfaction from analyzing and understanding the underlying numerical mechanics of the system. For example, they may be interested in calculating the precise damage difference between dual-wielding one-handed swords vs. using a two-handed sword, or figuring out the resolution order of dodges, misses, and evasions. Their goal in understanding the underlying system is typically to facilitate templating or optimizing a character that excels in a particular domain. Your percentile rank is 89% on this subcomponent.

Socializing Component

Chat: Gamers who score high on this subcomponent enjoy meeting and getting to know other gamers. They like to chit-chat and gossip with other players as well as helping out others in general – whether these be less-experienced players or existing friends. Gamers who score high on this subcomponent are typically drawn to casual, friendly guilds. Your percentile rank is 42% on this subcomponent.

Immersion Component

Escapism: Gamers who score high on Escapism use the environment as a place to relax or relieve their stress from the real world. These players may use the game as a way to avoid thinking about their RL problems or in general as a way to escape RL. Your percentile rank is 75% on this subcomponent.

Overall Assessment

The graph above is a visualization of your 3 main motivation components. Your Achievement percentile rank is 75%. Your Socializing percentile rank is 12%. And your Immersion percentile rank is 17%.

Assessments of Others
Here are some of the results of people I know on Twitter who also took the survey, to show you how widely some of us can differ and yet still get along just great.

wowcynwise Boize_ Arcania Nochecazador
Fynralyl Etni

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