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Pet Purchases

[Edit: Alright, so I already caved and bought both of them for my wife. I couldn’t help it. She loves the pets and I love her, so she got ’em both.]

I received a link on twitter today taking me here, to a new service offered by Blizzard. Well, it’s not really a service so much as simply a couple more items that you can purchase from them: Vanity Pets.

Pandaren Monk – a martial-arts expert who’s here to help celebrate the upcoming fifth anniversary of World of Warcraft. He may be cute, but he’s proof that even the softest of critters can overcome the hardest of circumstances.

Lil’ K.T. – miniature lich who bears a striking resemblance to the legendary lord of Naxxramas, Kel’Thuzad. But don’t let his diminutive stature fool you: Lil’ K.T. has a diabolical laugh and wields true power at his bony fingertips, randomly wreaking icy havoc on critters who dare to cross his path.

You can purchase the pets from the Blizzard Store for $10 (US) each. If you happen to pick up the Pandaren Monk, then 50% of that payment (so $5) is donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation if you buy it between now and the end of the year (December 31, 2009 11:59 P.M.).

I’m not huge on vanity pets myself, so I probably won’t end up buying one for myself. I very well might buy one…or both…for my wife, but unless someone gifts one to me then I won’t have them. Of the two, I think the Lil’ K.T. is the coolest one, but I’m not a big panda-monk kind of guy. And I love that Lil’ K.T. will occasionally “wreak icy havoc on critters who dare to cross his path”.

[Edit: As you’ll see in the comments down below, I actually like the Pandaren Monk quite a bit after seeing them in action. Lil KT doesn’t do his icy bolt of freezing critter death very often which is kind of disappointing. The monk though, he does his kung fu moves for you pretty regularly (including the Flying Crane Kick, lol) and he also bows back to anyone who targets him and does the /bow emote.]


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