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Taking the Ironman Challenge to a Whole New Level

Around the middle of last year Vrykerion and I came up with the idea for the WoW Ironman Challenge, for players to level a toon without using any type of stat boosting gear or consumables, no talent points, no professions, no glyphs, and no help from friends. Ironsally from Tome of the Ancient was our first Ironman winner, reaching the level cap with a Warlock of unmatched Iron quality.

Today we’re going to talk about a new kind of Ironman, this one going back more to the real roots of what it is to be labeled an “Ironman”.

There’s a new (to me, at least) blog out there called Iron Man Mode that’s collecting donations for the Child’s Play charity. The blog is aimed at having people play video games and blog about their experiences, but with the Iron Man catch – you play, and blog, only until your character dies. Once your character dies, the blog dies with it.

If you would like to donate to the cause of helping children, participate in the challenge yourself, or just help spread the word you can follow this link to get all the details.


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