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My Dog Ate It…

I came home from work yesterday and found that our puppy had left us a few surprises. No, not the warm little piles of stinkiness that she used to leave us. No, this time the surprises were various items from the office that were chewed up and lying on the living room floor.

This isn’t the first time she’s done this, by far, and we know she has a thing for chewing on stuff so we keep the office door closed while we’re at work. But, we forgot to close it a few weeks ago and apparently we forgot again yesterday as well.

I noticed something interesting this time though, which is that all of the items from the office that she had chewed on were exactly the same items she had gotten to the last time, and that sent me on alert because last time it happened she had chewed up our SWTOR Collector’s Edition Security Key. I didn’t see it this time, but it was definitely there the last time, so I went on a hunt.

Living room? Not there.

Office? Not there.

Maybe my wife hid it somewhere so the dog wouldn’t get it again? Called her up – no answer.

Maybe she chewed it up in the den? Not there.
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