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4.0 Druid Color Forms

One of my most frequently visited pages since the day it was written has been the post I made several patches ago on the new druid forms that came when Tauren and Night Elves first got their feral skins based on hair/skin color.

Those pages still get hit a lot, and while they’re good for the cows and elves, they don’t have anything for the new races.

But rather than put my own pictures up here I’m going to link you to some of the best I’ve seen so far. So if you want to see the new druid forms and the hair colors and such you have to choose to get them, then you’ll want to take a look at @Keeva’s blog: The Treebark Jacket

First up: Tauren, Trolls, Night Elves, and Worgen

Second: Understanding Troll Colouring

And there you have it from one of my favorite Druid bloggers and twitter users. There’s no sense in me duplicating work that’s already been perfectly done, so head on over to TBJ and check them out.

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