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Farming: Enchanting Formulas

Every now and then I get a little tired of leveling my characters, doing quests, running instances, and all of the other various activities that usually go on in my typical playing. Sometimes that means I don’t want to play the game at all, in which case I simply shut it down and go find something else to do, and sometimes it means that I just need to go do something a little more brainless yet exciting, which typically leads me to go farming.

Such was the case last night when I decided to go farm up some fun Enchanting Formulas for my paladin to either use on himself or to sell on the auction house with vellum scrolls from my druid Inscriptionist.

There are four enchants in particular that I have my eye on right now to go and farm, some because they bring in a decent amount of gold on the auction house, some because I want to use them myself, and some just because I can.

Already Obtained
Below are the formulas that I managed to farm last night. In the middle of my farming I also ran three instances and helped a guild mate with the Ring of Blood quest chain in Nagrand. I also took the time to farm all of the herbs that I found along my paths through these various areas, particularly when I went to get the Fiery Enchant so that I could gather Firebloom for another guildie’s goblin rocket fuel.

Fiery Weapon
Location: Blackrock Depths
Target Mobs: Pyromancer Loregraine [“Rare” Spawn]
Drop Rate: 16%

The Fiery Enchant is a pretty big money maker, and the mats required for it are relatively easy to come by. On my server a scroll of this enchant sells anywhere from 40g when the market is flooded, to 120% when the market is pretty dry. The primary market for this enchant has been low level twinks, and it still is for the most part.

With a 16% drop rate, this formula is not too hard to come by, and with the changes to the BRD instance, the “Rare” spawn is not actually rare because he now spawns every time you go inside. He is still marked as a rare spawn, but he will be there waiting for you if you decide to go for it yourself.

I only had to run this instance twice to get the formula to drop, and since I farmed it with Lexington (Prot Paladin 70) I only had to fight a couple of times each run to reach him since the mobs in this instance are low enough that they do not agro me from a distance. Each time I went in I took the most direct route to Loregrain and finished him off along with the two goons next to him. On my way back out I went ahead and just agroed everything in my path and then ground them all down AoE style. I also left after the two runs with about 8 gold worth of trash, a few greens for the AH, and some blues for disenchanting.

Location: Eastern Plaguelands / Western Plaguelands
Target Mobs: Scarlet Archmage [Elite] / Scarlet Spellbinder
Drop Rate: 1% / 0.9%

Crusader scrolls also bring in a decent amount of gold, ranging on my server anywhere from 50g to 120g. Crusader, like Fiery, is commonly used for twinks, but it is also one of the few that is actually still used at higher levels as well (particularly tanks). This is probably the most commonly used weapon enchant that I have seen on melee BoA weapons.

The drop rate on this enchant is significantly lower than Fiery, which is why I did this one after I got the Fiery enchant instead of before. Lucky for me though, it dropped off of the 15th Scarlet Archmage that I killed. I decided to go for the elite mobs in EPL rather than the normal mobs in WPL because I figured the drops were bound to be at least a little bit better, and that extra 0.1% chance of it dropping is enough reason in and of itself with such a low drop rate.

When I told my guildies that I had found it, another one of our enchanters mentioned he still did not have Crusader, so I offered to farm up another for him since he hates farming. So I spent most of the rest of the night trying to get it to drop again, and after about 120 Archmages I still did not find a second one. But, I plan on farming again tonight until I can find it. [Update: After another 40 or so Archmages, I got a second one to drop that I sent off to the guildie. Sadly, later that night I checked the AH for recipies I didn’t have yet, and Crusader was up for sell for a whopping 7g. That’s the most ridiculous price I’ve seen for it so far, so I snatched it up.]

There are a couple of things that I want to mention in regards to farming this one in particular. First, this area consists of three types of mobs: arcane casters, holy casters/healers, and melee. All of the mobs that spawn here are randomly chosen from those three mobs, so I found it better to farm this place by just killing everything there than to wait for the Archmages to respawn. Second, this place is excellent for farming Runecloth as well. After the farming that I did here totally about 3 hours, I had 27 stacks of Runecloth as well as several greens and 14g worth of trash. Because the spawns are all random in this area I stayed Prot for farming it rather than going switching to my Retribution dual spec, and used AoE grinding to take them all out faster.

If you don’t mind farming, I would certainly suggest this section of the Eastern Plaguelands as a place to do it for the Runecloth and the green drops, as well as the potential for the enchant to drop which itself sells for around 100-150g on my server.

Plan to Obtain Soon
The following formulas are ones that I plan to try for in the near future. Icy Chill is on my list for farming tonight, but I do not know yet when I will try for Mongoose as I believe my guild intends to raid it for old time’s sake and I will likely look for it while going with them before I try to solo it since I have never been to Karazhan and have no idea where to find Moroes.

Icy Chill
Location: Winterspring
Target Mobs: Anguished Highbourne
Drop Rate: 4%

I plan to farm this one simply because I want it and feel like farming it. The value of this enchant is generally around 10g – 20g on my server. This enchant does not sell nearly as well as any of the others but, being the odd player that I am, I really don’t care. The enchant kind of fits in with the rest of the ones in this little group here, so I figured I might as well grab it too.

The formula drops from a regular mob in Winterspring, so it will be quite easy to kill the mob that drops it, but it also gives me a chance to farm for the Icecap herb while I am waiting for respawns. A stack of Icecap sells for 45g-60g for me, and it is used in the Purification Potion that some classes use to farm instances such as Stratholme when they cannot remove diseases themselves.

With only a 4% drop rate and only dropping from a single type of mob in a fairly small area, I think this one might take a while to farm. Luckily, the Icecap will help to keep me busy, but I will also note that this same area is good for farming Thorium as well in case you happen to have the Mining profession.

I will also point at that there is a Tailoring recipe sold in the nearby town for the Runecloth bag which I have seen sell for up to 35g. It is a “rare spawn” and sold only in limited supplies of 1, but it can bring in some decent gold if you happen to find it. Every 8 minutes the merchant has a chance to spawn the item, but only if you buy up one of the other items that she can spawn which does not sell so well.

[Update: I got Icy Chill after 57 kills, and found this area to be random respawns as well, so if you go looking for this one be sure to kill off everything here as you go around so that you don’t wind up having all of the wrong mobs like I did. I found 6 Herb nodes around the immediate area, 4 of which were for Icecap. Greens did not drop much at all here, and while Runecloth did drop it wasn’t at a very high rate with 2.5 stacks after about 1.25 hours of farming. There are 2 chests in the area that have a decent drop rate for greens, herbs, and leathers too if you happen to be interested.]

Location: Karazhan
Target Mobs: Moroes [Boss]
Drop Rate: 4%

I have not kept as close an eye on the price for the Mongoose enchant as I should have before posting this, mainly because I am not sure when I will be able to get it. I know that before 3.1 came out, while I was still playing on my PvP server, this enchant was being sold for over 200g, and formula itself was selling on the AH for 450g-550g. With the level restrictions now on enchants I’m sure the price has dropped, but I do not know the current price right now. [Update: I checked the AH last night for pricing info on Mongoose and have confirmed that the vellum Mongoose scrolls sell for 425g.]

[Update: In case you don’t bother reading comments, I wanted to update the original post here and inform you that the Mongoose enchant (and all other Karazhan enchants) have been changed to have a 100% drop rate. Every enchant is guarenteed to drop now. Take note however, that you MUST be an enchanter to loot them.]

With Karazhan being a raid rather than a normal instance, this enchant will likely take a while for me to obtain, and with only a 4% drop rate the wait is going to be even longer. But, I still want to get it, so I will continue to farm it until I have one. Or rather, until I find two since I’m sure my guildmate will want one as well. And since he happens to be the guild-enchanter, he’s likely to get first dibs on it.


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