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Guild: My Other Tweet Is Epic

Where it begins
A couple of weeks ago, one of my twitter friends known as @WoWDawgs mentioned that he was trying to decide whether he should reroll a character on his current Alliance server, or if he should just start fresh with a horde character on a new realm. Since I often hang out at lower levels and enjoy the leveling process, I invited him to come over to Korialstrasz-US to roll a horde character and that I would gladly roll one with him so he wasn’t always going at it solo.

Over the next couple of weeks the word got around a bit more on Twitter as we talked about what had happened and eventually a few more people showed interest in rolling characters over there as well. After a couple more people joined it started to spread a bit more and we started making jokes about starting up a guild. A couple more twitter rerolls later those jokes turned serious and we started brainstorming on guild names.

Over the next few days @WoWDawgs watched twitter for when people would be able to log in to sign the guild charter and such, and within 3 days the charter was turned in and My Other Tweet Is Epic became a full fledged guild.

WoWDawgs managed to get a few people to sign the charter while I was not online, so this is not a complete list. However, the following (in no particular order) are among the founding members of #MOTiE:

What type of guild is MOTiE?
MOTiE is a casual, social, leveling guild. With almost every current member being made of people who rerolled brand new characters on Korialstrasz-US for the sake of having a lot of #WoW fans who happen to talk to each other on twitter to get together and enjoy one of their favorite hobbies together as well.

As for where the guild may progress in the future; who knows?

Who can join?
MOTiE is open to anybody. We certainly aren’t going to limit it strictly to twitter users, that was merely the foundation upon which we built. Everyone who is a twitter member who joins will have their twitter user name noted in their guild notes, and any blogs, podcasts, etc that those members do will also be noted in the guild notes.

We are built upon a social networking foundation, and want to keep that concept open. Not everyone who is a member has a blog or participates in podcasting, not every uses Twitter, and that’s all perfectly fine. But if you do want to connect to other people outside of the game itself, then we already have in place the information for you to do that.

Now, we obviously are not going to put your information up there if you do not wish to have it shared with anyone, it’s purely voluntary on your part and will not be forced upon anyone.

How do you contact us if you don’t use twitter?
If you aren’t a twitter user, and want to contact us in the game, we all join a channel titled “Twitter” for the sake of staying connected in game. Not all of the people who join the guild are going to have all of their characters in the guild, so we want to keep an open communication line for those who are playing characters that are not in the guild but would like to chat with everyone while we play.

To join the channel, simply type the following into your chat log: /join Twitter

It’s as simple as that. Once you join the channel you will be able to see what everyone else has to say that is joined in as well, and you can leave your own comments there as well. It works just like any other channel, such as Trade, Looking For Group, Local Defense, General, and so on.


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