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New Series: Class Loot

The results from the poll in my Help Me Help You post speak pretty plainly in what my readers feel would be more beneficial to them.

A while back I started a series about what loot drops in various instances and started with Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns The post was easy to write and all, but I didn’t feel like it really showed anything to my readers that they couldn’t find themselves with about 8 seconds worth of clicking around on

So I asked the readers and the results came back unquestioningly in favor of breaking the loot lists down by class rather that doing it by instances.

So there will be a new series starting up here pretty soon that will take each class and break down all of the loot that fits that class in particular from each instance. I haven’t decided yet exactly how I want to break it down, but my current thought is to break each class down into a three part series covering loot from Pre-BC, BC, and Northrend.

I don’t think I’m going to bother with raids in this series since this blog is about leveling your character, not gearing them up once you reach the level cap. I know there are a lot of blogs that have already covered gear lists for starting out in your role at level 80 so I might just link you to those blogs for end game item drops instead.

My thanks to all who participated in the poll and shared your thoughts with me to help drive this blog along.

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Help Me, Help You – Again

I still get frequent searches and questions regarding what loot drops from which instances, and Scarlet Monastery is still the most common one that’s asked about. I started to address this issue by posting an article that covered Ragefire Chasm and Wailing Caverns that listed all of the loot and all of the bosses in there, but I’m not entirely sure that the approach I took there was really what people are searching for.

If people do simply want to know what loot drops from a particular instance, then I can tell you right now that the easiest way to find that information is to simply look up the dungeon on and it will list all of the good stuff right there along with who drops it. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

What I think the users are really looking for is more along the lines of what drops for a specific class from a certain instance. So instead of taking two instances at a time and covering all of the loot from all of the bosses, I am considering taking a different approach where I pick a specific class and just hit all of the loot in every instance for that specific class. That way if you feel like running something with your Druid, you don’t just go check to see what drops in SM:Cath because you were told that’s “the place to go” for loot in your 30s, instead you look up your class and see which instances drop which items for you and decide for yourself where you want to look.

If you don’t mind, take just a minute to share your thoughts with me here so that I can better address everyone’s needs. If you think I should do both, then feel free to vote for both. If you have further input, then by all means drop me a line in the comments below and let me know what you think.


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Roleplaying Alt: You Decide

For a few months now I have contemplated giving Roleplaying a shot. I am an avid roleplayer in every type of game that I play. I was introduced to D&D when I was four years old, though I didn’t actually start playing the game until I was nine. I love roleplaying, and I love World of Warcraft. I used to really get into the story of the games that I played and I liked knowing a lot about the world I was in and how things related to one another and so forth.

A lot of that changed though when I went to college. I no longer had time to play as much as I did before but I still liked playing the games. What ended up happening though was I began to ignore story for the sake of playing the game instead. I really like to beat games quickly the first time I play and then go back for a fully indepth experience during the second play through. Since my time was short, it was easier to just jump online for a quick walkthrough and then play the game while ignoring most of the story.

That was a bad habbit I developed and it’s one that has made WoW a bit less enjoyable than it could be. I really love playing the game and all the things we can do within the world and such, but I can only give you a summarized version of what any of the story is througout any of the game.

That’s where you guys come in. I need help.

The Plan
I want to roll a character that I can really get into from a roleplaying perspective. I don’t care what faction he’s in, what class he is, what professions he takes, or what gear he wears.

The server I roll the toon on doesn’t particularly matter to me, nor does the type of server that it is. I don’t mind turning off all of my chat logs so that I see nothing that any other players say. It can be a RP server, Normal, or PvP – it doesn’t matter to me. I can reroll on a fresh new server, or I can roll on one that I already have.

What I want to do though is start a brand new toon and take the time to really get into the story of the game. I want to talk to those of you who have actually played this game and paid attention a bit to some of what’s going on around us so that I can get the most out of this experience.

I need help.

While I prefer to play the game as Horde, this time I need to keep the doors wide open. I want your opinion on what race(s) I should play strictly from a story standpoint. If you think that gnomes have the best, richest story in the game then tell me to roll a gnome and I will do so (yes, @Arrens you can come kill me and eat me for saying that if you must).

I know there aren’t really any race-specific quests in the game, but if there are some quests that you know enrich a particular race enough that you would suggest I play that race just to experience it, then let me know.

I have played all of the Warcraft games, but I don’t remember a lot of the old story, and I certainly haven’t made any particular effort to go back and learn it. I’m not so much interested in becoming a master of Warcraft Lore, but I do want to learn from this experience.

Taking class quests, play style, and ability to solo content all into account here – what class(es) would you suggest that I play?

If a certain class’s class quests really helps you to get into the story, then I want to know. If you feel that the best way to experience what this game has to offer is by sneaking around as a stealthed rogue, then I want to know. If you think the best way to really get into this game is to be a warrior who rushes into combat to face the enemy, then so be it; let me know.

The point here is to play the best combination of race/class to get the most out of the game. With this toon I plan on reading all of the quest text and even talking to random NPC’s that I come across simply to see what they have to say. If going after Shaman totems makes this game tick for you, then let me know. If rogue quests expand the story too much to be missed, throw it out there.

Tell me which class(es) you feel would give me the richest roleplaying experience.

Death Knights: I want this to span across the whole leveling process, so this is going to be a level 1 toon. Death Knights are out. No exceptions.

Some race/class combinations make for good professions, some seem a bit odd, and so on and so forth. I don’t care so much about what I’m getting out of the professions as I am how it fits in with the overall concept of the character.

If you think a Gnome Warlock Herbalism/Blacksmith is (honestly) the way to go, then that’s what I will make. Well, alright, so I wouldn’t grab two professions that abosolutely do not work together at all, but still. The point is, if you think any of them will strengthen the experience at all, then I want to know about it.

There are a LOT of zones that I have never even been to, much less quested in. I have a set of quests that I like to do from a leveling perspective, so there are far more zones that I have never quested in even than the ones that I haven’t been in.

Along with that, I don’t play Alliance characters, so I have no idea what any alliance quests are like beyond level 20, and even then all I know is the Night Elf area. My highest alliance character is a 20 NElf Hunter.

I don’t have to have just a single idea on this one, I want to know what quests or quest chains you think really give this game some flair. If I need to travel to some remote zone in the world to do some quest that gives me a whopping 3 silver as my reward, then so be it. If you think the Gnome starting area is supreme, but questing around Stormwind is the next best, and then heading over to Bloodmyst Isle is the way to go from there, then let me know.

While low level will obviously be where I start, I’m looking for all of your specific suggestions on questing. If you think I should be sure to experience every quest in Howling Fjord, should do all quests related to Ragefire Chasm, and should get the achievement for all of Hemmit’s quests, then let me know.

Any quests that you consider top of the line that should never be missed are what I want to see. Or if there’s a chain of quests that absolutely suck and you always skip them, but they really help you get into the story, then let me know about those as well.

How to Help
I am looking for whatever suggestions you might have to offer here. It can be a mixture of Horde/Alliance-only or it can be something general like “I think Alliance quests are better than Horde” then go ahead and let me know. I want to know what your opinions are so that I can come up with the best way for me to really get into this game.

I have already tried every race and every class in this game. So telling me to “just play whatever you want, whatever you think you’ll have the most fun with” isn’t going to do anything for me because what I want is what you have to suggest for me.

If you don’t know much about the quests but feel a specific race or class is best suited for getting into the game’s story, then let me know. I am looking for whatever information you would like to share here.


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Prot Paladin: Soloing Instances (Pre-BC) [Poll]

Another trend I have seen in searches for my blog include soloing instances with the paladin, and what instances can be soloed at what level. So, I come once again to answer the call. However, since my paladin is currently level 69, I cannot test any of the lower level instances at any level lower than that.

With that being the case, I want to do two things to address this. First, I want to ask my readers to give their input from any experience they have, or to share stories they have heard that have at least some amount of credibility. Second, I am including a poll at the end of this post that contains every Pre-BC instance in the game, and I would like for you to note which ones you would like for me to try to find the lowest level it can be soloed at.

If I have a strong enough reply to the poll, then I will reroll a brand new paladin and level them up for the sole purpose of soloing those instances at the lowest level I can. If I do reroll a new paladin, it will not be something I undertake immediately, as I have several other projects already in the works right now and do not have the time to work in something as focused as that right now.

I will leave the poll up and running until the time comes for me to start trying them, so that we can get as much user input as I can.

This poll does allow for multiple choices, so please select all of the instances you want me to try to solo. If you really feel the urge to check off every single one, go ahead and do it. But I am looking for specific ones to focus on so that I can get a game plan going for how to tackle the ones requested as soon as possible. I will have the paladin power-leveled to reach whatever levels I plan to attempt them at.

The poll is laid out as: Instance Name (Abreviation) [Minimum level for entry, Suggested level for grouping]

Any input you have to offer is appreciated.


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What To Level Next

I want to know what class you would like to see me focus on next.

The Paladin class has obviously been the focus of my posts here lately, and Lexington is just about to reach the Outlands. When I get a character up in that range, I generally prefer to have my Rested bar as full as I can to help it go a little faster because I really do not enjoy the Outlands area much and prefer to get through it as quickly as possible.

In order to allow Lexington to build up a rested bonus, I need another character to play while he takes a long awaited break at the nearest inn.

I set up the poll below to gather your thoughts on which class I should do next, but I decided to list only three. These are the three classes that I would personally prefer to level. But, I also left it open so that you could put your own answer in there if you would rather I take a look at doing another class instead.


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