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Real PUGs of Power: Mr. I Can Hold Their Agro For Days Guy

It’s sort of a fact of the life that it’s more easy and natural as human beings for us to remember and focus on the bad experiences while quickly setting aside and forgetting the good ones. The “bad” ones don’t have to be horrible, it can be any degree of bad from laughable to disgusting. If you look around the WoW blogs you’ll find a lot of focus put on bad PUGs, either where the entire group was full of failure or it was a single individual. Many simply talk about what’s wrong with the system or certain classes and ways to improve it, while others may take the bad and turn it into something fun to share with their readers as a few of us have with our off-shoots of Budweiser’s Real Men of Genius™ commercials.

A couple of days ago I sent my ex-19 Twink Druid into some random dungeons and found some really good groups. The first one was an RFK run with a great bear tank named Shakit from Magtheridon-US, and even an over-anxious hunter that loved to do the pulling, the bear managed to keep the majority of the agro on himself and kept up a very nice pace throughout the dungeon. He obviously wasn’t overly familiar with the dungeon since he started to skip a couple of bosses, but he took that news in stride and just got the job done. I wanted to capture a screenshot of it for blogging purposes, but just as I was getting ready to do so the hunter pulled another group what led to what became our biggest pull in the instance and I got so focused on the healing and such that blogging was forgotten. I remembered after the group split, but it was too late.

So I requeued for another random and shortly after found myself in Gnomeregan. Apparently the tank and healer had both bailed on the three dps that were already in there, and much to my excitement the tank slot was filled with that same bear tank from the RFK run, Shakit. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to give this guy a shout out a second time, so I made sure I got a shot during the second instance which ended up being an even better run than RFK. The Frost Mage had no hesitation in using Blizzard early in a pull which had me slightly worried, but Shakit managed to maintain agro just fine. The Warlock was initially hesitant, I think because he wasn’t sure if I wanted him to use Life Tap, but once I gave him permission to use LT freely he joined into the AoE frenzy. He started out with Rain of Fire, and then moved on to Hellfire later in the run. Even with both of the caster dps throwing around almost constant AoE damage Shakit still held their agro in check.

Shakit (Bear Tank)
Clamisock (Frost Mage)
Sirtedbundy (Destruction Warlock)
Azanoyia (Combat Rogue)

And if you would care to read about some other great experiences that people have had, I direct you to the following:
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Moving on to the point of this post though, I present to you Real PUGs of Power:

Psynister’s Notebook presents: Real PUGs of Power.

(Real PUGs of Poweeeer)

Today we salute you Mr. I Can Hold Their Agro For Days Guy.

(Mr. All I Can Hold Their Agro For Daaaays Guy!)

You’ve shown us how a real tank pulls a room.
Growling, Mauling, and slashing faces with your claws.

(Maul your freaking face off!)

Holding agro on eight-to-twelve mobs at a time,
While the Mage and the Warlock rain down Ice and Fire.

(Still toppin’ threat meters!)

Pulling one group, you’re bored.
Pulling a second, and you’re yawning.
Add in a third, fourth, or fifth and then it’s time to play.

(Come on where’s the challenge!?)

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, you Bear Tanking Badboy.
There’s no such thing as too many mobs, especially with a healer like me to keep your bear butt alive.

(Mr. I Can Hold Their Agro For Daaaays Guy!)



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