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Where Are the Rogues?

The time has come for me to ask advice of someone else here. As my mage finally reached Northrend last night (level 69 at the moment) the time comes swiftly for me to plan which alt to level up next. In my previous poll where I asked this same question, Druid and Shaman were the top choices and the ones that I was interested in leveling at the time.

But I have changed my mind…again. I still want to level a Druid pretty strongly, but with the announcement of Cataclysm I would really rather wait for the Worgen to be made available so that I can roll a Worgen Druid. So chances are very high that my series on leveling a Druid will continue to remain on hold until Cataclysm has been released. There are also a very large number of Druid blogs that already exist and you can find links to several of them in my blogroll over there on the right side of the page.

The Shaman class still appeals to me a lot, but for some reason I just don’t have a lot of desire to play one right now. I still have Belgawrath sitting around level 48 doing a whole lot of nothing right now, but I log onto him and just don’t even feel like leaving town. It’s not that the Shaman class isn’t fun or anything, it’s actually a blast just plowing through things with him, I’m just not feeling it right now. So, the Shaman series will remain on hold for a while yet as well.

I am currently looking at two classes for my next alt instead: Rogue and Warlock

Since my current focus in my Mage, I’m not sure that I want to jump straight into another caster class, so I’m not quite so eager about the Warlock as I am the Rogue. Since that puts the Rogue on top, that is what I am currently leaning towards for my next alt. I do not plan on rolling him until next week or the one after though, so there is still a chance that I will change my mind once again and go with a Warlock (or another class all together, who knows?) instead.

As I have mentioned before though, when creating a character I generally start out by researching their class to find out the basics of what I want to do. And while I find numerous blogs on all of the other classes (Paladins, Death Knights, Druids, and Priests being chief among them), I find almost none on the Rogue so far. I have found a few here and there but the vast majority of them have not been updated in a year or longer. While some of that information remains valid today, just as much of it has changed.

What I need from you, my dear readers, are blogs or other sources of Rogue leveling information that you can find that are Current, Free, and Useful for leveling. If you know of any blogs or other reliable sources of Rogue information, please post them here in your replies. As I level my own Rogue I will pass on the information from my experiences here so that others can put them to use as well, just like I do for all of my other leveling posts.

Sources So Far:
Shadow Panther – an excellent source of raw information and guidance.

Slice and Dice Rogue blog, has details on how to level with all three Rogue specs.
Forever a Noob Rogue Blog
One Rogue’s Journey Rogue Blog


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