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Companions List

Over the last month of playing SWTOR I’ve relied a lot on various sites for information regarding companions. However, there’s always something that I’m missing from each of those sites that I’m looking for that causes me to look elsewhere, and I still haven’t found a single source that gives me everything that I want in a single package. So for that reason I’m going to do something I don’t normally do, which is to jump in with the crowd and do my own post on companions so that I don’t have to wait on someone else to present this information in a format that I’d like to see, I can just gather all of my own information and have it there at my fingertips.

This post is going to look at all of the companions that each class gets, which crew skills they give you a bonus to, where you get those companions planet-wise, and the average level at which you’ll get them. I’ll be listing the average level because it’s possible for you to use the help of high level friends to power through your entire class quest by level 15, thus gaining all of your companions. While you might find it appealing to have all of those companions from an early level, how many companions you can actively use at one time is restricted by your character level.

In regards to companion romances, many companions will not start the actual romance until you get to Chapter 2, and in some cases they won’t even start flirting with you until Chapter 2. Some companions also require significant Affection scores (7,500+) before those options become available. As a general rule of thumb, if your romanceable companion is a Force user, having a Light/Dark score that conflicts with theirs reportedly requires higher Affection to start a romance.
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