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Pronouncing “Druid”….Again…

Search Terms – they’re an interesting part of every blog. You never know just what kinds of searches people come up with that end up leading them to your blog. Sometimes they fit right in and make perfect sense, sometimes they’re a bit odd but might prompt you to blog about something new, and sometimes they’re just plain weird.

I like to look in on my search terms once or twice a week to have an idea of what people are looking for. Other people seem to have done the same here recently and decided to share them with us (Light’s Fury). I’ve done the same before, but I think it’s about time that I did it again.

Sample Searches: Makes Perfect Sense

leveling a mage in 3.3
leveling prot pally rotaion
pally aoe grinding
when should i respec to an arcane mage
simple macro to control shards 3.3.3
world of warcraft dk spell caster
trade proffesion macro,s
customizing bear form

These are all pretty straight forward questions, and all ones that I’ve addressed somewhere on the blog. I’ll assume that those who searched for the answers found them since I’ve addressed them all.

To give some quick replies just in case you want to know:
– leveling mage: Frost or Fire, screw Arcane until 64. Check my Guides Page for details
– leveling prot pally rotation: It’s called 96969. Google It
– pally aoe grinding: DO IT! Check my Guides Page for details
– when respec to arcane: 64, no sooner
– macro to control shards: Read This
– DK spell casters: Read This
– profession macros: Read This
– customizing bear form: Read This

Sample Searches: Potentially Article Inspiring

where can i get a good lvl 20 headpiece
level 30 ret pally rotation
horda exaltado darnassus

So here we have searches that may actually get me to blog about something.

As far as “level 20 headpieces” are concerned, you’re often just out of luck unless you use the Engineering profession. A search on Wowhead solidifies that: search results.

As for rotations for a leveling Ret Paladin, well I haven’t blogged about Ret Pallies because I haven’t leveled one beyond 18 yet. Knowing Paladins in general as I do though, your rotation is going to be “Judgement, Auto-Attack, Auto-Attack, Auto-Attack, Auto-Attack, Judgement” and hope for procs from your Seal. Unless I suddenly roll a Ret Paladin and fall in love with it, you probably will not find the answer to that question here.

Finally we have one in a different language. I don’t know for sure which language it is, but I’m going to assume from the look of it and my studies in High School that it’s Spanish. Following that line of thought it looks an awful lot like they’re asking me how Horde characters become exalted with Darnassus, the Night Elf nation. Quick answer? You don’t. Long answer? Horde characters can’t become exalted with Alliance factions, so give it up because it’s not going to happen unless you faction transfer to Alliance.

Sample Searches: That Relates to Psyn’s Notebook How!?

how do you pronounce druid
how do you pronounce druids
how do you pronounce druidism
death knight fu
jealous gorilla
how do you pronounce notebook?

The first three up there are ones that make me /facepalm all the time. It’s a search that’s constantly hitting my blog and has since the very first time I ever mentioned the Druid class on my blog. It was so incredibly…”out there” the first time it popped up that I even blogged about it the first time.

So for those of you who still don’t know how to pronounce it, here are some sources: – Druid or – Druid

Next up we have the “Death Knight Fu”. Umm…I don’t even know. Maybe they were looking for FuBar plugins for the DK? I really have no idea. Sorry.

“Jealous Gorilla”. Yeah, that’s another one I have no idea on. The only thing even remotely related that I could find is the Kris Kringle post we did during Christmas for Blog Azeroth, because it’s the only thing that even mentions gorillas.

And finally we move on to the newest /facepalm, “How do you pronounce notebook?”. Seriously? Does anybody old enough to ask that question, literate enough to spell it correctly, and intelligent enough to use the internet seriously not know how to pronounce that? I understand what I just said/asked there might be insulting to someone who legitimately asked the question, I’m just a bit blown away by it. Just in case you need to know: – Notebook.


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