Tweep Server Lists*

Twitter makes up the largest part of my social networking, it’s something that I do every single day and for most of the hours in the day as well. Back in early 2010 I decided to start up a list on Twitter to keep track of all the various WoW players that I talk to on there who felt like contributing their primary server information to a list I would keep on my blog to help players find each other both in game and out.

The Tweeps lists serve a few different purposes. First, it makes it very easy to follow all of the WoW players that I know very, very easily. By following my lists you’re able to follow all of the people in the list instead of doing it all manually, one by one. Second, it gives people a way to figure out which servers they might want to consider rolling on or transferring to based on where their twitter friends play.

I can’t help but chuckle a bit every time someone looks at this list and finds someone that they’ve spoken to on twitter for over a year and never knew that they’ve been on the same server, same faction for years and never knew it. Some people use it to drop in on their friends for a bit just to say hello, others have used it to decide server transfers and faction changes. And some people just like to see how many different servers people they know play on. Some find it useful, some find it interesting, and I’m just a dork that likes organisation.

WoW Tweeps
Rift Tweeps


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