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New BoA Chests: Stats and Costs

Alright, there is a lot of buzz going on right now about BoA Chest pieces coming out in 3.2. As such, I went and did a little research to find the information for you.

I see no reason to waste time with further chatter, so on with the details!

Does Bonus Exp From BoA Chests Stack With BoA Shoulders?

It has been confirmed that the 10% experience bonuses offered by the new BoA Chests do stack with the BoA Shoulders.

There you have it, +20% experience when wearing these two pieces together. If you use the Recruit A Friend bonus, then you get 320% experience total. If you do not use RAF, but you do have Rested Experience saved up, then you get +120% experience.

But no, RAF and Rested do not stack themselves, so as of 3.2 you can either do 320% bonus exp with RAF plus both Heirloom pieces, or 120% if you have both pieces and are rested but are not using RAF.

[Update: Apparently the cost plan fell through or something got changed. The cost of all BoA Chests is currently 40 Emblems of Heroism. No information released yet on whether this was an error, intentional, plans to be changed, etc.]

Show Me The Goods!
Without further delay, here are the new Heirloom Chest pieces:

Tattered Dreadmist Robe Cloth Icecrown 60 cs* Dreadmist Robe
STATS: +16 Stamina, +16 Intellect, +21 Spirit, +25 Spell Power
Preened Ironfeather Breastplate Spell Leather Icecrown 60 cs* Ironfeather Breastplate
STATS: +16 Stamina, +16 Intellect, +21 Spirit, +25 Spell Power
Stained Shadowcraft Tunic Leather Icecrown 60 cs* Shadowcraft Tunic
STATS: +32 Stamina, +21 Hit Rating, +43 Attack Power
Mystical Vest of Elements Spell Mail Icecrown 60 cs* Vest of Elements
STATS: +16 Stamina, +16 Intellect, 10 MP5, +25 Spell Power
Champion’s Deathdealer Breastplate Mail Icecrown 60 cs* Deathdealer Breastplate
STATS: +21 Agility, +21 Stamina, +14 Intellect, +43 Attack Power
Polished Breastplate of Valor Plate Icecrown 60 cs* Breastplate of Valor
STATS: +24 Strength, +24 Stamina, +21 Critical Strike Rating

cs*: Champion’s Seal

All of the new chest pieces will be found in Icecrown, and all of them will cost 60 Champion’s Seals. The link above will give you information on the seals themselves. [Update: People on the PTR say the cost is currently 40 rather than 60, and that the cost is in existing emblems rather than Champion Seals. Right now who knows what’s right? I will keep this updated as more information is presented to me.]

All of these chest pieces have Equip: Experience gained from killing monsters and completing quests increased by 10%. (Just thought I would throw that in there before the question was asked.)

Item Level Calculations
You can follow this link to find a calculator to help you find the stats at various levels. I do not know how accurate it is, but this is the best I could find.

The site gives you two drop down boxes and two buttons to click. The first drop down and its associated button will look at whatever item you have selected and tell you what type of item it is at various levels. For instance, if there is a Leather Chest that becomes Mail at level 40, then it will tell you at which levels those changes are made.

The second drop down and it’s associated button will look for all heirloom items for whatever level you selected from the drop down list.

The one issue I have with the site is that it will not let you look for a single item of a single level to get all of the stats from just that item. You either see only what type of armor it is and at which levels it changes its type, or you will see every heirloom item in the game for the level that you picked. It’s not a bad site, and it does work fairly well, it just has not been optimized at this time.

All of the information you see here was gathered from either WoWWiki or WoWHead.


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Patch 3.2: New BoA Chests

[Update 07/28/2009: For more detailed information, please look at the new post on this subject: New BoA Chests: Stats and Costs. And to save many of you some time, YES they stack.]

In my daily checks around the various WoW blogs that I visit, I stumbled onto an article that mentioned yet another change coming soon in Patch 3.2 – BoA Chests.

The new BoA Chests are going to offer a +10% Experience bonus just like the BoA Shoulders already do. The big kicker with this though, is that these two pieces of gear are going to stack. So you now have an opportunity to get +20% experience from your equipment alone. Of course you still have the option of Recruit A Friend for +300% experience, or the ever-useful +100% bonus you get from being rested. Note: As Brajana pointed out in the comments below, Rested and RAF bonuses do not stack, so +320% will be the highest bonus you can obtain.

So far we don’t have any real detail on what the chest pieces are going to offer other than the bonus experience, but I would imagine they will provide similar benefits to the other heirloom items that already exist. From what I was able to find there has been no mention of prices for them either. I would assume that you will have the same options you do now with X Stonekeeper Shards and X Emblems to purchase them, but we have no details at this time.

Where Psynister Stands
I absolutely love this idea!

I have been putting off leveling my paladin because I am having so much fun with my other characters right now, notably Belgawrath (Orc Shaman 35). But, I might go ahead and get back to leveling Lexington and getting him up to 80 so that I can work on getting some of the heirloom gear for my characters. It will mean I have to leave my fun lower level toons alone for a while, but it will also mean getting to spend more time focusing on my leveling toons later on down the road.

While I love leveling up my characters, that doesn’t mean I don’t mind speeding up the process. The faster one character levels, the sooner I can move on to another one.

Where Others Stand
I know when the shoulders were introduced I heard several people pouring out the QQ that the Recruit A Friend benefit had been cheapened by them, so I’m sure there will be plenty of that to go around again.

On the flip side of that though, there are enough people who hate the process of leveling alts that they will probably rejoice at this idea almost as much as I do. With both BoA experience boosters and Rested status, you’ll be able to run around with +120% experience gained while you do it. If you happen to participate in RAF already, then you’re looking at 420% 320% experience. [Edit: no +100% rested when using RAF.] If that’s the case, then you might as well roll a new toon and just consider yourself level 60 because you will be there in no time at all.

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